Mediterranean style in the interior and exterior of the house

  1. Peculiarities
  2. Materials and colors
  3. How to decorate the facade?
  4. Interior ideas for different rooms
  5. Beautiful examples

If you want to extend the summer for a whole year, you should choose a style with a romantic name in the interior design - Mediterranean... It reminds of the serenity of relaxation, sea and warmth, sun-filled days. This style is associated with cheerfulness and lightness of being, for many people it is the best vaccine against depression. Let's take a closer look at the features of the Mediterranean style in the interior and exterior of the house.


The Mediterranean style has been around for a long time. Its origins go back to antiquity, and the most authentic examples of style are to be found in Italy and Greece. Throughout the southern coast of Europe, the style spread, took root, diluted with the local flavor of the "captured" countries. And even in North Africa, you can find its echoes, where, based on the Mediterranean style, a bright Moroccan design appeared.

A country house or a Mediterranean-style villa is a real luxury, a beautiful and high-status structure that cannot be ordered by any fashion. In the northern regions, such structures will not be so convincing, although compromises can always be found. In architectural projects of houses in the Mediterranean style, a solution is common, thanks to which the house will be cool and comfortable even in extreme heat.

For a house in this style, the following features are characteristic:

  • tiled roofs of red, orange or brown color;
  • open plan;
  • large windows (and even in the bathroom);
  • patio - that is, a patio with a seating area, usually furnished with tubs of plants;
  • niches, balconies, arched openings, galleries, fences, open terraces.

Mediterranean style apartment doesn't have to be huge. It is possible to equip a small apartment so that it will be organic to the style. Although the predominantly Mediterranean interior is arranged in a spacious dwelling, the windows of which face the sunny side.

The fewer partitions in the apartment, the better.

Responsible for a cozy interior wooden furniture a deliberately rough look, natural light textiles, most often with a blue-white pattern. The interior should be filled with sunlight and the pleasant freshness of green foliage. Marine motives should be guessed in it, it should be conducive to relaxation - whether it be family evenings at the table with the gifts of Mediterranean cuisine or drawing for yourself on Saturday evening.

The style is often divided into Italian and Greek. In the Greek direction, the color palette is represented by white, blue, emerald and lemon yellow. Pink and red are used as accents in a very metered manner. The Italian trend is considered brighter: active yellow, green, golden, brown and olive are the most common. And Italian Mediterranean is also considered the most vintage, so roughness and roughness of surfaces in the interior are welcome.

Materials and colors

Whether it's a small apartment or a modern large cottage, in any case, you need to draw up a project for the future transformation. It is worth determining what kind of finish will be, what materials will be used. Let's take a closer look at how to properly arrange a house.

  • Ceiling... Usually it is painted in calm shades, and white is, of course, the leading color. Wooden beams can be located along the perimeter of the ceiling (and more often their imitation).Stretch ceiling is found, although today more and more gravitate towards eco-materials in decoration.
  • Walls... And they can be decorated with mosaics, painted, decorated with decorative plaster, imitated brickwork. The surface of the walls is usually matte or rough. Even the creation of special irregularities is a common design trick.
  • Floor... There is nothing more popular than natural wood, but tiles and laminate have long settled in the Mediterranean interior, so they can be used. Usually the floor is darker than the ceiling and walls. The color scheme is terracotta shades.
  • Furniture... Massive and comfortable, if, of course, the area of ​​the room allows. The large and practical headset is complemented by additions of forged elements. The highlight of the Mediterranean interior can be furniture that is similar in design, but painted in different colors. It will be bright, cozy, and summer cheerful. Wood shades are preferred, standard wardrobes and dressers will complement wooden chests.

Handmade wicker chairs and armchairs, small wicker dressers are common attributes of the Mediterranean style.

  • Lighting... There should be a lot of light in the room. Usually they do not save on chandeliers, lamps and sconces, since dim light and twilight rarely reign in such a space.

Of course, it is impossible to imagine decoration without decor, small accents that add individuality to the interior. Various crafts and panels of sea stones and shells are appropriate. Bright pots with green plants are the best complement to the basic calm colors in the design. Ceramic tableware with seascape motifs will complement the atmosphere of a summer seaside holiday. Colorful photo frames, glass vases of various interesting shapes, blinds and the lightest air curtains, warm textiles look good here.

How to decorate the facade?

The architectural image of such a building will be collective... It combines both traditional solutions and recognizable features, and what is fashionable and asks for design today. This also applies to small one-story houses, and cottages, and summer cottages, and any projects of modern country houses.

When decorating the facade, it is worth using the following main features of the style:

  • simple space-planning solutions;
  • walls are painted in light or pastel colors;
  • the roofs of the houses are flat;
  • long terraces, spacious balconies;
  • high fences;
  • the house is organically combined with the terrain, nature, surrounded by greenery and trees.

And then you will have to determine to which specific direction to refer House project. Greek and Italian are not the only options, it is possible to make the house in a brighter and very ethnically expressive Moroccan style. But Provence - the style of the south of France, both Spanish and Turkish - can be attributed to the Mediterranean style.

  • The Greek style is characterized by columns, capitals, arches, gables with overhanging... And they are not only decorative: these elements help create shadows and promote free air circulation.

The walls of such a house are white or blue (here it is worth remembering the Cycladic style, which allows nothing but white plaster on the facades).

      • House in Italian style - these are brown tones diluted with white, these are grilles on the windows, pergolas and spacious terraces-galleries, which are either adjacent to the main building or are located under the same roof.
      • Both Spanish and South French destinations Mediterranean style imply a commonality of features: the windows are taller, but also narrower, many balconies with flower beds. The buildings are usually two-story, with flat roofs and red or brown tiles.
      • Turkish and Moroccan destinations - these are gabled roofs, semicircular turrets with arched windows, balustrades and arcades. And, of course, these are necessarily rounded walls that seem massive.Wide windows, terraces and asymmetric decor make such a house elegant, filled with air and pleasant heat.

      Interior ideas for different rooms

      It is interesting to collect the interior bit by bit, finding original, but fundamentally correct in terms of style, solutions for each room. And such a repair is really a lot of work.


      The tradition of Greek design begs for itself here like no other. What could be better in the bathroom than blue and white colors, full of freshness and air? And these colors are associated with the sea air. And in order for the interior of the bathroom to be thoroughly Mediterranean, there is no need to be afraid to place plants in this space. Tubs with herbs are very refreshing and enliven the bathroom. As a decor, it is difficult not to take as a basis a mosaic that decorates a border or even creates a panel on one of the walls.

      And here if you choose the Italian direction, the colors of the walls will be rather terracotta, beige, brown. White stone looks good together with wood. And still very often in such a bathroom "stone" walls in the lower part are finished with "wicker" wallpaper.


      In Mediterranean houses, they cook deliciously and cook a lot, so the attitude towards the design of the kitchen is reverent. Design, by and large, requires space... But by getting down to business thoroughly, you can create an atmosphere of Mediterranean style in Khrushchev. In such an interior, there should be a lot of dishes, or rather, ceramics with a marine theme. Forged products are also welcome here, various authentic storage facilities - from small baskets to the largest.

      An apron decorated with mosaics can become the main interior decorative element.

      By the way, you can decorate a table with mosaics (and even broken tiles) - it will be very interesting and will give a pleasant coolness to the room. If standard kitchen furniture is used, it is desirable that its facades do without polishing. A rough wooden kitchen is a great solution.


      It should be as comfortable as possible. If the bedroom is spacious, with large windows, it's better not to come up with it. Greek direction implies white walls and dark wood furniture. The ceiling is also white. Pots and tubs with indoor plants will definitely not be superfluous.

      In the Italian direction colors are usually larger. Very often in the bedroom there is aqua color in combination with white. Of furniture, there is always a massive bed and a chest of drawers for linen. A large mirror in a large wooden frame is the perfect solution for a bedroom. Sconces over the bed, paintings - no need to skimp on decor.


      Blue wall and ceiling trims are preferred. Everything related to the sea is most appropriate here. If the kid was expecting to see the theme of My Little Pony or Marvel heroes, you need to talk to him in advance about an alternative solution. Wallpaper is possible, especially if an option with a childish pleasant marine print is found. The theme of pirate adventures or, for example, the little mermaids will be a compromise solution.

      You can play with the nautical theme, for example, choosing a bed in the form of a ship with a decorative rope ladder and various attributes of brave sailors... In this case, the floor can be finished with a light laminate, on which a white and blue striped carpet will comfortably settle. It is better to hang Roman blinds on the window that extend to the windowsill. But with all this design, one must remember that space and freshness should remain an unshakable condition for a beautiful Mediterranean nursery.

      Living room

      It is good if the living room is spacious, it is great if the windows in it are arched. Plaster and wood are often used for finishing. Walls can be simply painted in warm beige or cream. The curtains are selected light and airy so that they flutter pleasantly under the refreshing breeze from the street. The entire living room, ideally, should look as if outside the window or a beautiful view of the sea, or a garden immersed in greenery.... If you manage to create such an impression, everything succeeded.

      And this can be done even if in reality outside the window there are Siberian frosts.

      Beautiful examples

      And the visual addition to the overview are examples of beautiful Mediterranean-style interiors that inspire design makeover. Consider 15 photo motivations that celebrate the Mediterranean style.

      • An example of a room, when it doesn't matter at all what is outside the window, it immerses you in the atmosphere of the Mediterranean, envelops it with coziness and it seems that the sea breeze is bursting into the room.
      • Typical Italian living room, spacious and comfortable, conducive to family evenings, reception of guests and relaxation in any of its variations.
      • Very atmospheric cuisine, which will be very difficult to leave, how cozy and comfortable it is. You should pay attention to the interesting design of the ceiling and the beams painted in blue.
      • If the living room is small but you still want to perform it in the Mediterranean style, you need to look for compromise options like this. A very balanced interior, calm and at the same time light and cheerful.
      • When you want to combine the Mediterranean with the rustic, you get something like that. A very good solution for a simple country house that does not pretend to be pompous, but very cozy and hospitable.
      • A simple but stylish solution for combining two zones - a kitchen and a living room. Everything is combined in this interior, and it is still not eclectic. The unified elements will be the floor and ceiling, bringing together such different parts of the same space.
      • An example of how the Mediterranean style can be born in a standard kitchen in Khrushchev. And he favorably diverts attention from the modest footage.
      • The bright living room is not the largest, huge windows save the day. The ceiling is made in an interesting way, and the propeller chandelier obviously plays along with the style.
      • Living room for a country house, filled with summer and sea coolness, and at different times of the day it is different due to the play of light. In this example, the pictures are incredibly well chosen.
      • A bright bedroom in which the classic design does not argue with modern inclusions like a TV - everything came together. But so that the plasma does not look foreign, the notion with a black wrought-iron headboard is good.
      • And this option can also be shifted to the realities of typical Slavic apartments. Mirrored cabinets are the perfect find, and the color combination is tastefully chosen and perfectly complementary to the Mediterranean aesthetics.
      • Lots of white, tiles on the floor, wicker chairs, rough furniture - typical features of the style, which is not difficult to recreate if you disassemble the picture in detail.
      • This bedroom is closer to Moroccan direction Mediterranean style.

      If the room is large, there may be a real fireplace or stove in it, but imitation sometimes transforms the space a lot.

      • The splendor of Italian interiors in one simple picture - everything is consonant here. There are no colors of the marine theme, but the propeller chandelier already hints at a place where it is always very warm and comfortable, where you want to cool down.
      • Many windows, and even large ones, solve the problem of room illumination. But if this interior wants to be embodied in a standard living room of an ordinary apartment, instead of windows that do not exist in so many windows, there can be mirror decorative inserts.

      5 ideas for a Mediterranean-style interior, see the next video.

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