Choosing a tall TV stand

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Varieties
  3. Materials and colors
  4. Model overview
  5. Criterias of choice

The home interior is shaped with furniture, appliances and accessories. Each item should be in harmony with other details, complement them. When buying a TV, it would be quite reasonable to purchase a cabinet suitable for it. Now the stores have a large assortment of them. But the most correct would be to buy a high variety, since then the TV does not have to be hung on the wall, and the viewing angle will remain comfortable.


TV stands can be as independentand part of a set that forms a whole ensemble of furniture in the room.

With all this, these curbstones have some featuresdistinguishing them from other types of furniture. For example, most models do not have a wall, which allows you to place wires both from the TV itself and from its accompanying acoustics.

The materials used in the manufacture of TV stands can also vary. Typically used materials such as glass, MDF, laminated chipboard, glossy panels. Modern technologies and materials make it possible to achieve lightness in the interior or the originality of the pattern and texture.

A cable channel built into the cabinet will ensure the absence of wires.


A special place in the list of models is occupied by tall TV stands... Like most other varieties, they differ in style, built-in elements, and the presence of backlighting.

Usually their height varies from 80 to 120 cm. Various additional elements in the cabinet will add their own flavor to the interior.

A mobile tabletop will allow you to turn the TV without moving the curbstones, at the desired angle for the viewer, making it possible to view from anywhere in the room.

Corner models will allow you to use the dead zones of the room with the benefit of the interior. Floor standing models can be as on legs and on casters. The legs of the cabinet can play a significant role in creating the entire interior, and the wheels will make the cabinet more mobile.

Open shelves able to give lightness to the product, which will be a significant plus for a tall cabinet. Glass sash TV stands will give some chic to the interior, make it possible to repeat the wallpaper pattern on the furniture.

Long pedestals may have additional boxes that can accommodate a large number of items.

Also very popular are models with wardrobe.

All these elements will help to make the tall cabinet as spacious and functional as possible.

Materials and colors

For the manufacture of TV stands, the following materials are used:

  • natural wood;
  • Fiberboard;
  • MDF;
  • strained glass;
  • metal (accessories).

Models from natural wood are not the most popular, as they are heavy and expensive. Such models are more often used in the classic style of interior decoration.

Chipboard - sheet material made by hot pressing of shavings.

MDF - wood fiber board, treated with steam, made from wood cubes pressed under high pressure.

Fiberboard models cheaper, since the material has a lower density, more often it becomes unusable due to delamination, loosening of fittings and components.

Models from veneered MDF have a denser structure, which means they have a stronger connection with fittings, they emit less substances hazardous to the body.

The most popular are black models, white, and wenge colors.

Model overview

Models from natural wood will never lose their relevance. Due to the high shelves, you can easily place small items, and the model itself acquires some lightness and does not seem so heavy.

Models with metal elements well complement the military style or hi-tech. The high bracket will provide a solid fixation of the plasma to the wall.

Corner model with fireplace has a size above 80 cm. An artificial fireplace will make the room more cozy and comfortable. The location in the corner of the room significantly saves space in the room, allows it to be used more rationally.

TV stands from glass will fit perfectly into the high-tech style, make it more airy and interesting.

Custom vinyl coated models will be able to repeat the wallpaper pattern or supplement the room with an up-to-date print, while high legs will add a military touch. The combination of wenge and bleached oak will make the interior more stylish.

Criterias of choice

When choosing a television stand, one should take into account general interior of the room... It should be in harmony with other furniture, match the wallpaper, complement the color, fit into the overall style of the room. Plays an important role the size of the TV itself, it should not be much larger than the curbstone itself, otherwise it will look worse.

The shape of the curbstone can be different: both square, oval, and elongated.

For a large living room you can choose a model that is either an independent unit or part of a modular system. For a hall with a smaller area you can also use volumetric cabinets, but then it is undesirable to place large objects along the wall.

For bedroom it is better to use a smaller cabinet. This will make the room more spacious.

For the nursery more compact models are best suited, it is advisable to buy samples from natural materials and with soft rounded edges.

The surface of the product must be uniform (in color and texture), without chips, scratches and bumps.

In the instructions that go to furniture made of MDF, there is information about the material.

Choose one that does not exceed 17% swelling.

You should also pay attention to material manufacturer. The most trusted manufacturers are from Germany, Sweden and Poland.

The more responsible you are to choose a TV stand, the longer it will last and please its owner.

A video review of the TV stand is presented below.

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