One-story house with an attic: examples of modern layout

  1. Features and Benefits
  2. How to beat the square?
  3. Interesting design solutions
  4. Choice of materials
  5. Spectacular examples for inspiration

French architect François Mansart, who lived in the 17th century, drew attention to the attic of his country house and decided to use the extra space. The first calculations and subsequent construction gave a good result, and since then the attic in every country has been used in large quantities to expand the living space. This space allows great savings in materials and time when building almost an entire living space.

Here you can equip bedrooms, a nursery, a place for an office, a guest room.

Features and Benefits

A private one-storey house with an attic is a special solution for planning and design, as well as creating a unique image.

The decision to build subsequently gives a benefit in terms of material costs:

  • living space is increasing;
  • no new capital walls are needed;
  • an additional level makes it possible for new functions of a one-story house to appear;
  • the heat loss of living rooms through the roof decreases;
  • there are new possibilities for decorating a house in an original style, different from the design of the main premises.

    There are some complications as well. Skylights installed on a sloped roof are quite expensive, and amateur calculation of the angle of the roof and floor joists can distort the style of the attic and increase snow and wind loads. It is difficult to clean such windows from both snow and debris carried by the wind. In the insulated roof of the attic, there must be a vapor barrier, otherwise the insulating material will get wet in the multilayer roof cake and premature destruction of the rafters from fungus and mold will occur.

    How to beat the square?

    The layout of the first floor is mostly standard, although it can also differ in variety, but we will consider the layouts of the attic itself. The plans are different, variations come from the purpose and size of the rooms. The roof of the house is gable. On the first floor there is one large room, all the space above it defines the attic itself.

    This is a budget-friendly solution, when the windows let in enough daylight and there is no need for a window in the roof. The staircase is placed outside the house, this significantly saves space. This option is convenient when designing a house where there is no garage.

    We will consider room layout schemes for areas of 10 by 8, 8 x 9, 7 x 9, 10 x 12 m.

    • The dimensions of the house are 10 by 8 m. The useful area of ​​the attic can be calculated for several rooms (bedroom 11.86 sq m, two bedrooms 12.86 sq m, bathroom 3.4 sq m, hall 4.43 sq m). In our case, the stairs to the second floor are inside directly from the hall. If you decide that you need to arrange a bathroom, you need to take care of protection from drainage water. Simple-shaped windows at the ends of the attic will provide ample natural light.
    • Compact layout for a one-storey house of 8 x 9 m with an attic. This house is on one floor with an attic and the dimensions of the building are 8.15 x 9.25 m. The building is on a strip foundation (base), the outside is finished with siding. Frame walls (external and internal) are insulated with mineral wool. The floor below is on wood beams. Overlappings between floors are made of wood.
    • A very common project with a residential building superstructure 8.80 x 6.80 m. For the base, a reinforced concrete slab is used under the entire house. The walls are heat blocks. Floor of the 1st floor - prefabricated reinforced concrete slabs. Overlap between floors - wooden beams. The roof can be metal.
    • House on the 1st floor with a residential superstructure, project 10 x 12 m, with real dimensions of 11.58 x 9.58 m. Outside, the house is finished with plaster. The base is standard - pile-grillage. All walls are made of aerated concrete blocks. The floor of the lower floor is on a monolithic slab. Overlap between floors - wooden beams. The roof is gable. The windows are plastic. The staircase is wooden.

    Interesting design solutions

    There is a realized "mirror" project of a house with a residential superstructure and a garage. Such a house with an original design is placed next to a previously erected building. It turns out a repeat with a mirrored arrangement. The special feature of the structure is given by the roof covering the garage and the terrace. The roof support consists of timber uprights. All external elements are made of wood.

    On the ground floor there is a spacious living room, kitchen and bathroom. The house has a basement. The upper superstructure has bedrooms and a bathroom. To reduce the interior space, the connection to the garage is made via a folding ladder. If you run sewer and water pipes up, the comfort will only increase. A bathtub can be placed near the bedrooms. The square house is convenient for interior planning.

    Downstairs there is a living room, a kitchen, a nursery. And in the residential superstructure there are bedrooms for adults and teenagers, an office or other rooms. Natural light from the skylights. If you make a vertical structure for the windows, you can get a "cuckoo", which will add beauty to the building.

    Tip: An open or closed veranda will change the overall look of a square house.

    The veranda is located not only at the front door, but also in any other place overlooking the plot, garden, nature, alpine slide. Well, if there is a fountain with night illumination opposite, you will get an excellent platform for relaxation.

    Choice of materials

    A house made of wood is chosen by people who are close to the natural environment. Wood as a natural ecological material is more conducive to relaxation, conducive to deep rest. It maintains a comfortable atmosphere in the home, regardless of the seasonal setting.

    Stone houses have their own advantages:

    • low costs to maintain the characteristics of the building;
    • heat loss is minimal;
    • can serve people without time limits.

    You can do a mixed project when using stone and wood. It combines the strength of stone and the warmth of wood. As a rule, the first floor is built of stone, and the second is wooden.

    The cost of a wooden house is reduced by installing a lighter base. The woody texture is beautiful on its own, so interior design costs can be kept to a minimum.

    It is even cheaper to build a monolithic house in a special formwork. The timing of such construction is short, a heavy foundation is not required for it, materials for the walls are inexpensive, but with good thermal conductivity.

    A house made of aerated concrete is frost-resistant, with good vapor permeability, you can live in it for many years. The cost of the material is small, but the installation is expensive. It requires preparation and construction of a complex foundation, and work is best done during the warmer months.

    The stone house needs to be heated, to live in it all the time, so this option is not suitable for a temporary stay. The appearance of a brick house, with the right choice, always looks appropriate and aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, such buildings are distinguished by their durability and strength. This is the best option for a suburban building for permanent residence.

    Walls made of foam blocks are an original solution.

    According to some opinions, the advantages of foam block houses are much more than disadvantages:

    • The blocks are not heavy, weight - up to 25 kg. The construction is quite easy, and you don't need to make a powerful and expensive foundation.
    • Installation is simple. It can be produced without highly skilled workers.
    • Environmental friendliness. Non-environmentally friendly impurities are minimized.
    • The material has good thermal insulation.

    Of the shortcomings, some nuances can be distinguished, of which there are few:

    • The appearance is not very attractive, but good results can be achieved through finishing.
    • Blocks are fragile, sometimes damaged during transportation. They do not tolerate the shrinkage period at home. There is a possibility of cracking, this can be affected by the quality of production. It can be transported in specially prepared containers and trucks, then the percentage of unusable foam blocks will significantly decrease.

    About wooden houses

    Wood is relatively inexpensive, only you need to find a suitable type of wood from which the house will be built. Centuries of experience suggests giving preference to conifers - pine, larch, spruce.

    It is pine and spruce that are most often used in the construction of high-quality wooden houses.

    Larch building material is considered to be durable, not losing its unique properties, and even every year its strength only increases. Ships were built from it, and under the constant influence of moisture, they served for decades. The secret lies in the chemical composition of this precious wood. Resin gum not only retains the strength of structures, but also visually does not change for many years. And dry larch lasts up to several hundred years.

    The main advantages of these buildings:

    • acceptable cost for many projects;
    • high environmental friendliness of the material;
    • low thermal conductivity, insignificant heat loss: a heated house remains warm inside for a long time;
    • less weight in comparison with others;
    • the ability to breathe air: breathing is necessary for a home, and a wooden house provides this with a natural structure of materials.

    The decoration of these houses is often done with bricks: for example, they create a surface of the same tone or make a pattern from bricks with different colors. Brick cladding protects and strengthens the structure, increases sound insulation and reduces heat loss.

    Glued laminated timber: beautiful, but expensive. The material is very good, but its cost is not always attractive. And the fact that the building from a bar does not shrink and does not need finishing will still not allow you to save money.

    Rounded logs: a house in Russian tradition. The construction of housing from this material requires almost no manual work. The house is assembled as a constructor. The log has a finished shape, all technological cuts and channels are already prepared at the factory. Parts are made up with almost no gaps. Wall decoration is most often not done.

    Such prepared material has its advantages:

    • reducing costs at many stages of construction and shortening the time for assembling parts of the building;
    • warm design;
    • increased density of all joints, which is ensured by the technological preparation of the details of the future house;
    • the appearance of such houses is distinguished by aesthetics and attractiveness.

    Spectacular examples for inspiration

    Dozens of projects of private houses create a unique collection of creations of planners, designers, builders. Beautiful houses with a residential attic, a basement, extraordinary harmonious facades are not only comfortable for living surrounded by nature, but also show the high artistic taste of the creators and owners of country cottages and inexpensive houses.

    It is not necessary to invest huge funds to create masterpieces of country and country architecture. Using imagination and creativity, you can build a small house with a bay window, which will delight connoisseurs of architecture with its perfection. Such a house is shown in the photograph.

    This house does not differ in particular pretentiousness, all the details look natural and reliable, the proportions are perfect, all the decoration is in place. A small bay window gives a lot of additional light to the room, and the exterior design of the facade, finished with siding, blends harmoniously with the local landscape of the site.

    Of course, with the investment of large financial investments, it is possible to create and implement more elegant and grandiose projects, houses with an attic, a bay window, a balcony, a veranda and a garage, creating a lot of amenities for residents and guests of a country house.

    Brick cottages are distinguished by a variety of styles, architectural features, the use of traditional and new materials. Basically, these houses require large investments. This is a work on the verge of art by artists, designers, architects, designers, builders. Such buildings are built to last.

    The Romanesque style is closer to the theme “my home is my castle”. Heavy and calm structures. Arches, stone decoration of windows, doors, pediments.

    Gothic style - turrets, vaults, narrow windows, some gloom, full of romanticism.

    Baroque is a luxurious, complex composition with columns, curves, transitions. The view is pompous, sometimes in abundance, majestic, but always attractive.

    Austere English house, hi-tech, modern, classic and, of course, a light and elegant Provence style cottage. The choice is huge, from a modest one-story house with an attic to a large and imposing palace-type cottage. You have chosen - and start building, and a whole detachment of high-level specialists will help you.

    For what the project of a one-story house with an attic can be, see the next video.

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