Choosing a white TV stand

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Varieties
  3. Performance styles
  4. Criterias of choice
  5. Examples in the interior

White has long been considered a symbol of wealth and luxury. The module with a white accent attracts attention with its elegance and restraint. White TV stands are no exception. Today there is a wide variety of models and styles. What to focus on when choosing a white curbstone - this will be discussed in this article.


It is believed that buying white furniture is the prerogative of wealthy people. The use of impractical white in everyday life could only be afforded by a wealthy society, where there was a servant to care for such a soiled shade. But progress does not stand still, and now new technologies and materials are used in the production of white furniture. They endow products with significant durability, which makes white furniture more practical and less of a brand.

A white TV stand is a great option for those who love restraint in colors and elegance in things. The variety of design solutions in the manufacture of products is amazing. Many models are quite functional, have drawers or shelves of a pull-out type, on which you can place various decorative items, magazines, documents, consoles, discs.

In addition to its direct purpose, a white high-quality cabinet acts as a bright accent in the interior, which is a kind of highlight in the design. The main advantage of the white pedestal is its harmony. Any white model will accentuate the appearance of the plasma and add effect to the room. Modern models have compact dimensions, so the cabinets can be placed in small rooms.

It is worth noting that such furniture will help to hide excess wires from household appliances behind the doors of the product.

Milk TV cabinet will fit into any style and interior. White color looks great in alliance with any wall, ceiling and floor decoration. The only exceptions are white walls. White furniture will blend in with the background and lose all its charm and aesthetics.

Another advantage of the shade is that white colors will never go out of style. New trends appear in design, interior styles, but white will always be relevant. He is out of fashion and time. This color is able to emphasize the beauty of other shades, make them calm, dilute the motley mess and delimit the interior into separate zones.


The variety of furniture is very wide. It is worth considering some of the varieties that can most often be found in the stylistic design of the room.

  • Floor stand. Such furniture is the most common option. Models with wood trim are especially popular. The white floor units are very practical and made in a classic style. Longer models allow you to decorate the interior of a spacious room. In addition, there is enough space on long products to place various objects, figurines or small household appliances.
  • Hanging pedestal. The product makes it possible to save space, looks airy and elegant. The model is used in the design of small bedrooms and rooms. The furniture is perfect for modern rooms with original interior design.
  • Cantilever furniture... The product will fit into high-tech, techno and provence styles. It is also possible to choose furniture with cantilever execution in the neoclassical or neo-baroque style.
  • Corner model of a white pedestal performed in the traditional style with carving options. Many people note that corner wooden cabinets of a white shade are endowed with special attractiveness.
  • Plasma stand. This option is suitable for modern or fusion styles. The furniture looks unusual and original.
  • Bracket models. The advantage of the furniture is the ability to adjust the rotation and tilt angle of the plasma. The function is very convenient and allows you to enjoy watching TV from any part of the room. There are products designed for both panel models and LCD TVs. Also, the furniture is equipped with a special compartment for wires, which allows you to maintain an aesthetic appearance.
  • Chest of drawers... A white cabinet with a chest of drawers is relevant for spacious living rooms and rooms. The furniture is highly functional. The product is equipped with a variety of pull-out modules.
  • White cabinet with glass... Recently, models with glass have been very popular. The furniture looks light and airy and allows you to decorate the interior in any style. The glass from which the furniture is made is practical and safe. Glass models differ in size, shape and design. There are models with glass doors, shelves on which interior items and household appliances are placed.

Performance styles

White furniture in a laconic design will suit modern style. Straight and long products should be characterized by great functionality and austere design. Furniture made of wood with moldings, carvings, wrought iron or baguettes fits the room in classic style... Massive furniture will perfectly fit into an elegant and aristocratic classic style.

Metal structures or wooden furniture with metal elements are used for loft style. For industrial decoration an extraordinary solution with castors and pull-out trays is also suitable. For provence they use vintage furniture made of wood or chipboard, which has a certain wear and tear, with elements of carving on the surface.

Towards the direction minimalism low and narrow matte white pedestals are suitable. Country style assumes the presence of simple things made from natural materials. For such an interior, furniture with a rough finish, without coating and polishing with a worn effect, is suitable. High tech implies the possibility of placing narrow pedestals in a restrained style with the addition of chrome elements. Direction Art Deco offers decoration with original curbstones made of rare wood with glass elements and golden inserts.

Criterias of choice

When choosing, you should pay attention to the advice of professional designers.

  1. For narrow rooms, long furniture is chosen, which must be installed along the wall.
  2. A spacious room implies the placement of a larger cabinet with many drawers and shelves. For a large living room or bedroom, a white chest of drawers is suitable.
  3. For small rooms, it is better to choose a corner structure.
  4. It is better to choose a product with great functionality: with drawers, shelves, pull-out compartments for storing necessary things.
  5. The main criterion when choosing is environmentally friendly material.
  6. The price of the product must correspond to the quality of the furniture.
  7. The choice of a white curbstone is based on the colors of the interior. A white shade is able to blend in with any color, but not with a white background.

When buying, the style of the room is taken into account.

  1. For an interior with classics choose products with carvings and various decorative elements.
  2. For eco style the structure is made from natural raw materials and has a laconic appearance. With the right choice, you can get an excellent product made from ecological raw materials and distinguished by its practicality and convenience.

Choosing a TV stand the stability of the structure is important. The TV must be securely supported, and the furniture itself must be appropriate for the size of the room.

If you have a curbstone, you do not need to purchase additional furniture for storing or displaying interior items. You can simply choose a model that will have all kinds of drawers and shelves for storing things.

Examples in the interior

Suitable for the original decoration of the room white cabinet made of solid timber. Such furniture, as a rule, has a stylish appearance, and the surface with the growth rings of old wood will add sophistication to the product.

For the bedroom, they choose products of a compact size without much emphasis.... Furniture will dilute the interior and make the atmosphere more relaxed.

When decorating the interior of a small room they use not only corner compact furniture. In a room like this you can place an overall chest of drawers provided that no other furniture is placed against the wall.

Will fit perfectly into a spacious room multifunctional white cabinet with a large number of pull-out modules.

For children's room it is supposed to place white furniture with smooth corners and smooth shapes.

If the curbstone is chosen for a country house, then in this case the choice of furniture is based solely on the preferences of the owner. The spacious living room can accommodate dimensional chest of drawers... Suitable for a small room corner white pedestal, which will significantly revitalize the space with an original solution.

A small room or bedroom is decorated with white curtain walls... Such models will add lightness to the room and save space.

An overview of the white pedestal 3-12 made of chipboard, 200 cm wide and 45 cm high, see the following video.

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