Garden furniture from pallets: what can be made from wooden pallets?

  1. Interior decoration with pallets in the loft style
  2. Pallet handling
  3. What can be made?

Each of us is ready to invest a lot of effort and money in the arrangement of our home, in a beautifully designed interior that would create comfort for many years of living. And, probably, few have heard that such a result can be achieved with the help of improvised materials without investing large financial costs. One of these options is the use of ordinary wooden pallets in the design of your home, because you can independently create almost all the necessary furniture for furnishing a room and a garden from them, with a minimum of effort.

Interior decoration with pallets in the loft style

When decorating premises, the loft style has become increasingly popular. The presence of this style in the home is expressed in the rough brick walls and rusty floor beams. It is furnished with a small number of necessary pieces of furniture, which will not be difficult to assemble yourself from the available materials at hand. And wooden pallets are the best fit for such an interior design.

Pallet handling

When making furniture from wooden pallets, there are many ways to combine them with other objects, dock together, disassemble, paint or decorate with fabric. But since this material has already been used in certain conditions before, it is contaminated. Therefore, it must be carefully processed and prepared for further use.

Below is a sequence of steps for processing such material.

  • The first step is to clean the material from dirt as best as possible. The best option is to rinse with hot water and detergent and dry.
  • All burrs and roughness are removed from the previously dried surface, since such furniture will have to be in contact every day, so their surface should be perfectly smooth. For a high-quality process, it is better to use a grinder, when working with which you must wear a mask. Sanding is best done in a well-ventilated area.
  • Pallets can be skinned not completely, but only on the side with which the person will come into direct contact. But if the plans are to create a large structure, then the best option would be to disassemble them and process each element separately on each side.
  • If you intend to place future manufactured furniture in places with a high moisture content, then you need to think about its protection. To do this, wooden products must be treated with a moisture protection agent for outdoor use. If the manufactured furniture is located outdoors, then such a coating will protect it from wet and damp weather, and it will not become covered with blue, mold or rot.

What can be made?

Manufacturing of tables, coasters, coffee tables

Making tables from the presented material does not require special skills and experience - they are quite simple to perform, and therefore they are widely used in household use. A medium-sized table can be built with two or three pallets.

There are many ways and options for making such a table on your own. It can be sanded to a smooth surface and varnished to give a warm tone. This coating will serve as a protection against moisture penetration into the wood. The surface of the designed table is also painted and various patterns are applied in combination with the interior.

It is recommended to decorate the surface of such a table with glass in the form of a tabletop, cut out in the form of a sheet - such decor will distinguish the product with unique originality, give a wonderful appearance to the furniture and ease of maintenance of the surface.

Making beds

These used products work well as a bed base. If you want to have in your interior a low bed, decorated in an Asian style, then several pallets should be placed in a row at the place of its base. You can also use another option: build two or three tiers of pallets and fix them with wooden supports - this way you can get a sleeping place in a classic style. The advantage of such a bed is that it has excellent ventilation, and the disadvantage is that a heavy load cannot be exerted, since there is a great danger of destruction of the structure: the boards will not withstand and may break.

If the interior design contains elements of the loft or country style, such a self-made bed will very harmoniously fit the atmosphere reigning in the room. Pallets can be adapted instead of a headboard and, if desired, a small shelf for books or a lamp can be made.

Manufacturing of armchairs and sofas

In most cases, pallets are used to create armchairs and sofas in a home outdoor recreation area. But using a little imagination and adding new elements, such products are well suited for home furnishings, and sofa cushions will be an excellent replacement for backs and seats.

The advantage of such manufactured items is that it is possible to change their parameters: height and width, and armrests can be attached if desired.

With a large number of pallets, you can easily design and execute a set of furniture, which will include a sofa, two armchairs and a table for magazines. It is important to preserve the basic style and integrity of the structure during manufacture.

Production of decorative elements

When constructing decorative items from pallets for decorating a room, you can turn on unlimited imagination, for example, create an excellent panel with a peculiar pattern applied or make the so necessary shelves for a variety of little things.

The top surface of the pallet with the boards rearranged close to each other can be used as an extraordinary tray - you just need to come up with and attach original handles to it, and the base for the mirror made from different scraps of various shapes will be an excellent decoration for the bathroom.

An original resting place for pets

To do this, you need to fasten two pallets perpendicular to each other and equip it with a soft bedding, if necessary, you can cut holes for bowls of water and food - your pets will appreciate such a cozy place.

Manufacturing of country and outdoor furniture

Wooden pallets have an endless resource to use in the country or on the territory next to your own home. Outdoors with a view of nature, items assembled from pallets are perfectly combined even without external processing. They are very organically suitable for decorating the landscape of a courtyard or garden, and the boards are the best fit for the construction of a barbecue area.

A good swing can be built from pallets, which are suitable for people of different ages, and for convenience they can be covered with any soft material.

It is also realistic to equip an excellent recreation area thanks to the corner sofas assembled from these products, to put a small constructed table where you can spend a good evening with your family or friends.Such an environment will also be suitable for taking lunches and breakfasts in the fresh air.

    In addition to landscape design, it is advisable to make a variety of pots and flower stands. They can not only be placed, but also suspended on various vertical devices.

    For information on how to make a garden bench from pallets, see the next video.

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