Milky oak color in the interior

  1. Peculiarities
  2. What materials are they made of?
  3. Shades overview
  4. Furniture options
  5. Color in finishing
  6. Combination rules in the interior
  7. Beautiful examples

Choosing furniture for your home is not an easy task. How cozy and attractive the room will become depends on this process. The key criteria for the selection of furniture are the material, the manufacturer and the quality of the design in question. However, an equally important role in the choice is played by color, which can affect the atmosphere of the room. The furniture must match the chosen interior design. One of the most demanded shades among designers is the color "milk oak". It is worth taking a closer look at what is attractive about it and where it is used.


Milky oak is a popular shade in the Russian market.

The key feature of this color is the painting technology. The shade is obtained by applying a special paint to a wooden surface, followed by fixing the result with varnish.

After drying, the surface of the wood acquires an amazing and unique matte effect. At the same time, a drawing of an unusual relief can be seen on the coating. Of course, not everyone has enough funds to buy expensive natural wood furniture. Manufacturers have adapted to the needs of consumers, creating high-quality imitation of oak on a variety of surfaces: from brick to metal.

Another highlight is the large selection of Milky Oak shades. Basically, a variety of colors is found in classic furniture, where manufacturers play with the shades and execution of the headset.

Modern furniture models practically cannot boast of such a variety, however, the use of pinkish shades has recently become fashionable.

Such designs look attractive in interiors decorated in light colors. Milky oak color is perfect for dark rooms. Furniture of this color will beneficially expand the space and add light. The key advantages of such shades are called:

  • naturalness and style;
  • maintaining attractiveness for a long time;
  • no need for thorough care.

Many designers recommend equipping living spaces with furniture of this particular color. It is pleasant to be in such rooms.

What materials are they made of?

Previously, furniture in the color "milk oak" was made only from solid wood. Manufacturers used solid boards for their projects, which were subsequently soaked in various compositions, dried and varnished. Oak is an elite material, and after undergoing such procedures it became even more rare and expensive. Unfortunately, furniture made of natural wood is not available to everyone, so manufacturers have adapted and began to provide almost any surface with a similar color.

Imitation of the shade occurs through:

  • veneering;
  • lamination;
  • PVC surface coatings.

From wood chip board it is possible to obtain relatively inexpensive furniture after processing it with synthetic resins and veneer covering. The latter is a thin cut of natural wood in the color of milk oak. Despite the low cost, such furniture will look quite beautiful. Veneer is able to convey small details of natural wood: rough texture, veins.

The most expensive furniture material is solid wood. It is made solid or glued, and the first option is more suitable for decorative furniture. Glued, in turn, includes several layers of natural wood. At the same time, the manufacturer carefully chooses the top layers, since it is important that no material imperfections are visible on them.

This type of array is considered less prestigious and is inexpensive. However, in some properties, the material is significantly superior to the representative of the first category.

Another popular material for furniture is MDF. Medium density construction made with wood chip dry pressing technology. Resins are used to bond the shavings together. Furniture made of MDF in the color "white oak" is more affordable than massifs, and this is its main advantage. The advantage of such structures is that they fix fasteners well due to their high density.

Also, MDF panels are environmentally friendly and have no carcinogenic substances in their composition.

Finally, furniture in the color "white oak" can make from chipboard. Small wood chips are also used to create the material, but hot pressing technology is used in the process. Particleboard is gradually losing its popularity, since the main disadvantage of such products is toxicity. In addition, chipboard furniture is less durable and does not hold fasteners well due to its lower density.

Shades overview

Milky is a shade of white. Differs in a softer performance, while it is lighter than ivory or the color of "cremona oak". The designers note the tone as subtle and complex, in which several shades are collected. In terms of temperature, the color is neutral, it evokes a feeling of calm and comfort. If you wish, you can pick up colder or warmer shades, but in any case, the yellow undertone will prevail in the milk one. Common varieties of the milky oak shade:

  • marshmallow;
  • pearl;
  • vanilla.

Each of the listed colors contains notes of yellow or gray colors in a certain amount.

Every designer is familiar with these names, and anyone will immediately say that dairy is still the most popular option. This shade goes well with most colors.

Only a person who subtly senses color differences and is able to determine the color temperature will be able to choose a suitable shade.

For example, in a room where you need to create an atmosphere of coolness, designers will give preference to vanilla or pearl tones. If the room needs to be made warm, then it is better to choose a marshmallow shade.

Furniture options

Different types of furniture are produced in the color "milk oak". The most common options are as follows.

  • Tables. This category includes all types of tables: from a computer to a writing or dining table made of natural wood. A set in milky shades will look great in any room.
  • Sliding wardrobes, pencil cases, slide. A classic option that will look good in the appropriate style. At the same time, the headset does not require the selection of additional finishes or accessories.
  • Chests of drawers. Basically, furniture for changing tables is made in such shades. Light-colored shoe racks are also popular.
  • Walls. We are talking about shelving, wall shelves and similar structures for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms or children's rooms.
  • Beds. A neutral color will help you relax and take a break from a hard day at work. Milky shades go well with any textiles, which is very convenient. The shade looks good both in the case of using a bunk bed with a lifting mechanism, and a double one.

Also, bedside tables, TV stands or dressing tables with a mirror are made in a similar color.

At the same time, furniture in light shades is well suited for black TVs. The situation is more complicated with the design of facades, but the decorated elements of wood in the color "milk oak" also look attractive.

Color in finishing

When carrying out finishing work, the shade is obtained by treating wood with various chemical compositions. Each manufacturer has its own secret of making materials of the required tone. The main reagents are often:

  • alkalis;
  • acids;
  • ammonia;
  • chlorine compounds.

Hydrogen peroxide is also often used. If it is required to create an external effect in the form of a milky shade without bleaching the inner layers of wood, then a stain, a pigment primer of a polyurethane or acrylic type is used for finishing. Both domestic and foreign manufacturers are engaged in the production of special chemicals. With the help of special compositions, it will be possible to bleach the fibers of the material, as well as:

  • align the color;
  • remove black dots;
  • show a natural pattern;
  • enhance the texture.

It should be noted that as the final stage of processing, it is worth applying varnish to the surface. This will help to consolidate the result and extend the life of the coating. The advantages of the milky oak finish include:

  • attractive appearance;
  • creating a warm atmosphere;
  • durability;
  • the possibility of restoration if necessary.

In addition, the surface can be easily cleaned with a soft textile cloth and is suitable for a variety of styles.

Combination rules in the interior

With the help of light furniture, you can make any room cheerful and cozy. However, it is better to entrust the work of selecting such furniture to a professional who understands the peculiarities of combining various textures and shades. They will select furniture suitable for wall decoration or flooring, the shade of which will look advantageous in the adopted design. There are several popular combinations.

  • Catchy contrasts. Suitable for rooms in which dark colors prevail. Furniture made of wenge or other material will become the main contrast and help add expression to the room.
  • Bright design. If the homeowner loves variegation, then you can decorate the room in multi-colored tones, diluting the abundance of bright colors with furniture in the "cremona oak" shade.
  • Beige smooth surface. An option for calm people who prefer warm and cozy shades in design. In this case, it is better to give preference to the color "cremona oak", and to decorate the room in a European style.

Regardless of the decision made, furniture of a milky shade will look good both in the living room and in the hallway, bedroom or nursery.

The set will be able to match both modern modern and classicism. Such furniture is especially popular in rooms of a small area, where with its help it is possible to expand the space visually and fill it with light.

Beautiful examples

Furniture made in shades of milk oak gives calmness and does not distract. In the interior, the light set looks attractive, and the milky color is perfect for celebrations and holidays, as well as for warm family dinners. The color goes well with any style: from modern Art Nouveau to classic Provence.

By giving preference to light shades, the owner of an apartment or cottage makes it possible to visually expand the space.

With milky furniture, it is possible to add air, tranquility and light to the room. You can see beautiful examples of room decoration with furniture in the color "milk oak".

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