Chests of drawers in classic style

Chests of drawers in classic style
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  6. How to choose for different rooms?
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The classic style cannot be confused with any other. Its characteristic features are the nobility and beauty that are present in every element of the decor. This style is preferred by people who rely on comfort and aesthetic component. An indispensable attribute of a classic interior is a chest of drawers - a cabinet with several drawers.

In the living room, such furniture is optional, but in the bedroom it must be given a place of honor. The furniture product is selected not so much for the sake of functionality as for the sake of creating a complete bedroom decoration in a classic style.


Despite the fact that in our time there are many styles, the classics do not cease to be popular. A dresser in a classic style can be of different types of design, color variations, but do not forget that first of all this furniture is used for storing things, so it should not only decorate the room, but also fulfill its main function.

Features of a chest of drawers in a classic style:

  • material - a classic-style chest of drawers is made of expensive, noble wood species;
  • decor - differs in symmetry, severity, lack of splendor;
  • color - as a rule, the model is painted in such colors as walnut, honey, ivory, brown;
  • legs - can be either curved or rectangular.

The decoration of the product may contain inserts: mirror or glass, as well as original fittings.

Usually, The material of the chest of drawers is wood, while it is polished or varnished. The classic model for the living room has a more aesthetic function, and for the bedroom, a product with deep drawers is best suited, in which it is convenient to store blankets, bedding and other things.


Classic models of chests of drawers are very diverse: with sliding, folding or swing doors, with glass, with carvings and others. The standard model has the following parameters: height - 130 cm, depth - 50 cm, length - 180 cm, but if you wish, you can choose a non-standard model: narrow, high, long or wide.

Consider the most common types of dressers.

  • Narrow and tall... In another way, they are called underwear. These chests of drawers are designed for storing small items, such as underwear. They reach 130-160 cm in length and 30 cm in depth.
  • Wide and low. Chests of this type are suitable as bedside tables, it is convenient to place clocks, lighting fixtures and other things on them. They do not exceed 100 cm in height.
  • Chest of drawers-showcase. This option is very effective and suitable for the living room. It plays a decorative role, so it is worth making sure that there is a beautiful tea service behind the glass, original figurines - the guests of the residents of the house will be delighted.
  • Angular... There is often an empty corner in the bedroom. This problem can be easily solved with a corner chest of drawers. Its distinctive feature is the corner compartment - in it, just like in pull-out drawers, you can store things.
  • With a bar. Differs from usual. Used primarily in the dining room or living room. The main purpose of the classic style chest of drawers is to store wine bottles. There is one caveat: a noble drink can only be stored horizontally, otherwise the taste of the wine will deteriorate.

A chest of drawers with a bar meets this requirement - as a rule, its design includes sections for storing wine.

Classic style dressers can be divided into 2 types: stationary with legs and equipped with wheels, which is very convenient. The castor model can be easily moved from room to room when repairs or rearrangements are required.

They also distinguish between floor chests of drawers and hanging type - the latter are attached to the wall and most of all fit into a small room.

Materials (edit)

For the manufacture of a chest of drawers in the classic style, noble woods are most often used, but materials such as MDF and chipboard are also popular. Let's consider them in more detail.


As a rule, a wooden chest of drawers is made from alder, maple, oak and other varieties. These materials are expensive. The numerous advantages of these types of wood in the creation of chests of drawers have made them in demand in the market. The most important advantages include: long service life, reliability, environmental friendliness. Chests of drawers mahogany, pine or beech they look very attractive, in addition, they are durable.


In practice, 80% of furniture is made of laminated chipboard. Economy class options solve everyday problems in people's homes. The first advantage is the low cost compared to expensive wood options, in addition, the product is highly durable and does not require much maintenance. Luxurious elements are absent in laminated chipboard furniture, but its functional qualities are quite good. Sometimes laminated chipboard is combined with other materials - in this case, the design of the furniture is improved.


MDF - one of the most popular materials, quite attractive furniture is made from it. The material is highly environmentally friendly, since it is made from a wood fiber base using sanding methods... This material is characterized by a wide selection of colors and textures, a long service life. The MDF chest of drawers is easy to maintain - it is enough to wipe the product with a slightly damp cloth using a furniture care product.

For the countertops of large chests of drawers, expensive materials such as natural marble or granite can be used. These countertops are very heavy, but they have a stunning appearance.

Color spectrum

The design of any room must be holistic, therefore, a classic chest of drawers must comply with this rule, that is, be in harmony with the color of the ceiling, walls and floor. The white model is considered a classic, suitable for both the bedroom and the living room.

Made of natural wood, this white chest of drawers will perfectly fit into the Empire, Baroque and classic furnishings.

In the office of a wealthy person, a chest of drawers made of solid mahogany will look best. It has an impressive appearance - thanks to the status furniture, you can emphasize your high position. Models made of natural wood look great in the spacious living room: hornbeam, pine or beech, differing in saturation.

If you plan to put the chest of drawers in the children's room, it is advisable to choose light shades of wood - a dark tree in the nursery will be inappropriate. Light shades include aspen, milk oak. The color saturation of the nursery is offset by bright curtains, pillows, paintings and other decorative items.

The color scheme of the chest of drawers is completely determined by the color of the living room and other furnishings.

If the living room is small, then the chest of drawers should match the color of the cabinet or coffee table. An exception to the rule is the option when the chest of drawers should become an accent spot. In this case, he must borrow the shades that are available in wall decoration or textiles.


It is advisable to check with the manufacturers before purchasing. Furniture from Italy is renowned for its unique style, sophistication and personality. Giovanni Visentin Factory has established itself as a company of the highest quality and classic design of its products - in the store's catalog you can find many interesting models.

Italian furniture showroom Casa Bella the products of the best factories in Italy are presented - here you can also find your ideal chest of drawers in the classic style.

Natural wood furniture from the company "BELFAN" is offered by a manufacturer from Russia. The company is famous for its wide range of products - a chest of drawers made of natural wood can bring comfort and warmth to your home. Classic style furniture can also be seen from the manufacturer. San Teodoro - spectacular furniture from this company amazes with its sophistication and perfection.

How to choose for different rooms?

Classic style implies sophistication and luxury - and this should be the starting point when choosing a chest of drawers.


The chest of drawers must be used as intended. Offices, as a rule, exist in the house of high-ranking officials, therefore, the model should emphasize the status of a person. A classic chest of drawers for a business person should be equipped with drawers of different heights... For example, the topmost one has the smallest height so that it is convenient to store documentation in it, while expensive accessories are stored in wide ones. In terms of color, darker types of wood are suitable.

Living room

For the living room, as a rule, they choose a model that performs mainly a decorative function. Best suited for a chest of drawers made of natural wood... Wood allows you to use a variety of finishes: varnishing, aging, carving and more. A very successful living room furniture is chest of drawers, where you can demonstrate elegant dishes and unique figurines. In addition, such dressers visually make the room more spacious, reflecting light and space. Very stylish model - chest of drawers with bar, you can keep wine, glasses, wine glasses in it. The same model is also suitable for the dining room.


A dresser for a bedroom can be made of any type of wood, but there is an important nuance - it must have deep drawers for storing things. For a bedroom, it is worth choosing a chest of drawers that matches the interior. Excessively dark wall decoration requires a lighter shade of furniture, if the bedroom faces south and is often bathed in sun, you can choose a chest of drawers made of dark wood. The main purpose of the bedroom is to relax, usually people rest in it, so the chest of drawers should not irritate with its contrast.


You can often see a chest of drawers in bathroom interiors. It can be combined with a sink or without it. As a rule, it is supplied with a large number of drawers in which it is convenient to store towels, underwear, cosmetics. It may seem that the classic wooden model in the bathroom is inappropriate, but this is not the case. In order for wood to serve for a long time, it must be periodically treated with special substances. The most reliable but expensive method is polymer film. A wooden chest of drawers looks harmonious in a spacious bathroom.

For rooms with high humidity, such types of wood as Brazilian walnut, beech, ash, elm and oak are suitable.

Beautiful examples in the interior

In the photos you can see how beautiful a chest of drawers is in a natural wood interior. The pronounced structure fits perfectly into the classic ensemble and emphasizes the richness of the decoration. In addition, wood furniture is durable, durable, and serves for many years.

Chests of drawers in the classic style emphasize luxury and bring a sense of stability to the interior. Models decorated with carvings, glass inserts and interesting fittings are original and cannot go unnoticed. Natural marble countertops look especially luxurious.

Manufacturers offer a variety of options for dressers that fit any style, be it minimalism or classic. Chests of drawers in classic style impress with their beauty and nobility. They are able to replace bulky furniture - they have deep drawers, so it is convenient to store all the necessary things in them.... A correctly selected model will become the highlight of the entire interior.

An overview of a classic-style chest of drawers in the video below.

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