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Belarusian furniture is very popular. Beds, bedroom sets, bookcases, dressers, corner showcases, cabinets and more - all this is produced at Belarusian furniture factories. We will tell you about the features of this furniture and its choice below.


Belarusian solid wood furniture can be called elite. She is in great demand among the consumer in the goods market. The reason for this is the high quality, strength and durability. This is due to the fact that the latest technologies are used in the production of furniture. Those machines that come from the era of industrialization cannot be seen in Belarusian furniture factories at the present time. Plus, the furniture is made strictly in accordance with GOST, which for the majority is a guarantee of high quality. At the same time, Belarusian wood products are really famous for their high quality and durability. Note that each, without exception, manufactured specimen at the furniture production passes control.

The visual design of the furniture is also worth mentioning. She is characterized by elegance, richness of forms and at the same time laconic. Often, designers tend to mix and match different styles. In addition, the masters themselves try to actively and constantly improve in their field, regularly attending various thematic exhibitions and events.

With all the external beauty of the furniture, it is presented in a fairly wide assortment, which allows you to choose products for your bedroom or, for example, a hallway to your liking.

It is impossible not to say about the materials that are used in furniture production. Belarus is famous for its forests, as well as a well-organized wood processing industry. This allows you to create furniture from natural wood. So, an array of oak, larch, birch and other tree species is often used. Plus, the fittings that are used in production are supplied by leading manufacturers from Europe, which also speaks of the reliability and durability of the furniture.

It is impossible not to mention the environmental friendliness of furniture from Belarus, which is important for many buyers. The materials used to create furniture items practically do not contain any harmful components. It is worth noting the price of Belarusian furniture. In general, it is quite high, but if we compare it with the cost of products with foreign manufacturers, it turns out to be much lower. However, there are also manufacturers whose furniture prices can be called democratic, and therefore will be quite affordable for the average buyer.

Note that Another feature, this time rather negative, is the high requirements for the conditions in which furniture products will be placed. This applies specifically to the level of moisture. It should not be higher than 65%. Otherwise, the furniture after a while will lose its former external gloss and presentability, it will dry out and not only.

Nevertheless, for baths and saunas, individual variants of furniture products are presented, which are distinguished by a high degree of protection, which provides a special coating made of a special coating composition of liquid glass.



The first in the list of Belarusian manufacturers will be the largest factory, the foundation of which dates back to 1954, namely "Molodechnomebel".The brand represents different lines of cabinet and upholstered furniture. Among them you can find both Italian classics and Scandinavian minimalism.

Plus, it should be said that in the manufacture of furniture, solid wood, genuine leather and high-quality textiles are used. In addition, individual parts of some products are made by hand. Most often this applies to precise carving, which is simply impossible to make on a machine.


Another large manufacturer, operating since 1880, is Pinskdrev. The products of this company are in great demand both in the country itself and abroad. In production, the company uses arrays of different types of trees: oak, pine, and birch. As for the style of the collections, the assortment is aimed mainly at the classics, but there are other styles in the collections that are now relevant, including loft, Provence, Italian style and not only.

It is also interesting that Italian designers are also working on the creation of furniture. If it speaks about production, then high-tech devices are involved in it, but at the same time it is necessary to process the furniture with your own hands at the final stage, which ultimately gives an amazing result: the products look perfect, which is manifested in every part of them. A big plus of furniture from this manufacturer is a fairly affordable price and high quality.


It is worth paying attention to such a company as Bobruiskmebel CJSC, which has been successfully operating for over 90 years. In the production of furniture, the manufacturer uses natural raw materials, most often these are arrays of different types of trees: oak, birch, pine. However, lumber is also added. If we talk about design, then it can hardly be called diverse, it refers mainly to classicism.

Nevertheless, if you are a fan of the classical style, then you can definitely find something here to suit your taste, but connoisseurs of modernity, most likely, will not see anything remarkable for themselves. In general, the main advantages of furniture from this manufacturer are high wear resistance, strength and a fairly democratic price tag.

"Zaslavskaya Furniture Factory"

A relatively new manufacturer called ZMF - "Zaslavskaya Furniture Factory" has also proven itself well. At the moment, she is quite famous both in Belarus and in Russia. This manufacturer represents a fairly wide range of furniture, including not only standard sofas, bookcases, cabinets, and so on, but also banquets, kitchen furniture, mattresses and more. Separately, it should be said about the functionality of the furniture, which is ensured thanks to its equipping with special mechanisms and devices for relaxation. Affordable prices are also a big plus.

Note that such furniture, of course, is unlikely to last for several generations, due to the fact that lumber is widely used in its production, however, you will not have to worry about it for two, or even three decades.

What to look for when choosing?

First of all, of course, you need to focus on your preferences in terms of design and style of furniture. Next, you should also pay attention to the cost and determine for yourself what price category furniture you are planning to purchase. Having decided on these two factors, take into account the material from which the product is made, its environmental friendliness, strength, resistance to wear and what kind of care it needs.

Each type of tree, be it pine, oak, spruce, larch or something else, has its own advantages and disadvantages that must be taken into account when arranging your interior. So, for example, furniture made of oak or pine is famous for its reliability and external sophistication, and furniture made of larch or spruce is not inferior to it in this regard.

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