Karelian birch furniture

  1. Features of wood
  2. Antique furniture overview
  3. Modern furnishings

Currently, in specialized stores, buyers can see a huge variety of furniture designs created from various materials, with wood furniture being considered the most popular option. Today we will talk about the features of products made from Karelian birch.

Features of wood

Karelian birch has the following important features.

  • Soft structure. This type of wood is practically not susceptible to scratches and chips, cracks on the surface.
  • Kernel-free tree. In the central part of the saw cut, there is no stain of a darker shade compared to the color of the rest of the surface; such raw materials are homogeneous in structure.
  • Elasticity of the material. This feature allows you to make the processing process as simple, fast and less costly as possible.
  • It is also worth noting that after drying the wood of the Karelian birch, the level of its density decreases slightly. It will be about 650 kg per 1 m².
  • This wood species has an attractive appearance. It has beautiful natural patterns, which is why it is used to create interesting furniture designs.
  • This wood has a fairly good strength. With proper processing, products made from such a natural material can last as long as possible.
  • We must not forget that raw or poorly dried material will quickly deteriorate., therefore, when working with it, you should speed up the processing and production process.
  • This wood species lends itself well to deep processing. The difficulty can only consist in profiling or planing, since the material has excessive hairiness. Such wood is mainly prepared by gluing, pickling, grinding with equipment.
  • Karelian birch is an environmentally friendly material, which during operation will not emit harmful substances. It is often used in the manufacture of children's furniture.

remember, that during operation, furniture made of this wood should not be exposed to constant exposure to moisture. This is especially true for kitchen sets, which most often get a large amount of water. It is recommended to place such furniture structures only in well-ventilated kitchen areas.

Antique furniture overview

Today there is a large number of beautiful antique furniture made from Karelian birch. Most of these specimens are currently kept in museums. The most popular examples include the following.

  • Set "Gorki Leninskie". This handmade design is made in a luxurious Empire style. Decorated with beautiful floral designs in a darker shade.
  • A birch table in the Ostafyevo Museum. This instance has a beautiful tabletop of an unusual polygonal shape. The table was created with several small legs. Its surface has a beautiful light color with natural patterns.

Today, many other specimens of Karelian birch are put up for sale at auctions, including models of the Soviet period made in the 30s and 40s. Among them are various antique sofas, dressers, headsets, armchairs.

Modern furnishings

Today, furniture made from this type of birch does not lose its popularity. The following types of furniture structures are produced from this breed.

  • Kitchen sets. Such products are most often sheathed with veneer. They do this in order to give them strength and decorativeness. All of them in the process of creation are treated with protective substances that prevent the effects of moisture. Often, furniture facades are additionally decorated with carvings. Kitchen constructions, completely made of solid birch, are durable, while their appearance will remain the same. Some models are made with a birch base, but pine or larch is used for the facades.
  • Dining sets (table and chairs). Such furniture can add coziness to the interior. Sometimes the composition is completed with miniature corner sofas with a wooden back.
  • Coffee tables. Such interior items are often made with beautiful carved and bent legs, which add elegance and elegance to the design. A neat natural pattern can be seen through transparent layers of protective lacquer on the surface of the countertop.
  • Sleeping sets. This birch furniture is usually made with polished surfaces giving it a luxurious appearance. Such wooden structures for the bedroom are most often produced in delicate pastel colors. An unusual option is the combination of a bed with a high headboard, turning into a whole set.
  • Headsets for living rooms. Perfectly fit into interiors decorated in a classic style. They can consist of small chests of drawers, cabinets, cabinets, walls. Often they are additionally decorated with carved details. A great combination with this furniture would be a small sofa made of the same material, with armrests and curly legs.
  • Children's furniture. Karelian birch is used for making children's beds, tables, chests of drawers, chairs and racks. All of them are carefully processed, their surfaces must be perfectly smooth and even. When choosing such furniture for a children's room, one should take into account the general color scheme of the room. In addition, its dimensions should be correlated with the dimensions of the nursery.

This video explores the uniqueness of the ornate Karelian birch pattern.

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