Italian upholstered furniture: varieties and tips for choosing

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Italian upholstered furniture is a kind of "trendsetter". One can argue for a long time about German and Belarusian, Russian and Chinese products, but all consumers with money and solid taste should definitely know the varieties of Italian furniture and advice on choosing it.


Any conversation about Italian upholstered furniture cannot pass by the moment that it is a kind of "icon" of style and solid performance in the furniture world. On the Apennine Peninsula, manual or semi-handicraft furniture production is very common. The rejection of machines and conveyors or minimization of their role allows you to make the product more individual and more interesting.

It is also worth noting that the products of factories in Italy are usually more expensive than other countries. However, this increased price is fully offset by high environmental and technical standards. Consumers can be 100% sure that they will get a quality product. Of course, if they buy really original products, and not a fake, of which there are quite a few.

In the segment of luxury classic furniture from Italy stands out favorably by Bacci Stile.

She supplies goods for:

  • bedrooms;

  • libraries;

  • guest rooms;

  • canteens;

  • home offices.

Armchairs and pedestals, beds are shipped under this brand. In their manufacture, various methods of gilding, inlays and other techniques are actively used to give an elite look. They know how to maintain a perfect classic look and Bedding Atelier designers... This company began its work in the 1970s and has gained tremendous experience over a long time.

Its products are characterized by the Art Deco style; you can buy a variety of armchairs and sofas.

Around the same time, there was Ceppi Style... Her upholstered furniture reproduces the Renaissance style. In the production process, mahogany and other elite types of wood are used. The decoration is done by gilding and intricate carving. Elite fabrics and natural leather are used for upholstery.

Products are also a good choice. Gotha luxury... It is worth noting that they did not always belong to the elite segment. Until 1955, the company produced solid mass products. In the production process, elite wood processing technologies are used. The design meets the most sophisticated taste.

Also noteworthy are products from Lanpas... This company has been operating since 1960. It still functions as a family business, albeit with a noticeably increased turnover.

Another attractive high-end brand is Mantellassi... The factory makes elite sofas and armchairs upholstered in fabric or leather.

The solid wood at Mantellasi is handcrafted by very experienced cabinetmakers. Carving, inlay and gilded elements are actively used. The leather is subjected to a special dressing technique that avoids stretching and deformation. To emphasize the natural origin, they even try to preserve the "traces" left on the skin of the animal during its life. In addition to this material, silk and velor are also used.

How to choose?

The choice of Italian furniture is not an easy matter, the usual recommendations here do not exhaust the entire complexity of the process. It is very important to buy such a product only from official suppliers and dealers, and even better - from the branches of the Italian firms themselves.

Attention: genuine manufacturers always write in the certificates what country of production is, and indicate the place where it is located in fact. In this case, you should immediately give up the hope of buying original Italian furniture cheap.

It is imperative to be interested in warranties both for products as a whole and for their individual parts. Studying catalogs is no less important. Firms officially operating in Italy print their brochures on good paper and do not skimp on printing. Another subtlety: any high-level European concern does not accept furniture for return and exchange. This point should be inquired before buying.

Italian furniture is packed as carefully as possible. Large items are packed in corrugated cardboard of high rigidity. Small items are laid out in boxes or bags. Important: you should pay attention to the color scheme. In Italy, they try to diversify it as much as possible.

You also need to take into account the following points:

  • any foreign smell must be completely absent;

  • the facade of Italian furniture is at least 3 mm thicker than in Russia;

  • the uniqueness of the idea that a particular factory embodies.

Beautiful examples

An excellent classic Italian-made sofa can be combined with a pronounced black carved table. The color of the sofa exactly matches the color of the carpet in this interior. Delicate decorative pillows in various shapes add a romantic touch. The environment (walls, decor on them) also allows you to emphasize the sophistication of the environment. In general, a clear and balanced space is formed.

An Italian semicircular sofa with unusual patterns also looks good. The almost complete absence of straight lines and graceful legs add charm to the room. Against the background of gray unfinished walls, this piece of furniture is perceived as the focus of coziness and comfort. The upholstery itself looks extraordinary. The rich dark floor is a striking contrast.

And this set of Italian furniture takes you away to boundless, optimistic classicism. The combination of a sofa and two armchairs is ensured by matching them in color and upholstery. Even the shapes of the wooden elements are more or less the same. Combined with carcass furniture and an elegant carpet, a very nice, inviting space is created. Even the picture on the wall expresses the spirit of the interior and harmoniously complements those same sofas and armchairs.

A tour of the salons of Italian upholstered furniture in the video below.

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