Description of chest of drawers from solid wood and the secrets of their choice

  1. Advantages and disadvantages
  2. Species overview
  3. What types of wood are used?
  4. Design
  5. Nuances of choice
  6. Examples in the interior

Due to their spaciousness, attractive appearance and functionality, chests of drawers are very popular items in the interior. Chests of drawers made of wood have undeniable advantages. The advantages and disadvantages, as well as the materials used for such furniture, the choice of such products will be discussed in this article.

Advantages and disadvantages

The chest of drawers is a design that combines the practicality of a large cabinet and a small bedside table. This type of furniture can be considered something in between in size and its intended purpose. The use of drawers provided in the chest of drawers allows you to store a lot of things, linen, accessories in them.

This piece of furniture is very popular, so such products can be seen both in large elite country houses and in small modest high-rise apartments.

The main advantage of solid wood furniture is its composition. Such products are made only from natural wood that does not contain other impurities or artificial substitutes.

The advantages of solid wood furniture include a number of factors.

  • Environmental friendliness. Products made from natural materials are absolutely safe for health, therefore they can be used in living quarters, bedrooms and nurseries.

  • Such products will last longer than their cheap counterparts. Thanks to the structure of the wood species and their chemical properties, solid wood models are very durable. Such furniture is not prone to damage and the formation of cracks and chips.

  • Solid wood products have good thermal conductivity, which allows them to create an atmosphere of special comfort in the room. During operation, the furniture will quickly warm up without losing its performance.

  • Wooden products are practical and easy to clean.

  • Comfort. Having a chest of drawers made of solid wood, you can once and for all solve the issue of storing various things.

  • Attractive design. Solid wood chests of drawers will organically fit into any interior and complement it.

The advantage of such products is a large selection of similar products made from different types of wood, with different parameters and shapes. It is worth noting that the pattern and texture of the wood is unique. As an alternative, glued solid wood products can be used.

The disadvantages of solid wood chests of drawers include the fact that they often have impressive dimensions. In addition, wooden products are highly sensitive to temperature changes and changes in humidity. Given these nuances, manufacturers usually process this material with special protective agents and varnishes that provide finished products with maximum protection from adverse conditions.

In order for solid wood chests of drawers to serve as long as possible, it is recommended to observe the optimal temperature and humidity regime in rooms with similar furniture.

Species overview

Furniture made of solid wood always looks very rich and solid. In addition to external beauty, such products also have good performance characteristics.

Such furniture can be used:

  • in the children's room;

  • in the hall
  • in the living room

Models for children's rooms can be conditionally subdivided into chest of drawers-changers and products intended for children aged 2 years and older.

Diapers have a feature in the form of a provided changing table with sides. Therefore, this type of furniture can be used both as a changing table and as a place to store things and baby hygiene products.

Chests of drawers for small children often have drawers with stoppers. Options for teenagers can be selected without stoppers.

Hallway furniture is usually small in size, which can be explained by the limited areas of such premises.

Bedroom models can be equipped with mirrors and drawers provided for storing hygiene products, personal items, cosmetics.

In the living room, you can often see long chests of drawers decorated with carved details. Beautiful figurines and souvenirs, photo frames are often placed on such a surface. Such a chest of drawers-showcase will decorate the room, giving it a special flavor and charm.

Chests of drawers can have different shapes. Let's list the main ones.

  • Models of the correct shape, which will be equal in height and width. In this case, the depth of the chest of drawers should be ½ part of this value.

  • Wide chests of drawers. Furniture with a width exceeding 1 meter should be included in this category. The depth of such structures is usually 50 cm with a height of 80-90 cm.

  • Low chests of drawers. With a depth of no more than 45 cm in such products, the width usually does not exceed 70 cm.More often, this category includes furniture with two drawers.

  • Narrow. The height of such products often reaches more than 1 meter with a width of 50-60 cm.

These models also differ in the system of opening the facades. They can be opened in the traditional pull-out, hinged and hinged systems.

By design, chests of drawers can be divided into angular and linear. Corner models are very convenient and allow you to rationally use an empty corner. Standard models are usually installed along the wall.

Their spaciousness and compactness allows you to use such furniture in different parts of the room, depending on the furniture already in it.

What types of wood are used?

Furniture made of natural wood is distinguished by the highest quality and good quality.

Chests of drawers can be made from soft woods, medium-hard and extra hard varieties:

  • soft varieties include conifers such as pine and spruce, as well as linden, alder and teak;

  • medium-hard varieties include maple, larch, walnut, as well as beech, ash and oak;

  • especially hard species include acacia, boxwood and various exotic trees.

It is worth dwelling in more detail on the features of these breeds.


Pine belongs to the soft varieties. Products made from this material, with their slight looseness, are not afraid of temperature extremes, excessive humidity.

Furniture made of pine can be placed in the kitchen or bathroom.


Oak has a light wood shade that can vary. Sometimes you can see wood with a greenish and even brownish tone, but usually it has a yellowish or white color. This material is more often used for the manufacture of solid solid furniture that will last for more than a dozen years. Oak products are very durable. They will not be afraid of stress. Oak furniture does not rot.


Furniture made of ash is very common, and this is due to the many advantages of the chosen material, its beauty. Ash has a unique structure with a distinct pattern and bright shine. Due to the alternation of light and dark stripes, the appearance of the array is very interesting. This material is very durable and highly resistant to deformation and delamination. Ash is environmentally friendly. Ash trees are used to make children's dressers and other furniture for toddlers. The material is not afraid of exposure to detergents, has a high degree of noise insulation.

The use of ash will allow you to get furniture of decent quality with a solid appearance.


As for other materials, for example, wood obtained from beech, linden, birch, they are considered less strong and durable than the previous options.

Experts do not recommend choosing birch as a base. This material will warp when heated, moreover, birch does not tolerate high humidity and begins to rot. The only exception can be called Karelian birch with its original marble pattern.

A distinctive feature of linden is the poor resistance of wood to microorganisms, so the material is used only after treatment with antiseptic agents. Although beech is very durable, it also does not tolerate moisture well.


Decorating such furniture with carved patterns is a favorite decor option for many manufacturers. Due to the pliability of wood, cut openwork or embossed patterns are created from this material.

As decorative methods, those are also used that additionally protect the surface from scratches or other damage.

These include:

  • polishing;

  • varnishing;

  • hand-painted;

  • burning;

  • heat treatment.

A chest of drawers made of natural wood will perfectly fit into any design. Models of different colors will decorate rooms with any style. Thanks to a wide selection of shades, it is possible to choose the most suitable option for yourself.

Nuances of choice

When choosing a chest of drawers from an array for a country house, for a summer residence or for an ordinary apartment, you should take into account some of the nuances.

  • When choosing solid and reliable furniture, it is not necessary to purchase an expensive oak model. A good alternative to this option can be a product made of beech, ash or apple.

  • A corner chest of drawers is more suitable for a small room. Using it will allow you to more efficiently use small spaces.

  • The choice of a narrow model will visually "stretch" the room, so it is more suitable for rooms with low ceilings.

  • Models with boxes of different sizes are considered more convenient. This will allow you to properly organize the storage system.

An important factor is the size of the chest of drawers itself.... It must fit into the chosen room, fit in shape, color, and match style. When choosing a finish for a chest of drawers, it is not always worth considering options with a solid color. Thanks to modern technologies, a variety of patterns and a different design can be applied to the surface.

Examples in the interior

Such furniture will look very organic in rooms decorated in country style. In this case, the wood should not be processed. A simple, unpainted chest of drawers will become the main accent of a rustic room.

For Provence-style rooms, a chest of drawers with curved legs in combination with convex drawers is more suitable. Hand-painted and a small amount of discreet fittings are welcome.

Carved details and decor with gold are inherent in models that will be quite appropriate in rooms made in pompous Baroque style.

The rooms, decorated in avant-garde style, have rather unusual furniture with extravagant shapes and creative designs.

For information on how to make a chest of drawers from an array with your own hands, see the next video.

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