House project of 8x10 m with an attic: beautiful ideas for construction

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A house with an attic is a practical structure that seems less bulky than a classic two-story building, but at the same time is large enough for the comfort of a whole family. Beat the space of a house with an attic measuring 8 x 10 sq. m. can be done in different ways, depending on the composition of the family, the interests and needs of each of its members.


An 8 x 10 home with an additional attic can have many benefits. That is why such buildings are becoming more and more in demand in recent years.

It's cheaper to build an attic: you can save on construction work, decoration also requires fewer materials. In addition, the attic is not considered a full-fledged second floor, which is beneficial from a legal point of view.

Moreover, there is no less space in such a house than in a two-story one. This means that by equipping the attic, you can afford some excesses. For example, you can make a dressing room, your own office for working from home, or a workshop for creative pursuits. This option is also suitable for large families. Children can easily stay in the attic, leaving the entire first floor to their parents.

It is much warmer in such a house. First of all, it is easier to carry gas to the attic than to the second floor. In addition, heat does not escape through the roof, especially if it is additionally insulated. Fortunately, now there are many ways to insulate, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

If the attic is completed separately or is simply done last, then work there can be carried out without evicting the tenants from the first floor.

And finally, the attic looks quite unusual. This means that you can equip some original premises there, applying all your imagination.

However, in addition to a huge number of advantages, such buildings have their own disadvantages. Most of them are due to the fact that some mistakes were made during the construction. For example, the material was chosen incorrectly, some technologies were violated, and so on. This can make it cold upstairs.

The disadvantages include the too high cost of windows. Skylights, as a rule, cost one and a half to two times more than ordinary ones. Therefore, having decided to equip a house of this type, you need to be prepared for additional expenses.

You also need to be careful with the placement of furniture. Do not put too heavy objects in this part of the house, it is better to pick up light materials.

This applies to everything, including roofing, furnishings and furnishings. If you overload the foundation, cracks may appear on the walls.

Building materials

The attic, like any other room, can be built from different materials. These include wood, bricks, and foam blocks. Each of the materials has both advantages and disadvantages.

Wood has been the most popular choice lately. The fact is that high environmental friendliness of buildings is now very much appreciated. By this parameter, the tree fits perfectly. In addition, a house with an attic made of timber or logs looks attractive and serves as a real decoration of the site.

Another popular material that summer residents use is cinder blocks or foam blocks. They are not so high quality, but you can build a house from them as quickly as possible.They also differ in such advantages as relatively low weight and low cost.

One cannot ignore the timeless classics - brick buildings. This material is associated with solidity and reliability. Brick houses have long been considered the most luxurious and durable. Now they also do not lose popularity.

Although building a house with a brick attic floor will cost more than building a lightweight frame building made of foam blocks, many will still prefer the first option.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the stone. Among other materials, it stands out for its durability and increased thermal conductivity. If you finish your building with shell rock, you can get a warm and cozy room that will not be afraid of any frosts.

Options such as a combination of several materials are also acceptable. For example, a house can be completely built from a log house, and then additionally insulated. In some cases, an attic room is allocated.


There are many interesting projects. The final layout is always selected taking into account the characteristics of a particular family and approved by the owners.

House 8x10 for a small family

The traditional option is a house with an attic in which the living space is located. This can be a bedroom for parents or children who already live with their family. In some cases, the attic staircase is brought out to the outside so that residents from the upper floor do not interfere with others.

10x8 room for creative people

If someone from the family has creative hobbies, the attic can be equipped just for the place for such activities. In this room, you can equip, for example, a workshop. So anyone can be creative without being distracted by extraneous noise and without disturbing their loved ones.

Also on the second floor you can equip a sewing workshop with an adjoining dressing room. There is enough room for everything that is required for this. You can also additionally decorate the room with decorative elements.

Beautiful examples

When planning your own house with an attic, you can see photos of beautiful finished buildings. They will help you navigate in which direction you should move, which option may suit you. You can repeat the presented project or get inspired by ready-made ideas and create something of your own.

  • Bright brick house. The first example is a solid structure of light-colored bricks, complemented by a bright emerald roof. This color combination can be called a classic. The house looks stylish and neat. There is little space in the attic because the roof is low. But the available space is enough for a family of several people to comfortably sit on the ground and upper floors.
  • Light building. If the first option is a real classic, then the second looks more modern. The light walls are complemented by coffee-colored piping and window frames. Part of the roof protects the balcony and the mini-terrace attached to the room from bad weather. Thus, there is enough space not only inside the building, but also outside. This makes it possible to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature and fresh air on long evenings.
  • House with parking. Under the roof of this house there is a place not only for all family members, but also for a good car. A small parking lot is protected from heat and rain, so it can easily replace a garage at least for a while.

The house itself is similar to the previous one - a lighter base, dark decor and a lot of greenery that adorns the building and makes it more picturesque. The attic has no less free space than the lower floor. There it is quite possible to equip a guest room, nursery or workshop, so there is enough space for everyone. Such a house with an attic is suitable for both a young couple and a large family.

For an overview of the 8x10 house with an attic, see the next video.

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