Features of corner TV stands

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Overview of varieties
  3. Equipment
  4. Shapes and sizes
  5. Decor and style
  6. Secrets of choice
  7. Accommodation rules
  8. Examples in the interior

Many people underestimate the role of TV stands in the interior. A correctly selected model can complement the decoration of a room, complete it, and sometimes become a bright accent of the entire environment as a whole. Stylish examples of the corner structure are popular today. In this article, we will take a look at all of their features.

Advantages and disadvantages

The range of modern TV stands is huge. In stores, the buyer meets not only standard straight, but also angular specimens. They look interesting and original. Such TV furniture is in enviable demand, because it has many positive qualities.

  1. Despite the fact that the corner models are roomy and comfortable, they take up very little free space. They are installed in a free corner of the room, leaving the rest of the area free. This is a win-win solution for a small apartment where there is a shortage of living space.
  2. Due to the volumetricness, corner TV stands are more functional and practical than classic straight pieces. Their design often includes additional racks, cabinets, shelves. All of these elements are always needed in a small room.
  3. Today's corner TV stands have an attractive and neat design. It is difficult to overload the interior or make it less harmonious with such a design. A corner cabinet, on the contrary, will refresh the atmosphere and complement it.
  4. The product boasts an ergonomic device. A TV set on a similar model can be watched from almost anywhere in the room.
  5. A similar model of furniture is presented in the widest range. Consumers can find structures in furniture showrooms that differ in size, design, and internal structure.

A worthy option can be found for almost any interior style and different color palette. In addition, not all products of this type are expensive.

A corner TV stand is an excellent solution, but one must also take into account the disadvantages that are characteristic of it.

  1. Unfortunately, such models do not have a sufficient level of ventilation, which is so important for modern technical devices.
  2. Equipment on such a cabinet is usually placed a little crowded, which does not look the best.
  3. The depth of the shelves in corner bedside tables is usually modest, so it is difficult to place a lot of things there.
  4. So that the TV on this bedside table can be watched for a long time and comfortably, the sofa will have to be placed no further than the central zone of the room. The specified location is not always acceptable in a small, cramped room.
  5. Large equipment requires the same large furniture, therefore, it may not always be possible to reduce the cost of the available space to a minimum.

Having carefully considered the feasibility of buying a corner cabinet, having weighed all its pros and cons, it makes sense to go in search of a suitable model.

Overview of varieties

Corner TV stands produced in our time are made different. Products differ from each other in several ways. Let's get acquainted with them.

By type of facade

When choosing the best corner cabinet for TV, it is very important to pay due attention to the type of its front part. There are two types of such furniture designs.

  • Open. Popular and attractive products. In their design, shelves and other functional elements of internal filling can be provided. All components will always remain in sight, so it will not work to hide something in them from prying eyes. Because of this, some users refuse to buy open copies. And their inner part is often overgrown with dust.
  • Closed. In these products, the entire inner part is closed by flaps with various opening mechanisms. These are convenient options, since everything in them is hidden from prying eyes. Items stored in these structures are well protected from dust and dirt.

By type of opening system

It is equally important to pay attention to the door opening system for the corner TV stand. Several popular options are available today.

  • Swing. In this common type of construction, the door is attached directly to the side of the cabinet. For this, special and reliable furniture hinges are used. In such systems, the sash must not be opened with sudden movements or pressed hard.

If you follow this simple rule, the cabinet will serve you for many years.

  • Folding. No less popular and attractive pieces that look fresh and original. In them, the hinges are transferred to the lower part of the sash. To open the cabinet, you need to pull the door towards you and down. As an option, these products are equipped with movable side holders.
  • Retractable. Basically, modern boxes are supplied with such systems. They are complemented by special compact rollers that can be moved along side guides. True, when opened, these cabinets usually take up a lot of free space, which is not suitable for a small room.


Corner TV stands can be equipped with various accessories. Consider the most popular and demanded items that these pieces of furniture are supplied with.

  1. Compartments for other devices. It is not always the section in the center of the structure. For this, niches on the sides, compartments with shelves (designed to accommodate a laptop or set-top box) are often allocated.
  2. Magazine sections... Furniture structures with this equipment have narrow and frequent partitions oriented vertically.
  3. Sockets. Of course, it will hardly be possible to find a corner cabinet on sale where the sockets were installed at the production stage. Most often, users install these necessary parts themselves. It is better to have several of them.
  4. Compartment for cables. Dangling wires that are conspicuous are not pretty. Today, corner TV stands provide the ability to neatly hide these elements due to the presence of additional compartments.

Shapes and sizes

A corner cabinet for TV can have a variety of dimensions.

  1. Wide... The width parameter even for the largest structures does not always exceed 1.2 m.The ideal height is 85 cm, and the depth is 80 cm.
  2. High. Here the width and height values ​​are swapped. The depth increases slightly and reaches 90 cm.
  3. Not wide. You should not buy small varieties of corner tables, where the width is less than 60 cm.For technology, this will not be the best solution. The height and depth in this modification are unlikely to be more than 80-85 cm.
  4. Low. The smallest height is 50 cm.The depth in such a structure will also be modest - only 45 cm.

Suitable dimensions of the furniture must correspond to the square of the room. It makes no sense to put a huge and heavy model in a cramped room - it will only constrain the space even more, overload it. It is advisable to display constructions of impressive dimensions in spacious environments.

Decor and style

Let's consider what the corner TV stands will be, made in different styles.

  • Classic style... For a classic interior, a product made of natural expensive wood in calm, pastel shades will be a win-win option. A clear and strict form of furniture is welcomed, carved additions are allowed, but in small quantities.

The design should look aristocratic and respectable.

  • High tech. A corner cabinet made of metal, glass, solid wood with glossy surfaces and even plastic will look gorgeous in this modern style. It is advisable to select models in stylish and simple colors. White, black, gray, blue, silver will do. Chromium is encouraged.
  • Minimalism. This is also a modern style. By its name, everything is clear. For such an interior, it is necessary to select the most simple and practical corner-type cabinet. It should not be full of decorations and ornaments.

It is advisable to choose a monochromatic model of ideally correct shapes.

  • Country... This style provides for the presence of a large amount of natural wood in the interior. It can be lightly finished and rustic looking. It is recommended to choose products with straight and simple silhouettes. Furniture should look as natural as possible.

A corner TV stand can be decorated with the following elements:

  • backlight;
  • flowers and vases adjacent to the TV on the top;
  • high quality shiny or chrome fittings;
  • decorative overlays;
  • craquelure effect;
  • milling;
  • wood carving.

Secrets of choice

Let's take a look at what criteria are important to take into account when choosing the right model for a corner TV stand.

  1. Dimensions. Be sure to measure the angle at which the future purchase will stand. You cannot be mistaken, since a too small bedside table will look ridiculous in its place, and a large one simply will not fit, then you will have to spend money on another product. Take care when measuring.
  2. Materials (edit)... Choose the most reliable and durable cabinets. It can be wooden, metal or any other model. The suitable material will depend on the style of the interior, and on the requirements of the owners, and on their financial capabilities.
  3. Structure. Pick up such a cabinet, the equipment of which will really be useful to you. Today in stores you can find a lot of options coming to the shelves: with boxes, and with shelves, with additional sections - there is plenty to choose from.
  4. Design, color scheme... Make sure that the TV bedside table "blends in" with the surrounding interior. Corresponded to his style and color scheme.
  5. Furniture condition... Inspect furniture before purchasing. There should be no defect or damage on it.
  6. Shop. It is recommended to choose high-quality and durable corner-type TV stands in specialized stores and furniture showrooms. Here you can find great products that will serve you for many years.

Accommodation rules

Consider the rules for placing a corner TV stand:

  • place it so that the TV screen is visible, clearly visible;
  • the parameter of the height of the product should be such that the distance from the floor to the screen of the device is no more than 700 mm;
  • no need to put the curbstone next to heating units and radiators;
  • the tabletop should have such a width indicator that there is a so-called technological gap at the back;
  • try to put the corner cabinet closer to the outlets.

Examples in the interior

The cabinet of the corner device under the TV can make the interior composition more harmonious and attractive. Let's take a look at some successful environments with this furniture.

  • Indoors where wall decoration is made in caramel tones or shades such as coffee with milk, a corner cabinet of a delicate milky or beige shade will look especially attractive.
  • It will look original classic wooden cabinet in pastel shade against the background of rough gray walls and floorfinished with light laminate.
  • Solid corner the black curbstone will become an original object in the interior, where light finishing materials take place. It is desirable that such a model has shiny or contrasting fittings.
  • Dark corner cabinet with superstructure It can also be placed in a room with green walls and a contrasting floor, covered with a variegated carpet.

For information on how to choose a corner TV stand, see the next video.

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