Plywood furniture review

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Overview of varieties
  3. What plywood is it made of?
  4. Design options
  5. Care Tips
  6. Examples of use in the interior

The range of materials from which modern furniture is produced has significantly expanded recently. Initially, manufacturers used only natural wood, a little later plywood began to be used, in addition, MDF and chipboard, as well as glass, plastic and metal. There was a time when plywood as a quality material for the production of various types of furniture was completely forgotten, but nowadays it has become popular again.


Plywood consists of a series of layers of wood veneer that are carefully glued together. To make the product stronger, the layers are superimposed on one another strictly perpendicularly. The gluing is carried out using a special press under strong pressure. Thanks to this, the plywood material is characterized by increased strength and a special flexible structure.

In terms of quality, experts divide plywood sheets into 5 grades: 1, 2, 3, 4 and E - a special elite variety produced for export. For the production of modern furniture, it is recommended to choose grades 2 and 3 of plywood.

Many ordinary people believe that plywood is not a very durable material, although in fact, with the correct selection of plywood furniture, it will serve its owner as long as possible without any problems. The obvious advantages of choosing this affordable furniture material include a number of characteristics:

  • increased strength and exceptional reliability (if the material has a good thickness);
  • with changes in humidity and temperature changes, the dimensions of the product will not change, even if they have not been impregnated with special protective equipment;
  • environmental friendliness, since the material is made from 100% wood;
  • ease of subsequent processing and ease of creating furniture on your own at home;
  • you can give the product almost any shape;
  • simplified repairs and quick restoration work;
  • low price.

Disadvantages of plywood - if you make the wrong choice, you will get lumber, which will be completely unsuitable for the production of furniture products. In addition, even very good plywood is not always able to withstand excessive or regular loads.

Overview of varieties

Plywood furniture can be easily used in absolutely any room of your home. Wherein you need to carefully choose this kind of product, first of all, taking into account the conditions in which you are going to operate the acquired structures. So, for some rooms, cabinet furniture is ideal, which perfectly tolerates high humidity, and for others, decorators do not recommend using laminated material.

Plywood is an excellent choice of material to create stylish office furniture. Original ideas of professional designers can become a unique decoration for any modern office. Many design studios offer customers interesting products made from high-quality plywood: sturdy tables, easy-to-use cabinets for storing papers, wide shelving shelves for storing documents, creative chairs for office workers, original armchairs and couches for visitors.

Plywood sheets are often used to make very interesting in appearance cots for children, compact computer transformer tables, low pedestals, walls, luxurious dressing tables, and comfortable chairs. For safe use, it is best that all corners of wooden furniture products intended for the nursery are rounded.In this case, the plywood sheet is covered with any desired color or retain its natural shades and texture, but it is still treated with a special stain or special varnish.

Garden and country furniture made of high-quality plywood is usually represented by light tables and comfortable sun loungers, other original designs that should provide the most comfortable rest and are characterized by increased moisture resistance. In the cold season, such furniture is brought into a warm room, therefore, many products in this series are often collapsible for ease of storage and movement.

Plywood transforming furniture is very popular these days, as it allows, if necessary, to quickly change the functional purpose of the product - for example, from a comfortable lounger it can quickly turn into a beautiful armchair.

Prefabricated pieces of DIY furniture will allow you to quickly transform an ordinary bedroom into an exquisite boudoir, and a living room into an original room, decorated in a loft or minimalist style.

What plywood is it made of?

To make beautiful furniture, you can use any type of plywood, but most often craftsmen decide on laminated and bent material. The first variety is very popular because of its stylish and unique look, the second is because of the ability to produce interesting author's products. These varieties have certain distinctive features.

From laminated

This popular type is most often made for country furniture, whole sets for a modern kitchen or their single structural elements, prefabricated products for large bedrooms and children's rooms, for decorating small corridors and spacious living rooms. Laminated furniture has high strength parameters, is resistant to the influence of high humidity, has an excellent aesthetic appearance, low price, and is distinguished by ease of restoration work. For the release of structural elements, a sheet with a thickness of 1.5 cm is chosen, and for the creation of decorative elements - from 0.3 cm.

From bent

Curved structures are particularly original. Plywood is just great for the production of this kind of products, as it has the ability to forcefully deform. Such products can be easily given a certain shape even in a home workshop. To do this, you just need to have specially prepared templates at hand.

The workpiece is soaked in boiling water for a strictly defined period of time, then it is carefully removed and hot fixed on the mold, then left for 5-7 days.

To create beautiful pieces of curved furniture, the used plywood can be successfully combined with other materials: glass or metal, wood or vine. These creative products, with precise processing and good care, can be actively used both indoors and outdoors.

Design options

Modern furniture designers really like to experiment with different materials, so they couldn't ignore high-quality plywood sheets. Their ideas can be very interesting, sometimes exclusive and innovative. Designer furniture is always in high demand among creative people and young people. Plywood is not very expensive, which allows every inhabitant to decorate their home with an unusual solution.

For lovers of interesting varieties of furniture, craftsmen can make really stylish art objects that attract everyone's attention.

For any hallway, furniture made of beautiful plywood is one of the most successful options, since the material is actually practical and highly durable. An increased level of resistance to wear, a stylish look and simplicity during restoration - such excellent characteristics should be distinguished by high-quality furniture, which is installed in the corridor as in the most highly passable place of the dwelling. At the same time, for the hallway, you can easily pick up furniture from both the laminated variety of plywood and its bent type. These are most often original lockers for storing shoes, durable ottomans, soft benches, a luxurious stylized couch or an elegant dressing table in the form of a triptych.

The living room is the center of any modern home. She will always attract special attention to herself, therefore, it should be distinguished by maximum comfort and practicality. It is best to choose upholstered furniture here, which has a solid plywood frame, a small openwork table for magazines, creative shelves and book shelves. This kind of setting will look great in modern interiors of rustic country style, Mediterranean, as well as classic and Provencal styles.

The bathroom and kitchen are rooms with a fairly high percentage of humidity. Plywood, which has moisture-resistant qualities, can successfully replace the popular solid wood or plastic here. Furniture in these rooms can be either fully or partially made of plywood sheets. Designer headsets, unusual dining tables, beautiful bar counters, designer loft-style shelves can last a long time, especially if they are treated with a special protective agent.

And also recently, carved plywood furniture has been in great demand - it is created using special laser cutting. but the cost of such furniture is often very high, and its service life is short-lived. Openwork patterns are considered not very durable and therefore are more often found as part of the product - for example, carvings on the doors of the wall or part of the head of the bed.

Care Tips

    Plywood is a natural material that is quite easily influenced by various adverse environmental factors. It is for this reason that it is necessary to provide him with high-quality care in order to preserve the beautiful appearance of the structure for a longer time. Nowadays, plywood furniture should be covered with various high-quality products, but it is still worth knowing how to clean such furniture so that it can delight with stylish decor for as long as possible.

    1. The tree will require quality care. It will be necessary at least once every 7 days to carefully wipe the plywood furniture, first slightly damp, and then with a dry cloth or suede. From time to time, you can clean furniture with ammonia-free cleaning compounds that do not contain abrasive ingredients.
    2. For plywood furniture, you need to maintain the air temperature not lower than +15 degrees Celsius. Excessively high temperatures will not have a very good effect on this kind of delicate product. Placing next to batteries also often deforms plywood structures. Humidity in a room with this type of furniture should not be higher than 65%. It is best to place such products away from a window through which they can be exposed to the sun.
    3. It is worth protecting the furniture from all kinds of serious impacts in the form of blows., since wood is a rather soft material, and all blows can permanently leave a noticeable mark or dent on its surface. It is necessary at least once a year to tighten all the joints in the products in order to prevent them from loosening and to prevent the destruction of the elements of the plywood product.

    Examples of use in the interior

    Stylish open-type plywood wardrobe will perfectly decorate the living room or library. A feature of this design is the ability to rearrange the shelves as needed, thereby changing their height.

    The original plywood sideboard in the shape of a cow will not only allow you to keep your dishes in such an unusual place from now on, but also give you the opportunity to surprise your guests and complement the country style in the kitchen.

    Stylish plywood shelves in the form of honeycombs are a very popular solution in youth interiors.

    A do-it-yourself shelf for a nursery is a full-fledged author's solution that helps to give an ordinary room originality and a special eco-friendly charm.

    With proper grinding, as well as high-quality impregnation and varnishing, plywood products are well suited for bathrooms. One drawback: initially, plywood always has its own wood color, and painting it is additional work

    You can make any furniture out of plywood - from a familiar looking shelf to a creative designer chair. This material is environmentally friendly, cheap, easy to process, pleasant to smell and touch.

    For information on how to make a plywood cabinet with your own hands, see the next video.

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