Projects of modern houses with a flat roof: features of the choice and arrangement of the roof

  1. What it is?
  2. Features and requirements
  3. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. Materials (edit)
  6. General design rules
  7. Arrangement options and operating features
  8. Beautiful examples

In the understanding of an ordinary Russian person without a building and architectural education, a flat roof of a building is something very impractical and carries potential problems. This concept has its roots in the Soviet past, when, due to the use of low-grade materials and violation of construction technology, such structures began to flow two years after their construction.

Modern approaches to the construction of houses and new materials for creating flat roofs make it possible to successfully implement spectacular, unusual projects, including private houses in various styles.

What it is?

Projects of houses with a flat roof "originally" from the southern part of Western Europe. There are many examples of flat top villas and cottages.

Unlike a pitched roof, a straight roof has a more complex structure, including a drain, although such a roof still has a slight slope - from two to fifteen degrees.

Specially designed houses are often made in modern styles., such as hi-tech, modern and others.

You can build a one-, two-storey house with an unusual top, as well as a multi-storey building, which will thus receive fashionable, if not even futuristic, features.

Features and requirements

Projects of cottages and multi-storey buildings require careful study. This is largely due to the complex arrangement at the top of such structures.

When designing, the minimum level of inclination of a flat roof is determined. If it is exploited, a so-called deflection is done on its surface. If you look closely at the roof, you can see an inconspicuous "relief" there. Thanks to this, just like on an inclined one, melt and rain water does not accumulate on this.

The very non-standard roof is an example of modern high-tech construction. It consists of many layers that ensure its quality and reliability.

Advantages and disadvantages

In addition to the unusual design of buildings with flat roofs, which draws attention to such buildings, the owners of this home can appreciate other advantages of such structures.

  • On a conditionally flat flat roof, you can create an active life: make a sports ground here, set up a flower garden or a vegetable garden, and even place a swimming pool. If the size of the land plot is not particularly large, the presence of such additional area will noticeably compensate for this disadvantage.
  • The cost of a flat-topped building project is less expensive than a pitched roof project.
  • Since more snow accumulates on a flat surface in winter, a natural heat-insulating cushion is created, which allows you to save on heating in the house.
  • Despite the complex engineering design of a flat-topped building, it is easier to maintain, systematically clean the gutter and monitor the condition of chimneys, as well as ventilation here than in a building with a traditional pitched roof.
  • Since the area of ​​flat roofs is smaller than pitched roofs, you can save on building material.
  • Installation of a flat roof takes less time than a pitched roof, because it is much more convenient to work on a surface without a noticeable slope.
  • Owners of houses with this type of roof do not have to worry about being blown away by a hurricane.
  • On such a roof, it is easy to install and operate wind generators, solar panels, antennas, water collection systems, and so on.

Houses with such roofs also have a number of disadvantages.

  • The waterproofing device in this case requires a special attitude. If mistakes are made in this work, then for the owners of the house they will end in repairs associated with the elimination of leaks due to water accumulating on the surface of the roof from rain or melted snow.
  • If the roof is in use, in winter it is necessary to periodically remove snow from it. You only have to do this manually.
  • Melted snow from year to year will test the strength of the waterproofing layer at the top.


If from a distance flat roofs of houses look the same, then in fact, they may be different. There are three types of such roofs.


They allow people who are not involved in maintaining the roof itself to be on them, as well as to install heavy things here, including furniture. Such a roof must have a reliable foundation, which is mainly used as reinforced concrete.

There must be reliable thermal insulation, resistant to serious loads, both dynamic and static.


On such a hardy concrete base is not required. During the construction, a lathing made of wood is used. For ease of operation, special ladders are installed here, due to which the pressure on the roof is reduced and the load is distributed evenly over its entire surface.


This type of roof is often used as an exploited one. The multilayer cake of the necessary technological systems during its construction includes a waterproofing level. Here, unlike a conventional roof, the waterproofing is not outside, but under a layer of heat insulator. This allows you to protect the waterproofing carpet from the destructive effects of temperature extremes, the sun and mechanical stress. As a result, the lifespan of the roof is significantly lengthened.

Building technologies of the 21st century, combined with traditional approaches to building houses, make it possible to create reliable, easy-to-use and externally spectacular housing.

Materials (edit)

Houses with an unusual roof can be built from a variety of materials, for example, timber, aerated concrete, SIP panels, foam blocks.

In any case, it is important to choose the right material for the flattest roof. No one, for example, will prohibit the use of the usual corrugated board. But it is necessary to carefully calculate how the snow removal and water drainage will be carried out, because under the influence of precipitation, the metal roofing coating will be eaten by rust, and it will not serve its due date.

Therefore, moisture resistance is a very important factor when choosing a roofing material. You can use the same corrugated board, but with a polymer coating. In some cases, polycarbonate or slate is suitable for construction.

You can take a special construction mastic - a special liquid substance. It is used to cover the roof surface with a brush. When hardened, the mastic is a hard coating similar to roll materials. It does not melt at +70 degrees, but it can crack at -25 Celsius, so it is better not to use it in a harsh climate.

Polycarbonate is more reliable than mastic, but more expensive. The advantage of this material is that it gives the roof of the house a very unusual look. From the outside it may seem that it is glass. This achieves a special design effect, and the house itself looks very expensive.

The use of traditional slate will provide the roof service for half a century, provided that there is no mistake in the design and construction of the house. The slate itself is of considerable weight. It is necessary to ensure the reliability of the foundation and frame of the building so that it does not settle over time.

For a flat roof, wooden beams can also be used. It is not durable with such a roof structure, but here roofing material or all the same mastic can come to the rescue, which can extend the service life of the main material.

General design rules

Designing a flat roof house is not much different from creating a project for any other housing.

To begin with, a general sketch of the building is drawn up and the materials from which the construction will be carried out are determined. The calculation of snow and wind loads on it will depend on the shape of the structure. The material determines the calculation results regarding the load on the future foundation.

Next, the supporting structures are calculated, a plan diagram is created, on which, in addition to the walls themselves, additional structural elements are indicated.

A house with a flat roof can be conceived by an architect in any style, but most of all it corresponds to the high-tech style. Such buildings sometimes look like cubes.

Square roofs of such buildings are often planned for placing terraces on them.

To successfully build a house with a flat roof, it is also necessary to develop a working project that ties the house to a place and a certain building volume. Thanks to this, you can calculate how much the building will cost.

Of great importance is the development of the project of the flattest roof, depending on the chosen technology for its construction.

The flat roof roofing cake has several levels. This is the base, which is the hardest part. Above this layer, a vapor barrier is laid, which separates the insulation from moisture rising from the building.

In turn, the thermal insulation layer is an important component of such a roof, the condition of which largely determines the service life of the roof.

Waterproofing does not allow moisture to enter the house from the outside. To create this layer, liquid polymers are often used, which create a reliable seamless coating that is well protected from water.

As a result, its safety and reliability depend on a well-designed roof project. If you make the wrong calculations, the roof will have to be rebuilt.

Arrangement options and operating features

Inside, a flat-roofed residential building is no different from any other. It can match the style of minimalism, having simple pencil case features, or embody much larger, fanciful architectural designs. Among the buildings with flat roofs, there are houses of both premium and middle class.

It is the roof of the building that requires special arrangement, if it is in use. And it would be foolish to refuse placement in a free area, for example, 50 m2, recreational space or more practical use.

In any case, the roof, which is regularly visited by people, must have good lighting and be equipped with curbs.


There are quite a few projects of one-story houses with a flat roof today. It can be either full-fledged housing or a modest country house.

On a small summer cottage, thanks to the "summer" floor, you can expand the area of ​​the house itself, as well as not miss the square meters that have gone under its placement.

A common option for arranging a roof is to place a terrace on it. To do this, the roof is covered with a terrace board, moisture-resistant furniture is placed here. With a sufficient area on such a site, you can break up flower beds, plant shrubs that will help protect the roof from the sun in the heat. The picture will be complemented by a barbecue or barbecue.

A flat roof can be a very cozy and inviting place to relax, especially if it offers a beautiful view of the landscape.

Practical people who value every square centimeter of land can place greenhouses and garden beds here.

There is an option to create a full-fledged "green" roof. You can sow ordinary lawn grass on it or create a real garden with a flower bed. Paths are laid in it and garden furniture is installed.It should be borne in mind that the mass of such a garden can be very impressive. It is clear that the house, which will house lush greenery, must be made of concrete.


It is possible to carry out the arrangement of such a house, for example, relying on ready-made architectural projects. In addition, a lot depends on the financial capabilities of the owners. The roof of a premium-class house may well serve as a helipad, but, as in the case of a one-story house, it is possible to place a garden or a terrace here.

On such a roof, you can equip a real beach with a pool. It is necessary that the house can withstand such a weight, and the necessary communications are correctly connected to the roof.

If you put sun loungers, awnings to create shade and, for example, tubs with plants on this site, you can enjoy a calm and comfortable rest throughout the warm season.

Another use for such a roof is to accommodate a sports area. This option is becoming more and more popular in cases with the arrangement of private houses. Here you can install exercise equipment, make a tennis court or treadmills.

For any of these options, it is necessary to prepare a special elastic, wear-resistant and slightly rough coating in order to avoid falls when playing sports. You can use rubber covers or artificial grass rolls. Natural turf is fine, though.

As for the house as a whole, care should be taken to create a solid foundation in such a building. If the roof is initially planned to be used, the load on it will be very high.


Frame houses in our country are gradually becoming more and more popular. This is largely due to the simplicity of their assembly and the relatively low cost of creating such a dwelling.

The basis of the structure is a frame made of wood or metal. Sandwich panels are also used for construction. A layer of insulation is installed in the house. It is sheathed with plywood or cement particle boards. Outside, the finished building is finished with facade plaster.

A frame house with a flat roof is a lightweight structure. One-story houses of this type are more common, two-story houses are less common. If a solid foundation is prepared, the roof of the building can also be made usable. Placing a terrace and even planting plants is allowed here. But in this case, there is no possibility to install a pool or other heavy objects.

Beautiful examples

A flat roof diversifies the exterior of a residential building, despite its external simplicity. Moreover, this applies to a variety of styles - not only high-tech, which first comes to mind when mentioning such a top of the structure, but also others, proven for decades and even centuries.

So, it is believed that minimalism today is a direction that is developing faster than others. Flat roofs of houses have become a kind of attribute of this style. Houses decorated in minimalism really stand out for their compactness and rational use of every square meter of the available area.

In such a building, in addition to the residential part, a garage, a greenhouse and a spacious roof terrace can be placed.

Flat roof in "modern" - a phenomenon not so long ago. Nevertheless, there are many residential buildings with such an original top. They are built from reinforced concrete. Ceramic and glass can be used as cladding.

The combination of glass and materials made of wood or wood looks original. The presence of a large number of glass elements can emphasize the adherence to modern trends in construction. In the tree, there is a connection with nature. In the landscape, such a house looks very organic.

The flat roof does not even contradict the classic style with its hint of noble nests. Rectangular windows, columns, a facade with its strict symmetry, typical for houses in the classical style, are perfectly complemented by a flat top that emphasizes the monumentality of the building.

The characteristic features of the high-tech style are the use of metal, plastic and glass. The house itself can be built, for example, from aerated concrete.

The flat roof is perfectly combined with the emphasized observance of the straight shapes and lines of houses built in such traditions. It is curious that for all the demonstrative external "remoteness" of buildings in this style from nature, they look quite appropriate in nature.

Even a one-story house attracts attention, especially in the evening, when it is filled with electric light from the inside.

For the benefits of a modern flat roof house, see the following video.

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