Two-family house with two separate entrances: project examples

Two-family house with two separate entrances: project examples
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Types of structures
  3. Building materials
  4. Layout
  5. Beautiful examples

Any building today is distinguished by its originality and uniqueness. However, in addition to ordinary houses with one entrance, there are also houses with two entrances, in which two families can comfortably live. For many people, dividing land and a private house into two parts is a pressing issue, because not everyone manages to acquire a separate house or divide existing property.


A two-person house with two entrances and a double number of rooms has to be built and rebuilt for many reasons. Most often, several generations of the same family live in such premises. This is convenient because the elders can help the young in looking after the children and setting up their everyday life. In addition, in some cases, there is no way for families to share property. Or it turns out to be too expensive, from a financial point of view. Therefore, you have to stop your choice on such designs.

Families facing the issue of home improvement with a couple of exits should pay attention to the fact that it is necessary to deal not only with the physical side of the repair, but also with the legal one.

This means that it is not enough to come up with a project and start breaking or building walls. It is imperative to obtain a building permit and register a new project. This approach means saving your own time and money, because then you will not have to face additional problems and fines.

If you do not have any experience in these matters, it is worth contacting lawyers who specialize in such matters. Most often this happens when the property is shared by the heirs. As a rule, in the absence of a will, the property is divided equally among all. And everyone can use their half. In order for everything to be official, it is necessary to draw up all the necessary documents, select a part of each owner and draw up a project for rebuilding the house, which from now on will be designed for two entrances.

At the same time, it is impossible to divide the land on which the house is located. The plot is divided according to the same rules as the house.

Very often, the division of houses into two full-fledged parts occurs after the divorce of the spouses. Thus, the property acquired in marriage is divided. And so the house has two owners at once. According to the rules of the family code, the husband and wife have exactly half of the property, if there is no other marriage agreement. This means that each of them is assigned half of the house and half of the land plot underneath. In this case, the address and cadastral number remain the same.

Making out a duplex at home, each new owner receives a certificate of ownership of the house and, separately to it, the right to ownership of the land under it. This enables each of the co-owners to dispose of the part of the property available to him at his own discretion.

Often, co-owners, in order to avoid conflicts with each other, try to arrange their part of the property as a separate room. To do this, it is necessary to conclude an agreement, which will indicate that the residential building and the land under it are in operation.

Many private houses, which stand separately on the land plot, may have only one entrance according to the project. And it is simply impossible to divide them into two full-fledged parts. Therefore, in such cases, you need to redevelop the house.

The approval of the plan is done in different instances. This is a very difficult and time-consuming procedure. And even after all written permits have been received and the redevelopment has been completed, it is necessary to submit an additional application to local authorities. This is done in order to be able to collect a commission that will visit the house and check if everything complies with the norms and laws. After that, the owner is issued a permit for the right to operate the renovated house.

Types of structures

The design of a 2-family house can be different. After all buildings are found both two-story and one-story. But there are no more than two floors in such houses. And also the room can be supplemented with various outbuildings, for example, a garage or a bathhouse. And, finally, the structures differ in their functionality - one family or two can live in them.

If two families live in the house at once, then they should have a separate entrance with a porch, separate communications and separate rooms. There are buildings where rooms are separated, but kitchens and bathrooms are combined.


If we consider one-story buildings, then the most used project will be a house for two owners, where the rooms are located in a mirror image. That is, they are an exact copy of each other. Each family can have two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen or a dining room, a bathroom, and a separate exit with a porch.

There is only one common wall that unites in such a room, which has good sound insulation. It is thanks to her that coexisting families will not feel uncomfortable, unlike multi-storey buildings with very strong sound permeability. The walls of such a building are made of brick or aerated concrete. If the second option is chosen, then you will need to additionally make the cladding using siding to make the house look more attractive.

Usually, in such houses, the exterior decoration is done in the same style so as not to spoil the overall impression of the house. And inside the premises, each owner creates the interior that he will like.


The presence of two floors greatly facilitates the work on the project. It can be either a full-fledged two-story building or a house with an attic floor. The second option will be cheaper, while it will not have any significant drawbacks.

If the choice is made in favor of a building with an attic designed for two families, you can arrange bedrooms, children's or functional rooms there. For example, if you wish, you can place a game room or an office there. The first floor is reserved for the main rooms - living room, kitchen, and so on. This is also convenient if one family lives in the house, and if there are several of them.

A full-fledged two-story house is more expensive, and translating a creative idea into reality is more expensive. But for large families, this option is very good.

With garage

It is very convenient if the house for two families has a garage. It can be located on the ground floor. This is very convenient, because in bad weather you will not need to go to another room in the rain or snow. It is enough to go down to the first floor, and you can safely leave the garage. And also by choosing such a project for yourself, you can save money on the construction of a separate garage. The garage can be positioned on either side. As a rule, it is installed in that part of the yard where there is more free space. At the same time, you can place a full-fledged garage there, and not a shell or carport.

Building materials

A house with two entrances is a fairly fundamental building that should be as durable as possible. When creating a project for such a house, you need to take into account all the technical characteristics for supporting structures, and calculate how strong the materials for the construction of walls and partitions should be.

A modern cottage with two exits can be built from the following materials:

  • timber;
  • foam blocks;
  • aerated concrete;
  • shell rock;
  • bricks;
  • wooden frame.

You can choose any of the proposed options. They are all equally good and have great strength and durability. Using them, you can build a house with any number of storeys. Moreover, each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.


One of the most expensive materials is brick. But, despite this, it is brick buildings that are much more common. The fact is that they are as strong and durable as possible, and are not affected by negative weather conditions. Bearing walls are laid in two bricks, and half a brick will be enough for interior partitions. But before that, it is imperative to make the layout of the building to make sure that the walls and partitions are quite strong.

Shell rock

An economical option is the construction of a shell rock house. After all, this material has large blocks, so they fold very quickly and easily. In addition, the shell rock is environmentally friendly, so that the building does not harm nature. The only negative is that this material is quickly destroyed by moisture. Therefore, if the climate is too humid, and it often rains, then it is better not to build a house in this area from shell rock.

Frame houses

But you can also find a project of a monolithic building. Its layout must be determined even before construction begins. This is done because all walls, both bearing and interior walls, are made using a special technology, and then nothing can be changed.

The frame formwork is made of natural wood. Next, a solution is made of concrete, which includes Portland cement. Then expanded clay and crushed stone are added to it. And also a reinforcing mesh is placed in the formwork, it serves as a connecting and reinforcing link. Such a building is cheaper than a brick building, while it will withstand even difficult weather conditions and the test of time.


But you can also build a house from cinder block or foam concrete. But in this case, professionals do not recommend building two-story houses of this material either. After all, they can deform even under their own weight. For a one-story house, this option is very suitable. Construction will be inexpensive and will be completed in a short time.


This stuff is also very good. Timber structures look beautiful and are highly durable. Wood is natural, environmentally friendly and allows you to create a cozy atmosphere in the house. The smell of natural wood has a positive effect on health, and just soothes.

When choosing a material such as timber for building a house for two families you need to know that before starting work, it must be dried well and processed with the help of special compounds. The treatment is done to protect against mold and various insects. This extends the service life of the material by several decades. And the entire surface of the building must be covered with a thick layer of primer.

Properly processed wood both lasts longer and looks attractive. If desired, the base of houses from a bar can be additionally decorated. For example, cover with carvings. It looks good in many stylistic ways.


The biggest advantage of semi-detached houses is that although all relatives are under the same roof, each has its own space.

The plan of a house for two owners with separate entrances is very convenient for large families to live in it. Besides this layout saves on construction costs. This is due to the fact that the houses have a common foundation and common communications, which means that you do not have to spend additional money and time. By the way, this also applies to outbuildings, which can be located both in one part of the house, and in two at once.

Mirror layout

Most often, developers choose such an option as a mirror layout.In this case, the entrances are located on different sides of the building exactly opposite each other. The arrangement of the rooms in one part of the house completely repeats the arrangement of the premises in the other half. The same applies to the size of the rooms and the location of the windows.

Exit to one side

Some people find it more convenient to have the doors to one side. It looks not quite usual for our cities and towns. The doors are located at a short distance from each other. Each of them is complemented by a porch. If you wish, you can try to combine two porches into one large one, or convert it into a veranda.

For one family

Another popular layout option is suitable either for a large family or for those who do not mind sharing free space with their housemates. In this case, one of the inputs becomes the main one, and the other one becomes the spare. It is convenient and practical.

The choice of layout ultimately depends on the joint decision of the two families who will share the house.

Beautiful examples

A house for two families is good because it is very large, which means that there is where to roam. In such a building, you can place all the necessary premises and live comfortably even with a very large family. It is very important that the building suits the family as much as possible, that is, it is comfortable and designed for the right number of people. Fortunately, creating a well-thought-out and perfectly suited project is not that difficult, as there are many ready-made buildings that you can focus on.

Classic one-storey house

The first option is exactly the building that is best suited for the comfortable coexistence of two families in the same house. In appearance, such a house seems quite ordinary, and the only thing that distinguishes it is the two entrances located next to each other. Each of them is complemented by a small porch with a couple of steps.

In order not to disturb the harmony, the owners painted the house in a light color, without dividing it into two parts. You can also show individuality inside the house, experimenting with the design of rooms.

The roof of the building has a contrasting dark shade, like the foundation. The classic color combination looks simple and at home.

Inside the house there is a place for all the essentials, and no one will feel disadvantaged. You just need to make sure that the partition is both strong and has sufficient levels of sound insulation. So the personal life of one family will not interfere with the neighbors. In such a house, it is ideal to make a mirror layout. It turns out that each family will have its own kitchen, dining room, living room and the required number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Therefore, no one will feel left out.

Additionally, you can decorate the surrounding area with flower beds or other green spaces that will help "revitalize" the site.

Two-story building

But it is also possible to build a two-family house with an attic floor, which will have two full entrances. On the ground floor, you can place a fairly large living room with two windows. It is easy to equip each half of the house with its own kitchen, also with the presence of two windows.

The stairs leading to the second floor are usually located in the living room. This is the most convenient. In this case, it does not bother anyone, and does not take up free space. And also do not forget about a small bathroom, which can be placed on the ground floor. Although it will not differ in large dimensions, the window can still be made in it. And to save space, you can combine the bathtub with a toilet or even replace it with a compact shower stall.

From the outside, the house looks very good too. The building, like the previous one, is made in classic beige and brown colors. The massive roof is combined with additional columns supporting the balcony on the second floor and a dark fence. Each entrance has a separate porch with a rain canopy and full steps. The house is large and solid.There is enough space for everyone, and the well-groomed adjacent territory will delight the eyes of everyone who lives there.

In general, a house designed for two families to live in it is an excellent option both for those who want to share property and for those who do not want to leave far from their parents after the wedding. If you correctly divide the space, then there will be enough space in such a house for everyone, and no one will feel cramped.

For an overview of a two-family house, see the following video.

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