The subtleties of the process of interior cladding of a house with imitation of a bar

The subtleties of the process of interior cladding of a house with imitation of a bar
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The materials from which the house is built are not so important for its visual appeal. Interior decoration adds coziness and beauty to the rooms. Imitation of a bar is very popular, because it allows you to implement a variety of design solutions, in addition, it gives the rooms an original and unique look. Also, with the help of this material, you can level the walls that need repairs without unnecessary effort and money spent.


Imitation of a bar is made of natural wood of various species. This means that the color and texture of the materials are different. It should be noted that this material meets all environmental requirements. Due to the maximum naturalness in the design of the rooms, being in such rooms is very comfortable.

Since it is based on wood, it is necessary to highlight the durability and strength of imitation of a bar, its excellent properties of sound insulation and thermal insulation. The creation of a comfortable microclimate in the room is facilitated by the low thermal conductivity of the products. In addition, when choosing a tree of certain species, its healing properties will appear.

Also among the advantages should be noted the ease of installation. All parts of the structure have connecting spikes and grooves and practically do not load the surface, thereby protecting it from deformation.

If a house is built from natural timber, the price can increase significantly, and a significant amount of time is lost while waiting for the shrinkage process.

However, like any natural wood, imitation has its drawbacks. First of all, an unfavorable microclimate and high humidity can significantly reduce the service life of products. The material must be regularly coated with antiseptic compounds, as well as varnished or painted. Also, impregnation with fire-resistant mixtures will not be superfluous to eliminate the risk of fire.

Boards of inadequate quality may not be strong enough, they can deform and dry out over time, and are also subject to decay processes. This can be avoided only with the condition of buying a quality product from trusted manufacturers.


Finish imitation of timber can be of two types: monolithic and combined. It depends on the design idea.

  • Monolithic finish is a complete cladding of the room with imitation of a bar. In this case, they can cover walls, floors and ceilings. The panels fit together very tightly, forming a single composition.
  • Combined the same finish includes various materials. The basis is an imitation of timber, and certain areas of the room can be covered, for example, with tiles or wallpaper. The main thing is to make sure that the finishing is done in the same style and the same color scheme. You can also bring to life original design solutions by combining different types of wood.

Regardless of the type of finish, along with the imitation of the timber, you need to purchase additional decorative elements. These can be corners, moldings, giving individuality and completeness. They can be made not only in the color of the wood, but also in any other shade: white, black, chrome and others. On the construction market, these parts are presented in a wide range.


Before proceeding with the installation of an imitation of a bar, you need to draw up a clear work plan.First of all, you should study the technology for installing panels and perform preparatory work. The base must be leveled, and the materials themselves must be impregnated with an antiseptic solution. After that, the crate is mounted, the measurements are calculated and the material is selected.

Installation should be done strictly following the instructions. After that, the panels are covered with protective agents.


You can sheathe a room with your own hands, for this you need to know the general rules and follow the technology exactly. To begin with, finishing work cannot be carried out until the cottage, cottage or country house shrinks. If the house is frame, the finishing can be done immediately after construction.

  • Before starting installation, it is required to thoroughly clean the surface and level it.
  • Waterproofing is carried out with the help of mastic. For vapor barrier, the film is overlapped, properly attached and fixed with tape.
  • After that, the frame is made. The crate, made of wood, must be treated with an antiseptic.
  • To create thermal insulation of the room, you can use special materials, for example, mineral wool or expanded polystyrene. The layer is fixed, closed with polyethylene and processed with assembly tape.

It should be borne in mind that in houses made of natural timber, thermal insulation is not a necessity, and in concrete buildings you cannot do without it.

Material selection

Imitation of a bar is selected, first of all, depending on the type of wood, its class and the size of the panels.

There are several types of material. The highest quality varieties are considered "Extra" and "Premium", but they also differ in the highest price. The cheaper grades are A, B and C.

When choosing panels, it is necessary to take into account the homogeneity of the wood texture and its color, the absence of defects on the material, the presence of knots on the surface, some of which are permissible on the panels of the budget level.

When buying, you need to take into account not only the price category and quality of the material, but also the needs of the consumer. For example, it is inappropriate to buy panels of the "Extra" class for finishing a bath or balcony. But in rooms where it is planned to create a luxurious design, their use will be quite appropriate.

As for the size, the range of offers on the market is very wide. Experts give some advice on this. For example, the large size of the panels can visually reduce the height and size of the room. The best option may be elements with a width of 100-150 millimeters. Smaller ones will resemble cheap lining.

When choosing a length, it is necessary to take into account the surface area and decor of the room.

Imitation of a bar can be from 3 to 6 meters in size. The thickness should not exceed 12 millimeters.

Walls finished with panels of shorter length and thickness will not only look more profitable, but also require less money. A deliberate and successful combination will create a unique and unique interior of the room.

When choosing a wood species, you need to study its qualities and characteristics.

  • The most popular materials can be cited as an example, one of which is larch... This wood has a high fire resistance, it is very durable and also has a very pleasant shade. Larch can be used for decoration both inside and outside the premises, it can withstand even adverse operating conditions, in addition, it has healing properties. Finishing with imitation of a bar made of this tree can be carried out even in rooms with high humidity and temperature extremes, such as a bathhouse and a sauna.
  • Using panels linden you can perform work on the decoration of ceilings and walls. It has an even beautiful color, which tends to persist even with changes in temperature and humidity.
  • As for the oak - this tree is one of the most durable. It is resistant to decay and insects, has a large number of shades, but is very difficult to process. In addition, oak materials are more expensive than others.
  • Aspen on the contrary, it is easy to process, resistant to high humidity. At the same time, it is not particularly durable. If the wood is properly processed and dried, over time it will show good density and resistance to high temperatures. At the same time, the material has a huge disadvantage, which is that inside it can have rotten fibers. This nuance cannot be detected in a timely manner, it will only be revealed during operation. The only way out is to replace the low-quality element with a new one.
  • Panels cedar have a high price, but at the same time they have excellent quality. They are durable and can easily withstand any adverse influences. An important point is the release of medicinal natural resins during the period of operation. However, it must be said that quite often cedar is faked, and imitation of a bar based on it is made from low-quality wood, so it is worth purchasing material from trusted suppliers and checking the necessary certificates.
  • Finally, a fairly popular material due to a very reasonable price is Pine... It can be used in any room. The only caveat is the ability to release resin when the temperature rises sharply.

In the case of a complete home decoration with imitation of a bar, a combination of wood species can be considered, depending on preferences for price, quality, as well as starting from the properties and characteristics of the material.


It is preferable to fix the imitation of a bar with clamps. They are suitable for hidden fasteners and do not spoil the visual appearance of the surface with holes. In addition, this option is quite economical due to the low consumption of elements.

Also, the fastening depends on the base material. For example, on wooden surfaces it is convenient to use self-tapping screws or nail elements. On concrete, brick or block bases, it is worth using dowels and self-tapping screws.

It should be noted that the position of all fixed parts should be checked using a building level: in this case, the surface will turn out to be smooth and even.

Finishing technology

Installation by imitation of a bar is quite simple and does not have significant differences both for external and internal decoration of the house. If you follow the technology, the installation will take place quickly, and the result will please you with its quality.

Before finishing indoors, the materials must be brought inside, opened the packaging and allowed to lie down for several days. During this time, the panels will get used to the new microclimate. The boards should be fixed exclusively in a horizontal position. It doesn't matter if you start the installation from above or below. The main thing is to leave an indent of about 50 millimeters from the desired edge in order to ensure circulation of air currents and prevent the accumulation of moisture under the material.

The panels should be placed upside down with thorns - this will make it possible to exclude the ingress of water into the grooves. Corners and openings for doors and windows should be processed especially carefully, observing the verticality and clarity of the cuts.

Also, the decorative coating should hide all established communications. At the transitions, you need to install skirting boards - they will give the finish a complete and neat look.


  • The room can be finished both independently and with the help of specialists.
  • For greater consistency of the style of the room, you should carefully consider the selection of decorative elements. They should be purchased with a small margin. However, it must be borne in mind that an excessive amount of them can create a repulsive effect.
  • It is better not to save on materials.A high-quality imitation under a bar will look great and will not create problems during operation for a long time, and also does not require additional maintenance.
  • Before installing the panels, the base must be treated with an antiseptic and special impregnations.

Painting of products can be carried out at any convenient time, regardless of the finishing work, taking into account the characteristics of the material. For example, in heated rooms, it is recommended to postpone this process for a couple of months after installation.

Beautiful examples

Let's consider some design solutions and examples of interiors.

For information on how to perform cladding with imitation of a bar inside the house, see the next video.

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