Variety of epoxy resin furniture

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The world of contemporary interior design is vast and varied. Experts in this industry are constantly working on creating new ideas and images that will help make the room not only comfortable, but also beautiful and harmonious. One of the latest developments of professionals in this field is the use of epoxy resin in the design of interior items.

This technology makes furniture not only beautiful, but also unique and practical. In the catalogs of many manufacturers, you can see products with elements of this polymer. However, do not be upset if you could not find the product you need, experts will help you make it to your individual order.


Epoxy resin furniture is a new development of modern manufacturers, which has a unique design and improved technical characteristics. The polymer contains resin and hardener - these substances create a durable decorative material upon contact. Experts recommend paying attention to the advantages of furniture made from this polymer:

  • high level of strength;
  • long period of operation;
  • the presence of a glossy surface;
  • resistance to mechanical damage;
  • lack of cracks and chips;
  • ease of processing and the ability to create a variety of shapes and designs;
  • affordable price range;
  • a wide range of resin grades;
  • resistance to high moisture levels;
  • ease of care and the ability to use various cleaning compositions;
  • resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • wide design range.

We should not forget about the disadvantages of products made from this material:

  • high cost of exclusive designer models;
  • the complexity of self-production and adherence to technology;
  • the inability to use abrasive compositions;
  • the release of toxic substances under the influence of high temperatures;
  • carrying out work only in personal protective equipment.

Species overview

A beautiful appearance, high technical performance and a high level of demand for epoxy resin products forced designers and manufacturers to constantly work on creating new interior items. In specialized stores and in catalogs, you can see the following products:

  • kitchen facades;
  • countertops;
  • paintings;
  • vases;
  • coasters;
  • "Flying" chairs and tables;
  • coffee and coffee tables;
  • candlesticks;
  • lamps;
  • doors;
  • window sills;
  • bar counter;
  • furniture legs;
  • shelves;
  • stools.

This list of epoxy products is far from complete and is constantly updated with new models and design novelties.

Products made of epoxy resin can be divided into types not only according to their functional purpose, but also depending on the manufacturing method. Modern manufacturers produce the following product groups.

  • Made of pure epoxy resin - transparent products in the form of a cube or other geometric shapes without a support base. Distinctive features are the presence of decorative elements inside the structure, a low level of strength.
  • From wood covered with a resin layer, these are items with a high level of reliability, in which the epoxy resin acts as a protective element.
  • Combined - design models in which standard building materials alternate with resin inclusions.

Such additives can be both chaotic and uniform.

Design options

Considering the high level of demand for products with epoxy resin, the designers have developed a wide range of basic options, for the manufacture of which both matte and transparent adhesives are used in different color combinations. Colorless solutions are versatile due to their ability to favorably emphasize the structure of the base material, and also not to take attention away from the main structure.

Matte and colored solutions, which have a low level of transparency and make the structure more massive and presentable, are in no less demand.

Among the huge number of design options, experts recommend paying attention to the following solutions.

  • Combination of polymer glue and luminescent compounds - an effective combination of solutions that fill all the voids in the product and only then apply the topcoat. A distinctive feature is the presence of a glow when artificial or natural rays hit.
  • Shapeless woodinside an epoxy board is a common option that is used in the process of creating designer furniture.
  • Water splashes - a spectacular option that is obtained by combining water droplets with a resin solution. You can enhance the decorative effect by adding different shades of dyes to the fixing composition. Technological feature - covering the top with a transparent resin layer.
  • Marble effect Is a popular solution that is widely used by both designers and manufacturers. Technological feature is the application of a decorative pattern to a tree, followed by its coating with epoxy resin.
  • Picture as picture - a design option, with the help of which products are made for a ready-made common interior. A prerequisite is the absence of bright additional decorative elements.
  • Uncleaned stumps - a popular option for eco-style decor. The transparent shell makes it possible to preserve and see as much as possible all the natural elements of wood and its constituent parts.
  • Decorative plaster and resin in a gradient color scheme Is an option that many designers use. A distinctive feature is the alternating application of plaster and resin solution.

Products that have a contrasting structure look especially impressive. However, color shades should not be flashy and defiant, but only calm and harmonious.


Despite the uniqueness and inimitable beauty of the material, which inspires designers to create exclusive items, very often experts use additional decoration. To enhance the color effect, craftsmen paint the material in different shades, trying to make the resin heterogeneous at different depths. Due to the ability to repeat the original shape of the object, resin allows you to make things in unique shapes.

Products with designer patterns and designs covered with a protective transparent layer are in increasing demand. The ornament can be made using paint or laid out with various decorative objects - shells, flowers, coins, beads and other trifles.

Decaying and rotten tree branches, as well as a composition consisting of sand, gravel and sawdust, look especially impressive through a transparent film. Some designers even keep insects in their compositions. The following elements can also be decorative inclusions:

  • wood scraps;
  • cuts of wooden trunks of different diameters;
  • chips;
  • chumps;
  • gravel and chips;
  • semiprecious stones;
  • beads and other jewelry;
  • souvenirs and decorative items.

We should not forget about an important decorative element of furniture - legs, armrests and backs, which carry a special aesthetic load.These elements decorate things and can be wood, stone and metal, as well as carved, forged and engraved.

To enhance the aesthetic idea, designers often use several materials simultaneously in one product: resin, wood, glass, metal and stone.

Beautiful examples

Thanks to the unique properties of epoxy resin and the ability to combine it with different materials, designers create unique products that amaze with their beauty.

  • A wooden table of an unusual shape with a transparent center on metal legs will adorn any interior, and its airy structure will not clutter up the interior of the room.
  • A transparent cube with an untreated piece of wood in the center can serve as both a small table and a secure seating position. Its translucent edges give the product a lightness and unique appearance.
  • A large wooden table, filled with a transparent composition, will surely decorate not only the dining area, but also the working one, and its reliability will significantly exceed even metal products.
  • You can decorate a wooden garden chair not only with the help of embroidered or knitted decor, but also with the help of floral solutions. All living decorations must be correctly selected and must be filled with transparent material.
  • A wooden chair with one side made of wood and the other made of epoxy resin will definitely become a real art object and decoration of any room.
  • Colored furniture made of elements of different shapes will help to decorate any children's space. The rich colors will surely appeal to kids and will become a bright accent in the room.

The design of any room is an important stage of renovation work, on which comfort and coziness depends. In order to create a unique interior, designers offer a huge selection of solutions. To decorate the space, specialists use both traditional technologies and innovative ones.

One of the modern design techniques is the use of epoxy resin in the manufacture of furniture. Polymer products are not only beautiful and exclusive, but also very reliable and durable. Despite the huge number of advantages, one should not forget about the rules of their operation, which will allow you to keep an exclusive product in its original state for many years.

For how to make a do-it-yourself slab table with epoxy resin, see the next video.

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