Finnish style in the design of the interior and exterior of the house

  1. Specific traits
  2. How to register?
  3. Beautiful examples

Finland has its own traditions in construction, here people treat nature with reverence and care, and their houses always fit into the landscape. Residential objects cannot be called simple; open terraces add color and volume to the buildings. The interior decoration does not differ in the presence of many accessories, there are no piles of household items.

Coziness in such houses is created thanks to wood cladding, soft and dull colors, textiles.

Specific traits

Finnish-style buildings have their own individual characteristics. A columnar foundation is laid at the base of the house - when the pillars are immersed in the ground to a certain depth and are interconnected by a spacer. Such a foundation is needed to level the relief, since construction is often carried out on sites with sharp drops in ground level.

Finland is rich in deposits of natural stone - sandstone, steatite, slate. With its help, the soil and foundation are strengthened.

In the decoration of a house or apartment in a modern Finnish style, stone and wood are always present. For facade decoration, for interior decoration, for garden decoration - these materials are present everywhere. The plot near the house is necessarily decorated with stones in the form of boulders or boulders. At first it may seem that this nature has decorated everything so chaotically, but in fact the project was created by architects and designers.

The outdoor fireplace is another distinctive feature of the style. An outdoor fireplace is most often installed at the main entrance. There is a terrace around or near the fireplace.

How to register?

The most important thing when decorating a Finnish-style country house is that all accessories are harmoniously combined with each other. Although it is generally accepted that hand-made things are used to decorate the interior, you can successfully pick up modern household items created using the latest technologies.

The stove or hearth is the main point from which the repair and decoration of the house begins. Residents of Finland love classic fireplaces, but still prefer antique fireplaces to them, which will find their place both in the kitchen and in the office. Housewives sometimes even bake bread in such ovens.

The very name "Finnish house" already suggests that the room should have a lot of space and light. Light-colored wood, many forged lamps and mirrors, decorated in silver - here you need to observe the measure so that the design remains exquisite. The furniture is also light colors, and the cabinets for books and things are wooden and massive.


The wooden decoration of the house from the outside allows you to save a lot, and thanks to construction using frame technology, the building is being erected as quickly as possible.

Structures are created mainly from timber. The characteristics of the profiled glued material are suitable for use all year round, the wood will not crack and deform.

The traditional Finnish style house has one residential floor and a gable roof. At the request of the consumer, designers and architects design an additional second floor, terrace, bathhouse or sauna.

Quite often, the Finnish style began to be accompanied by panoramic windows. Such glazing allows light to penetrate the house to the maximum. Outside, window trims almost always come with visors.


Wood has its own interesting structure; it is a warm and cozy material. If you want to soften this finish even more, you can use matte paint.

A Finnish-style apartment or house is always almost empty inside - a large number of small parts and furniture is unacceptable. Hand-made things that are passed from one generation to the next help to correctly decorate the space in the room. Various figures made of porcelain or clay, woven napkins or rugs - each such item has its own history.

Traditional colors are blue, white, green and gray. Most often they are used for the background, on which the rest of the ideas will be formed later. Bright and catchy colors are not used.

In modern Finnish style, you can often observe various contradictions in the interior. - for example, a simple antique sofa in front of a huge cinema. Or a fireplace powered by electricity, and there is a pile of firewood nearby for decoration.

Any free space should be used rationally, and not filled with all kinds of pieces of furniture. For example, a practical corner cabinet fits perfectly into the corner of the room.

The children's room can also be decorated in the Finnish style. Here, the design does not imply clear zoning, especially if two children will live in the room. There is no need to install partitions, the solution will be to divide into zones according to colors - walls, floors, various rugs. If the area is not very large, it is worth taking a closer look at compact pieces of furniture. A nursery with a bunk bed, one wardrobe for two, a small table with chairs will leave the kids enough space to play.

Finnish saunas deserve special attention - they are popular all over the world. Their main difference from simple baths and saunas is air. Here it is dry and can reach temperatures of 120-130 ° C. Brooms are practically not used, in rare cases they can be made of birch or juniper. The sauna in the form of a barrel has become unusual and in demand, this design warms up very quickly.

In Finland, the sauna is an indispensable part of the culture, so it can be installed not only in private houses, but also in apartments. If in a Finnish family a guest is invited to warm up in a sauna, it is a sign of respect and complete trust.

Beautiful examples

Consider several unusual design options for the premises.

  • A fairly cozy kitchen design option that any family will appreciate. You will want to spend your whole life at such a table.
  • At first glance, Finnish-style bedrooms are rather monotonous, lacking bright details. But despite this, the room turns out to be very bright and neat.
  • A children's room can be decorated in similar colors, but add bright chairs or a rug to make the children more comfortable. But even without this, any child will appreciate this style.
  • The bathroom is impressive. In most Russian houses, the walls are tiled, but here there is only wood.
  • Beautiful exterior design is also important. Typically, Finnish-style houses look like this.

For how a Finnish frame house of 196 m2 looks like, see the next video.

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