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Upholstered furniture will be an ideal option for arranging a functional child's room; it is offered in a wide variety of materials, textures and colors. Buying sofas and armchairs for the nursery only seems simple - in practice, this process requires preparation and taking into account a number of nuances. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the basic recommendations for the selection of children's upholstered furniture.


Upholstered furniture in the child's room performs an important function - it provides the creation of a full-fledged recreation area and the organization of a sleeping place. Most often, these tasks are performed by chairs, beds and sofas - during the day they can be used for games and chatting with friends, and at night they are transformed into a place to sleep. That is why such furniture must meet a number of important requirements.

  • The most important thing is the absence of sharp corners, there is no place for sharp armrests, which the baby can hit.
  • The materials from which the pieces of furniture are made must comply with all environmental requirements.
  • Hard elements must be well sanded. Any sharp notches pose a potential threat to the health of the baby.


All variety of furniture can be divided into three groups: frame, frameless and transformers.


This furniture is used for games and relaxing pastime; it is represented by narrow sofas and comfortable armchairs. The basis of such products is a solid frame made of wood or wood shavings. For to attract the attention of kids, manufacturers produce such furniture in bright colors, with prints in the form of birds, animals and popular fairy-tale characters.

For the upholstery, a wear-resistant and easy-to-clean fabric is usually used, and a polyurethane or foam filling is added for the softness of the seats.

Frame furniture is often produced in sets, for example, a sofa and 2 armchairs - this is quite convenient for parents, since they do not have to spend time and effort looking for complementary items.


Furniture of this type has appeared on the market relatively recently, its peculiarity is that there is no solid foundation. The inner content is formed by polystyrene balls, it is they who give the product its shape. Such furniture completely excludes the presence of corners, looks very impressive and harmoniously fits into any interior of the children's room.

The most common today is a beanbag chair, it is liked by all children without exception - both very young and adolescents. Polystyrene balls allow muscles to relax and rest - this is very important when it comes to school-age children who have to spend many hours in an uncomfortable position at their desk.

This model allows young owners of the room to jump and somersault, these games have a positive effect on the baby's body, bring him into tone and good physical shape.


This is the most demanded category of upholstered furniture for children. Its popularity can be explained very simply - the products are optimal for small rooms. The principle of transformers is that during the day they save space for active pastime, and before going to bed they can be expanded and made a full-fledged place to sleep.

Materials and colors

When buying children's furniture, the choice should be made in favor of high-quality raw materials that meet all safety and environmental requirements. The materials used should not cause asthma and allergies in the baby. For frames, it is best to use wood, usually oak is used, as well as pine and other varieties of conifers. In production, massifs are rarely used; to maximize the simplification of the technological cycle, planed plywood is most often used.

In addition, hardboard is in demand for the manufacture of sofas and armchairs - this is a type of fiberboard, as well as laminated chipboards.

The fillers of frameless furniture, as we have already mentioned, are polystyrene balls of different diameters. Inside the frame models, foam rubber or foam latex is most often found. The first option is cheaper, however, the foam rubber quickly crumples and deforms. In the second case, the price of furniture will be more expensive, but it will also last much longer. Fasteners and adhesives are used as binding components in the production of upholstered furniture. It is important that they do not contain harmful substances - they can harm the health of the child. Fabrics that are used for upholstering children's furniture must meet a number of requirements:

  • resistance to abrasion and wear;
  • combustion resistance;
  • water-repellent characteristics;
  • air permeability;
  • ease of cleaning;
  • antistatic;
  • preservation of the colorfulness of shades even with frequent washing;
  • hypoallergenic.

In addition, the upholstery should be pleasant on the body, as your child will be on it for a long time.

  • The jacquard upholstery looks quite impressive thanks to the intertwining threads, while you can always choose a pattern that best matches the overall style of the room.
  • Flock is a non-woven fabric that visually resembles a collage of small particles like an applique. Such upholstery is very beautiful, but this material belongs to synthetic ones - and this is a significant disadvantage for children's furniture.
  • Velor is a rather soft coating, however, it is not used for the manufacture of frameless furniture.
  • The tapestry is quite durable, although its colors rarely match the style of the children's room.
  • The most popular is chenille - it has good performance characteristics and has a pleasant texture.

How to choose?

As you know, parents prefer practical furniture, and children prefer beautiful ones. Do not forget that you are setting up the room for the child, not for yourself. That's why talk to your child before going to the outlet - find out how he sees his future sofa, what shades and prints he prefers.

When buying furniture for a boy's room, you can safely choose transformers in the form of a car or a ship. For young princesses, modular play sets will be appropriate. Ask the seller as much as possible about the characteristics of the filler and the parameters of the upholstery fabric. Be sure to test the transformation mechanism of the furniture, as well as evaluate the reliability of fasteners and the strength of the frame.

Beautiful examples

A set of a sofa and a pair of armchairs looks very impressive in a children's room.

Frameless furniture in the form of bags, ottomans, soccer balls is very popular.

Children's furniture is traditionally made in rich and bright colors. Prints depicting animals and cartoon characters are popular.

For tips on choosing children's upholstered furniture, see the following video.

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