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The Art Nouveau style originated in the late 19th - early 20th centuries and is considered one of the most popular today. Among the distinctive characteristics of this direction, one can single out a successful combination of old traditions with advanced capabilities. Art Nouveau has managed to collect all the best from other styles, and that is why wealthy people and celebrities prefer it.


Art Nouveau furniture is in great demand and popularity. Distinctive features of the direction are the use of expensive materials in the production process, as well as the absence of any symmetry. In the design of such interior items, you can see natural motives, thanks to which the furniture looks extremely harmonious.

    Upholstered furniture made in this style promotes lulling and provides the maximum level of comfort.

    Among the main criteria of modernity are the following:

    • textiles in the interior go well with furniture upholstery made in the described style;
    • furniture is characterized by curvature of forms, which makes it look unique and rich;
    • in addition to appearance, this style also focuses on functionality;
    • in the production process, only valuable types of wood are usually used, the most popular is oak (today manufacturers can use plastic or MDF).

    The peculiarity of the Art Nouveau style in the production of furniture is that it is allowed to use several types of materials. Let's mark the most popular ones.

    1. Wood. Natural wood has always been the mainstay of the Art Nouveau style. It can be timber, board, various types of plywood and much more. In addition, the combination of various materials is not prohibited, which looks extremely impressive, since each breed has its own unique shade. Dark tones are in demand for decoration and creating inserts.
    2. Metal. It is used exclusively as a decorative element. It can be floral ornaments and various plant motifs. Very often, such parts are coated with gold and silver plating. Dark shades are great for enhancing contrast.
    3. Glass. Can be used to create tables and coffee tables, sideboard door inserts or kitchen cabinets. It can be both transparent and colorless, and colored.

    This style prefers smooth surfaces that are hand polished and look very beautiful.


    Art Nouveau furniture is presented for any room in a large assortment, so everyone can choose the best option. For the production of kitchen furniture, MDF is usually used, as well as laminated chipboard sheets. In addition, natural materials have been extremely popular recently, but such a kitchen is quite expensive.

    The peculiarity of such interior items is that they have decorative inserts made of plastic or glass. All types of steel can be used for the production of fittings. If the kitchen space is large, then the headset can be island. The essence of this layout is that there is a cutting table in the center, and cabinets are located along the walls.

    Most often, the Art Nouveau style is preferred when choosing furniture for the bedroom. Beds in this style look very chic and are able to successfully fit into any interior.A mandatory attribute should be a headboard, which has smooth shapes and can be either with or without upholstery. At the same time, in the selection process, you need to be extremely careful with the color of the upholstery, which should be in harmony with the walls.

    Art Nouveau-style bedside tables and dressers do not differ in significant height. They are usually up to half a meter and look very modest. The wardrobe is made in the same style as the bed itself.

    They are usually the same color and include similar elements.

    Manufacturing companies pay close attention to living room furniture. Modern makes it possible to create a comfortable home environment in which you can relax after a hard day at work. Among the characteristic features of the style are soft headboards. When using such furniture, the living room can be divided into zones by using different lighting in different areas of the room.

    One of the centerpieces of any living room is the dining table, which can include glass elements with legs. Modular furniture is very popular today, which is a set of wardrobes of standard sizes. For their production, laminated chipboard is used, so you can assemble various furniture compositions.

    Facades for modular furniture can be of various shapes and styles, not just modern. This is the main advantage of this stylistic direction - it is compatible with almost any other.

    Children's furniture in the Art Nouveau style is not so much in demand, but it also enjoys a certain demand.

    For the bathroom, this furniture is rarely offered, since natural wood is not famous for its ability to withstand moisture.


    Given the huge demand for Art Nouveau furniture, you can find similar options in the catalog of almost any manufacturer. The most popular are Belarusian and Italian furniture. The first option is considered affordable and suitable for a tight budget.

    As for Italian products, they have a number of significant advantages.

    • Attractive design. If you need to furnish an apartment or house so that everything looks unique and rich, it is better to give preference to just Italian furniture in the Art Nouveau style.
    • Reliability. In the production process, only high-quality materials are used, so that even after many years after use, such furniture does not lose its original appearance.
    • Resistance to mechanical stress, which has a positive effect on durability.

    Among the most popular and demanded companies today are Angello Cappellini, Asnaghi Interiors, BM Style and others.

    How to choose?

    In the process of choosing furniture in the Art Nouveau style, you need to remember that such interior items should be useful and create the most comfortable living conditions. The most important principle is maximum usability.

    It is best to give preference to options that do not require constant care. The optimal solution would be furniture made from natural materials, since it is not afraid of moisture and can cope with hot objects.

    Surface is also important. If it sparkles, and the house is on the sunny side, then it will quickly tire the eyes and add a touch of anxiety to the room. In addition, the mistress of the house will need to constantly wipe the surfaces so that they do not seem dirty.

    When choosing sofas, beds and armchairs, you need to pay close attention to the upholstery. It should be as comfortable and practical as possible, otherwise you will not be able to rest on such furniture. Designers advise choosing materials that match the overall color scheme of the room's interior. And also it is worth remembering that caring for furniture should not take too much time and effort.

    It is best to opt for muted upholstery colors. In the Art Nouveau style, there are no open colors, but the twilight palette is extremely common. The main advantage of this range is that it does not distract attention from other interior items.

    Thus, Art Nouveau furniture is in great demand due to its attractive appearance, reliability and uniqueness. Such a setting will allow you to completely transform the interior, thereby emphasizing the taste of the owner.

    At the same time, solid wood antiques will be an excellent choice for any room.

    Examples in the interior

    Let's see how you can organically fit such interesting furniture into the interior.

    • White bedroom set in the Art Nouveau style. All elements are made with a predominance of modern notes, which makes the kit even more interesting.
    • Upholstered furniture represents the same style direction. The frame is made of natural wood, the upholstery is made of soft materials that ensure a high level of comfort.
    • Art Nouveau kitchen furniture it is distinguished by its special attractiveness and stylish look.

    See the video for the features of the Art Nouveau style.

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