Provence style furniture

Provence style furniture
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Species overview
  3. What does the Provencal interior consist of?
  4. Popular brands
  5. Nuances of choice
  6. Arrangement and design options
  7. Stylish examples in the interior

Provence is a style that is liked by different generations, which makes both young girls and ladies in years fall in love with itself, and men who love to return home from the office not to the cold high-tech, but to the warm and enveloping coziness of Provence. If you recreate the style in your home, you will have to take into account all its requirements. In particular, choose the right furniture. If it turns out to be foreign in the territory of the Provencal style, the general idea will fail. But the laws of style are comprehensible, and choosing furniture to create a cozy Provencal nest is an interesting activity.


This style is based on the French traditions of decorating a rural house and natural motives, which continue inside the premises, creating the right mood there. Furniture in the Provence style is necessarily colors that repeat the historical natural landscapes of the homeland of the style. A sun-drenched meadow or lavender field, azure water, white tender clouds, green young grass can converge in one interior.

This also applies to furniture. It should convey an atmosphere of peace and comfort, and at the same time, Provencal-style furniture is functional in a peasant way. It combines practicality and sophistication, which are very friendly and do not interfere with each other. Curls and monograms found on cabinets, dressers, tables make this furniture vintage. It seems that she brings with her the same vintage mood: and time in this space does not run so fast, and it is not enough for gadgets, but for pleasant reading alone with herself, long evening conversations with households and guests.

Recognizable features of Provencal furniture:

  • shades of pastel, burnt-out tones;
  • aged surfaces that can be achieved with your own hands;
  • forged items in furniture;
  • wickerwork;
  • using solid wood or its imitation;
  • rejection of unnatural materials (plastic).

Provence is expressive and varied. You can make the interior in white, and it will be provence. You can make a dark, even a little rough space, but Provence will be guessed in it.

So everyone who started repairs and re-design in an apartment or house will definitely find their own version of the transformation.

Species overview

Ideally, furniture should be solid, it should not seem fragile. It should create the feeling that this is a thing for many decades, and not a temporary option. It can be a modular set or individually selected pieces of furniture.

What does the Provencal interior consist of?

  • Tables. A large part of the house. The table should be large, roomy, because households gather at it. The table is the semantic center of the dining area. Today, white tables are especially in demand, which are perceived subconsciously as something bright, clean, carrying a good mood at least. But the old table, with all the traces of its long life, is a solution no worse than the new and bright one.

It can be handmade furniture.

  • Chairs. Chairs with upholstery, textiles in tune with the interior are preferred - cozy and comfortable. The back of the chair should be comfortable.

In color, they should overlap with something in the interior, not necessarily with the table.

  • Sofas. Soft, cozy, beautiful and solid. An interesting solution would be a sofa with a wooden side, it will respond with rustic simplicity in the interior and vintage charm.The colors are either plain or floral. A cage, motifs of cages with birds, animalistic solutions are acceptable.
  • Armchairs. They can be in the same ensemble with a sofa, but this is not a strict rule. Even a striped armchair will be combined with a floral sofa - this is possible in Provence. And also, if beautiful, cozy armchairs with a pleasant print are placed on the sides of the wall with a TV, it will distract attention from the latter. After all, the TV itself (especially modern) is not very organic to the vintage rustic style.
  • Wardrobes and chests of drawers. They should harmoniously blend into the space without bulging out in it. Wardrobes can be designed for books, dishes, clothes - there is a wardrobe for each task. The classic option is a double wardrobe.

Metal fittings are either invisible or reliably hidden.

  • Beds. In the Provencal bedroom, it is the center and meaning of the room. This furniture may contain forged elements, dark in color or painted in reconciling white.

The bed is a bulwark of coziness, comfort and security.

It is not necessary to look for that type of furniture when everything that is needed in a living room or, say, a bedroom will be combined in one headset or set. The interior can be composed, and it will be more unique, as they say, with its own face.

Something will be purchased in a branded store, and something will be found on flea market sites.

Popular brands

Furniture from France, of course, will be as close as possible to the model of style. But if the house is located in Russia or in another country (not in the south of France), then both Chinese and Belarusian, and Russian-made furniture will be no less appropriate than French products. For example, one of the most competitive brands in this segment will be Belarusian brand "Pinskdrev" - chic solutions at an optimal price, stylistically accurate. Or, for example, Russian firm "Silva" with a wide representation throughout the country. Interesting options can be found by contacting the Pragmatika brand, the online store gives a complete picture of the possibilities and how furniture can look in the interior.

If a company partially cooperates with China, there is no need to be afraid - the world's leading brands today trust Chinese specialists to assemble their products. When choosing furniture, you need to evaluate what it is made of (from pine to oak), what is the quality of its fittings (so that you do not have to hastily change furniture handles), what colors are represented by the brand (only white or much more interesting color spread)... You can order furniture as a set - from standard to balcony, or try to do eclecticism in the interior yourself. Which can also be very interesting and economical.

Nuances of choice

The choice of furniture is based on several design “whales”. If they are not ignored, the choice is likely to be successful. And you can do without consulting a specialist.

How to choose Provencal style furniture:

  • pay attention to the layout of the room and its size;
  • try to pay attention to objects with aged surfaces;
  • natural materials are the ideal parameter to strive for;
  • a light and warm color palette is preferred;
  • comfortable or not - this is the main requirement for furniture, which cannot be outplayed by aesthetics, showiness;
  • piling up furniture in a room is a forbidden move, if there is no space, air in the room, the situation can hardly be called successful.

Some homeowners doubt whether it is worth purchasing wicker furniture in the domestic realities, whether it will not be inappropriate. Today, no one will reproach the owners for the fact that in an apartment where there are by no means lavender fields outside, there is a wicker chair or a wicker bookcase. On the contrary, such furniture lends lightness to the interior. It can be considered style-forming, and it will add an element of freshness to the atmosphere.

If you can't fill the interior with furniture right away, that's okay.Progressive actions allow you to be more thoughtful about the choice of furniture, some hasty steps can even be avoided.

Perhaps you will want to do the missing elements with your own hands - all the more, it is not so difficult with the current assortment of materials, tools and video instructions.

Arrangement and design options

Each room has its own atmosphere, but together they create the spirit of a home, a space that obeys the same laws.

In the hall

In this room, there is not always enough space to put there a wardrobe, a shoe rack, and a bench. You have to choose what will be more important at a given point in the dwelling. If it is a bright small corridor or a small hallway, you can limit yourself to a sofa bench, a coat rack and a shoe rack. Instead of, to put the closet and make the space very cramped, it is better to pay tribute to the light and air in this room.

Even if you find a Soviet chest of drawers, repainting it, replacing the fittings, it is quite possible to fit this furniture into the Provencal style.

In spaces such as a hallway, such savings are reasonable and understandable.

In the living room

There are semantic centers in this room, but visually they should not be cut off from other zones. It can be a ready-made set, a modular section that does not require special additions. The owners will only need to find suitable upholstered furniture and authentic decor.

The drawing of furniture must first be built in the head - to imagine how it will look in a specific configuration of the room. If it is long and narrow, rounded and wide enough furniture will not be comfortable, visually it can make the space even narrower.

The table is usually the center of the room. It can be decorated with artificial aging of the surface, hand-painted and even special stickers. If it is not yet decided what to do with it, you need to pick up a beautiful tablecloth and just hide the surface.

Cabinets and cabinets with legs are more preferable than standing on the floor with the entire base of the structure. Wicker bookcases and shelves with wrought iron elements will also be a good find for decorating a living room.

In the bedroom

This is the most intimate room in the house, and the mood of delicacy, leisurely, and security should be seen in the choice of furniture. The bed is necessarily luxurious, comfortable, and stands in the center of the room. The cabinets are arranged so that they do not block the access of light. If the bedroom has a writing desk (common history), it is preferable to have it right by the window.

Bedside tables should be as light as possible: wicker or small with high legs. If the room has a dressing table, it should also be close to the window.

Cluttering with furniture is excluded, the space should be light and breathable.

In the nursery

If it's a girl's room, pink, purple and lavender will dominate it. A compromise option would be mint shades. More often, parents prefer to take a single set, which forms the room immediately: all objects in it fit together, and visual contradictions in the interior are excluded.

A lot of furniture in the nursery is a rare solution. Most often it is a bed (sleeping area), a work area (study area) and a wardrobe (dressing room). How to store toys depends on the size of the room. These can be shelves, and even cabinets, shelves and wicker cabinets.

The furnishings must meet safety requirements.

On the kitchen

Provencal style kitchen furniture includes shelves, balconies, sideboards and sideboards, roomy headsets. Functionality is above all, there should be nothing superfluous here. But there can be no feeling of empty space, it kills the romance and comfort of Provence. If the main table is taken out into the living room (dining area), in the kitchen you can get by with a small table, at which 1-2 people can drink coffee in the morning.

In the bathroom

Small shelves and cabinets, bedside tables and washbasins - everything is cozy, similar to each other. There is a lot of ceramics, non-chrome-plated metal and wood. If the area allows, pots with herbs can be. Usually this is a combined bathroom. It's great if there is a window in such an area.

Quite spacious bathrooms are typical for Provence.

Stylish examples in the interior

They learn from examples, and photos, pictures of successful design projects really inspire change and guide in the choice.

10 successful examples of Provencal furniture.

  • A sideboard that can be a decoration of the kitchen, dining room or combined space of the kitchen-living room. In its lower part, it is convenient to store cereals, loose, seaming, etc.
  • An example of a simple do-it-yourself cabinet. It will look good in the corridor or hallway (if the footage allows). This creates an atmosphere of true rustic Provence, its attractive simplicity and weight.
  • Rounded "pot-bellied" furniture with aged surfaces will perfectly fit into a square-shaped space. But in a narrow room, such furniture is inappropriate. The cupboard can stand in the corner, forming the desired pattern of the room. White color will visually expand the space.
  • Such a vintage furniture set will look great in the bathroom, if the size of this room allows it. Such solutions emphasize the style and set the mood that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere, a beautiful view from the window, and slowly perform skincare procedures.
  • The modest charm of a Provencal nursery - if a child wants even a little brightness, compromises have to be made. The design of the walls is a compromise, and the furniture retains the requirements of the Provencal style. At the same time, everything is quite compact.
  • A chic bookcase that can be placed under a wide window. Here you can store documents in boxes, actual books and notebooks, caskets and baskets with various little things that will not be difficult to find.
  • The kitchen is of an irregular shape, very cozy, filled with compact and light furniture. The decor only emphasizes the elegance of white and the overall light feeling of the space.
  • An example of a finished living room, a set of furniture for which today is easy to buy in a store. This is a more modern version, it looks both stylish and convincing, and is not foreign in a city apartment.
  • Modern bedroom in Provence style and modern furniture. The notes of antiquity are not visible here, but the general stylistic features are guessed and maintained.
  • This can be used to decorate an office or part of a large room set aside for a working corner. Very nice bureau desk, bookcase, chest of drawers. All furniture from one set looks fresh, but the retro mood in the right "dosage" is preserved in this design.

See below for more details.

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