Plasterboard furniture in interior design

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The composition of drywall structures is a combination of gypsum and cardboard, which, due to their environmental friendliness, are safe for humans, do not emit toxins and are able to let air through the structure, which means that your home will be fresh.

If you are faced with a dilemma - to do finishing work or buy new furniture, because there is simply not enough money for everything at once, then the ideal option would be to make part of the furniture from drywall. At the same time, you will be able to create an original interior by spending the minimum amount of money.


From practical drywall, you can build original designs of cabinets, shelves and niches, as well as correct any flaws in the room, making them invisible to prying eyes. In addition, you can create cabinets, shelves, tables and other interior details from drywall.

Experts work with ordinary drywall (GKL), moisture-resistant gypsum board (GKLV), fire-resistant gypsum board (GKLO) and gypsum-fiber board (GVL), while the latter will be especially relevant for use in country houses, as it has increased strength.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of this finishing material are obvious:

  • Affordable price.
  • Ease of installation (no special glue or sealant is needed for fastening - it is enough to use self-tapping screws, and you can paint, plaster or cover the drywall surface with wallpaper immediately after installation).
  • The ability to make furniture with your own hands if you have competent instructions.
  • A minimum of dirt during finishing work.
  • Large selection of designs and designs.
  • Lightweight drywall.
  • Simple repair of damaged elements from gypsum board.
  • Harmonious combination with other finishing materials (glass, metal and wood).

    Any drawbacks can be avoided by taking a responsible approach to the installation process. The only thing that can interfere with the process is curved walls, because if there are vertical deviations, the cabinet doors can open spontaneously. In this case, use the services of professional craftsmen who will competently carry out all measurements. Also, when manufacturing shelves, keep in mind that gypsum board is not a very strong material, therefore it is important to calculate the permissible weight when erecting the frame. And it is for this reason that drywall is not recommended for aquariums, televisions or home libraries.

    What can be fixed with drywall?

    Often, with the help of drywall, the owners try to correct certain defects in the room: in this case, drywall has a purely decorative and aesthetic function. For example, if the room has low ceilings, then open white structures with shelves will visually increase the space in the room, giving it airiness.

    And if you have uneven walls, or a room with an irregular geometric shape, then using drywall you can make competent zoning. For example, you can install a partition between the living and dining areas in the living room, make a bar counter out of plasterboard.

    By the way, competent finishing with the help of gypsum board will help to disguise the installation and wiring.

    Cabinet furniture

    It is no secret that in the modern world we use cabinet furniture to a minimum, so that it does not clutter up the space.But open shelving made of plasterboard or built-in furniture can magically transform the interior, making it as functional as possible. The old-fashioned walls, which “steal” so much free space in our apartments, have been replaced by lightweight and non-standard plasterboard constructions.

    Cabinet furniture, for example, cabinets and walls with drawers, are made of wood, chipboard and drywall. In this case, the latter option, if desired, can be finished with decorative plaster. The process of manufacturing cabinet furniture from gypsum plasterboard is quite simple: first, a frame made of wood or metal is prepared, while the frame racks are reinforced, where hinges and boxes are attached. Further, when facing with drywall, the parts are fastened with screws. By combining several types of finishes (paint, liquid wallpaper, decorative plaster, art painting), you get a very creative cabinet furniture.

    In the study, you can make a bookcase. In the bedroom, it is worthwhile to decorate the headboard with plasterboard in an original way, additionally equipping it with lighting. But decorating a children's room with plasterboard will be a real treat for the designer, because there are so many interesting ideas here.

    You can create 3D shapes on the walls, and use plasterboard niches and shelves for their intended purpose - that is, for books, toys and things dear to the heart.

    As a rule, in each apartment there is not enough space for clothes, so a drywall wardrobe will be a real boon for thrifty owners. The practicality of such a piece of furniture will depend on how ergonomic it is. The wardrobe can be hidden between the walls, or you can decorate the doorway by making shelves around it. You can also build a whole dressing room from drywall. It can be sheathed with one or two sheets of plasterboard, and then painted, pasted over with wallpaper or plaster. An interesting idea for a dressing room is to use the space under the stairs by covering it with sheets of drywall.

    There is no limit to your imagination when it comes to arches and drywall partitions. You can make any configuration and add original lighting for showiness, which can create a special romantic atmosphere where it is pleasant to relax after a working day.

    Also, the "arch" technique is used instead of doors or as a zoning structure, while in small apartments it allows you to visually increase the space.

    Plasterboard kitchen decoration

    It is the kitchen room that gives a lot of room for the imagination of designers when finishing with plasterboard.

    It will be decorated with the following interior items from this finishing material:

    • Cabinets and shelves can be of different sizes and shapes. The peculiarity is that drywall is flexible, so you can make any desired size and give the product any shape you want.
    • Decorative niches will help to make the interior of the kitchen "not like everyone else." You can put decorative knick-knacks, souvenirs and photographs in niches and on shelves made of gypsum plasterboard. You can also use niches for decorating radiators, furniture and household appliances.
    • Not only cabinets are appropriate in the kitchen, but also bedside tables, countertops, pencil cases and even whole kitchen sets.
    • Drywall is an ideal and inexpensive option for pantry shelves where you can store household items.
    • With the help of gypsum board, you can zoning a room or create decorative structures - for example, a bar counter.

    When using this finishing material in the kitchen, the following features should be taken into account. Since there is high humidity in the kitchen, you need to buy moisture-resistant material. Or take care of air conditioning and ventilation in this room in advance. In this case, moisture will not interfere with the use of drywall.

    A kitchen set is not as difficult to make as it might seem at first glance. First, make a drawing and calculate the dimensions of the frame. It is imperative to consider which parts of the kitchen set will be subjected to maximum stress.The frame is installed using dowels, and in places of greater load, a wooden bar treated with an antiseptic is laid.

    For covering the kitchen set, moisture-resistant drywall is suitable, which is attached to the frame with self-tapping screws. And for bends in the right places, the cardboard is pierced, and the gypsum is moistened, as a result, the structure is bent and fixed to the frame. You can also make a tabletop from gypsum board - the main thing is the presence of a reinforced frame under the drywall, and the top can be covered with ceramic tiles.

    Bathroom furniture

    Plasterboard furniture for a bathroom is a great alternative to plastic options or expensive finishes made from natural materials. Even a bathroom, which, due to high humidity, is a specific room, can become an object of plasterboard finishing. The main thing is to use a galvanized frame and moisture-resistant drywall (GKLV). It is possible to design and install cabinets with shelves for sinks and cabinets for bathroom accessories. In the manufacture of bathroom furniture, a standard frame assembly principle is used with the upholstery and finishing stages. To ensure that all components of the bathroom resist moisture, treat them with protective coatings, and additionally finish the moisture-resistant gypsum plasterboard sheets with tiles or decorative plaster.

    Plasterboard as a versatile and easy-to-process material gives great opportunities to designers for creativity.and will also save the family budget. When buying gypsum plasterboard, pay attention to where and from whom you purchase the finishing material. For example, if plasterboard sheets have been in the warehouse for a long time, there is no need to talk about any moisture resistance. If the price is too low or there is a promotion, remember that free cheese is only in a mousetrap. Such finishing material as drywall will help you create a unique interior with your own hands, which will become a continuation of your personality. How you decorate your house depends solely on your imagination and preferences, and with drywall, the financial component should not be a problem.

    For information on how to make a drywall countertop under the sink, see the next video.

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