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Knowing everything about rustic furniture is important not only for adherents of this style in home design. There are many versions of wood and other furniture in a rustic style. In addition to general advice on choosing and beautiful examples, it is advisable to analyze the nuances of its application in various rooms.


Usually, design elements are tried to diversify and smooth out as much as possible. However, rustic furniture is completely opposite to this image. A very important, key feature of it is the emphasized "roughness". One gets the impression that it was created from logs, boards and branches with a minimum degree of processing. And this is how things usually are. Grinding of rustic furniture is rarely practiced, in many cases it is created even without shaping; the less they invade the material, the better.

Ideally limited to pest control and matt varnish treatments to ensure high strength. If the feedstock has some natural features, they cannot be masked categorically. Categorically!

On the contrary, flaunting them is encouraged. It is often practiced to assemble rustic furniture from dissimilar components - old doors, individual boards and the like.

It is often thought that rustic is indistinguishable from chalet style. But in reality, there is a difference, and it lies primarily in the decor used. Flowers in vases and dishes of graceful shapes become quite typical decorations. The entire rustic-style setting is literally imbued with naturalness and harmony. Despite the brutality of this approach, you will have to keep a fine line that allows you to preserve the elegance of the furniture.


The traditional type of rustic furniture is the wooden version. The default is at least a combination of wood furniture with other wood components. This is fully consistent with the main goal - to create a "quality village dwelling". Of course, wood can be very different in this case. The range of colors is extremely large - there is also a light brown color of alder, walnut or maple, and dark oak, beech specimens.

Parts of furniture forgotten in the past, other wood that was once left in the closets, thus receive a new life. With the help of discreet yellow and reddish shades, you can create a beautiful interior. Important: rustic furniture cannot contain geometric and abstract subjects that violate the purity of style. With skillful use, wood creates an original effect of antiquity. Natural stone is also widely used. It is used to create some parts.

True, you will have to skillfully combine it with wood. In the overwhelming majority of cases, quartz and sandstone are used.

Additionally, they help to vary the appearance:

  • rough fabrics with pile;
  • dark skin;
  • homemade upholstery from scraps of fabric.

Rustic stone furnishings do not have to look exaggeratedly rich. Stone, like wood, is not processed at all, or very little. In any case, the original shape and appearance of the surface is preserved. Shiny metal parts are not used. However, furniture with forging elements can be used.

How to match for different rooms?

The rustic style of furniture does not mean that it has to be uniform. So, It is quite reasonable to make a coffee table for a living room from a solid tree trunk. Another option is to keep a large section of the trunk as a base.Covers made of coarse linen fabric that have not been bleached are welcome. In kitchens, massive headsets with an accentuated woody texture are installed.

In the dining room, gray and off-white tones will look best. The optimal combination includes old chairs and a sideboard. Rustic dressers are usually installed in the bedrooms. Instead of a bench, a simple wooden bench is used. Mostly stone sinks are used in the bathroom.

Beautiful examples

  • The table and chairs shown in the photo fully comply with the principles of the rustic style. The accentuated rough execution and sharp contours reveal his spirit to the end.
  • A bedroom can also be rustic - in this case, a bed made of dark wood and the same bedside tables become a logical semantic center.
  • Many designers will find such a table a good option. It fits perfectly into the environment of a light carpet and many decorative items.

For information on how to make a rustic-style console with your own hands, see the next video.

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