How to choose an Art Nouveau cabinet?

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In the past few years, Art Nouveau cabinets have become more popular and in demand. This is not surprising, because such interior items are distinguished by a wonderful design, and also do not need a lot of free space.


The Art Nouveau curbstone will be an excellent solution for creating an atmosphere of comfort and harmony. Among the distinctive features of such furniture, one can single out the presence of a large amount of wood, the use of decorative inserts, as well as the complete absence of any symmetry.

The main advantage of Art Nouveau is that it is close to nature, so here you can often see various patterns and prints with flora and fauna. These can be lilies, butterflies, dragonflies and much more.


In the modern market, there are many options for Art Nouveau pedestals, so that each person can choose the most optimal one for him. The main varieties can be noted.

  • TV stand, which will be a great solution for the living room. You can install TVs or other multimedia equipment on it.
  • Bedside table for the bedroom. These can be both conventional and pendant options, which have recently become wildly popular.

They are extremely comfortable and boast a unique look.


A distinctive feature of the Art Nouveau style is that it has absorbed the best features of other styles. For the bedroom, white cabinets or beige color options are usually offered. They are quite original and allow you to completely transform the room.

Art Nouveau sideboards are also distinguished by decorative inserts, which can be made of both metal elements and glass.

How to choose?

Careful attention should be paid to the choice of the Art Nouveau sideboard, because it is convenient to store many items here, including a phone, watches, photographs, etc. A sideboard is an important part of any bedroom. In the process of choosing the most optimal option, you need to pay attention to important points.

  • The size. Here it is necessary to proceed from the size of the room and how the furniture will be used. If only as a stand for a lamp, then you can limit yourself to hanging options, which are famous for their small dimensions. If the area of ​​the bedroom allows you to choose a larger option, then even bed linen can be stored in such a curbstone.
  • Material is one of the most important parameters. Most of the models of pedestals, made in a modern style, are made of wood. It is famous for its environmental friendliness, durability and strength. With a good attitude, such a piece of furniture can last for decades.

If you need to get an Art Nouveau cabinet at an affordable price, you can pay attention to the MDF models, which represent the best ratio of price and quality.

  • Design. For this parameter, you need to select a curbstone depending on how exactly it will be used. If for installing the lamp, then it is better to choose the usual open-type option, but if you need to store documents, trifles and other items, it is best to give preference to a closed-type cabinet. Hanging models can also be equipped with closed drawers, and their installation will make the bedroom original.
  • The form. Depending on the design features, the curbstone can be square or rectangular. For a bedroom, this is the best option.

If the room cannot boast of large dimensions, then you can choose the corner option.

  • Color solution. Designers advise choosing a cabinet depending on the color of the headboard. This is a classic, time-tested option.

Despite the fact that this item is the smallest in the room, it usually acts as an accent color.

Beautiful examples

  • A model in the Art Nouveau style, well integrated into the bedroom. Made of natural wood in the same color scheme as the bed.
  • Stand for the living room under the TV. The model is made of natural wood.
  • Hanging version in a modern style. It is in perfect harmony with other interior items.

For an overview of Art Nouveau furniture, see the following video.

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