We decorate the interior of the house in the "loft" style

Thinking over the design and decoration of a home, many owners today are faced with a huge selection of options. The presence of many ideas and styles really makes you break your head, and often there is not enough money to implement the desired result. In this case, designers recommend preferring the "well forgotten old", which is rapidly returning to fashion again.

An excellent choice would be the interior decoration of the house in the loft style.

Features and characteristics

This is not to say that the loft is an absolute novelty in the world of interior design. This style originated in America back in the distant 50s. The lack of premises and new buildings forced the creative part of the population to equip their studios right in the attic or in industrial buildings. In order to somehow give the room a residential look, the owners went to all sorts of tricks, acquiring beautiful furniture and decorations. It was this incredible combination that gave rise to a new direction, which is recognized as one of the most fashionable today.

Loft style is a combination of negligence and delicate taste, allowing you to think over to the smallest detail how the house will look. Distinctive features of the direction are, first of all, large spaces and clear geometric shapes. You will not find a lot of doorways and partitions here, because the hallmark of the "loft" is space and freedom. Additionally, it is worth noting the large windows that allow natural light to flood the room.

Decorating a country house in the loft style is an ideal solution for a creative and unusual personality. However, professionals recommend that you immediately pay attention to all the subtleties and think in advance about the location of various zones in the future home. It will also be useful to take into account the size of the house - with the right approach, both a one-story private house and a two-story small cottage will look spectacular.

Meaning an abundance of space, the loft style will be appropriate in the original mini-houses, which confidently occupy their niche in the real estate market. Such premises are also called "domillions", and sometimes they have 1.5 floors. Thanks to the practical layout, all areas of such a house can be used as efficiently as possible if it is decorated in a loft style. Choose simple shapes without cluttering your facade with unnecessary details.

Prefab houses are just as good for experimentation. Firstly, such a house is being built very quickly, and its construction does not hit the wallet. Secondly, with the involvement of a good specialist, the house will stand for a long time and will delight the owner with strength. It is worth considering that it will be impossible to redesign it, therefore, if you decide to design a loft-style home, the internal layout must be done immediately. A frame country house, perfectly suited for recreation at any time of the year, would be a good idea.

Small wooden buildings perfectly convey the characteristic features of the direction. Logs can be used to arrange the outer part, because a slightly rough and uncouth look, coupled with the correctness of the lines, instantly attracts attention. The same can be said about the premises designed in the “ecoloft” trend. High ceilings, ample interior space, the possibility of completing the second floor will satisfy even the most discerning owners.

Interior decoration of the interior

It is not a problem to decorate the house inside on your own, while it is not necessary to resort to the help of a designer.First of all, attention should be paid to effective space zoning so that each room is as functional as possible. It must be remembered that when choosing a loft style, you cannot equip only one room in accordance with this trend.


To this day, disputes about how to decorate the ceiling of the bedroom do not subside. Some designers offer sloped, uneven ceilings to enhance the attic look. Others like a high, flat top in cool grays or metallic tones. Both of these options look quite original, and each of them emphasizes the spirit of the direction. For walls, look for faux-scuffed textures or brick-like decorative tiles.

The bedroom floor also needs to meet style standards. Rough parquet board, gray laminate, parquet in the color of wet asphalt will look good. Having opted for a wooden flooring, keep in mind that it should look as if it was old for a long time, but later it was in the hands of an experienced craftsman.

The bed is the main component of the bedroom, and there is nothing wrong with getting a slightly pretentious model. It is advisable to buy a dark bedspread, without drawings and decorative elements. Next to the bed, you can put bedside tables, which, with their simplicity, will create a bright contrast with the sleeping place. Be sure to take care of the lighting - a few wall lights or a cozy floor lamp will be just in place. Modular paintings with abstract images and several small rugs with patterns will complement the interior.

Mirror and chrome surfaces will look good in the interior of the bedroom. It can be an original wardrobe with mirrored doors or a metal table. An interesting enough idea would be to separate the bedroom from the living room with a glass partition. Also, do not forget about the importance of natural light - put large windows that will not need curtains and curtains.


Country private houses are simply impossible to imagine without a stylish kitchen. Its design should be practical and at the same time avant-garde. The direction of the loft does not imply the layout of the kitchen as a separate room; the bar counter that separates the kitchen and the living room looks much more spectacular. There is not much room for culinary experiments, since in this style the kitchen serves only as an "island" where you can quickly prepare food. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to approach its design wisely.

It is best to use red brick for wall decoration in the kitchen area. This will subsequently create a unique contrast to the iridescent silver and chrome surfaces and technical items. Dishes should be modern and sparkling. The same goes for the stove and refrigerator.

The concept of style will not be violated if you prefer wood over brick. Wooden walls or surfaces should be combined with the latest technology and cutlery. Glass and chrome elements will be a beautiful addition to such a kitchen. The table can be selected from both wood and glass, and chairs - matching the style. Strict flower pots, ultra-modern sconces, small modular paintings, blinds will look good.


Often, many people associate a loft with brick and concrete elements, but it should be noted right away that warmer tones will look more advantageous in the children's room:

  • The basic component can be a standard wall painting in white, beige and pastel colors. This will help to visually expand the room and give it a light and airy look.
  • Be sure to take care of bright accents: bedspread, rug, blanket, toys, paintings and photographs.
  • Boys may like reds, browns, grays and blues, while for girls it is better to choose raspberry, turquoise, pink, bright yellow colors.

The bed is another important element of the children's room. The most original version is a frame model or a model made of "metal pipes". Such products are equally well suited for both boys and girls. If there are two children in the room, a loft bunk bed that meets the standards of style would be an excellent choice. Bed linen will dilute the decor if you get warm yellow, ivory, or pinkish models.

Speaking of lighting, you should immediately pay attention to the fact that many children do not like bright, blinding light.

  • Soft classic lamps or chandeliers of minimalistic themes are suitable for the loft style.
  • Pendant chandeliers on chains with crystal pendants and built-in fans look beautiful.
  • The room can be supplemented with cozy floor lamps or wall sconces.

Do not forget about adequate lighting in the play and study areas. Unusual designs can be easily achieved by placing large, glowing letters or stars on the walls.

As for the decor of the room, here the imagination of interior designers has gone far ahead. Almost everything from vintage posters to decorative bicycles, treasure chests and hanging swings in the play area is appropriate. A good option is to add retro elements to the overall style of the room, for example, posters or collectible cars. Creative children will be very happy with the large drawing easels.


The loft style itself does not include the concept of a hallway, since a solid and voluminous space is a characteristic feature of the style. However, in a modern apartment you cannot do without a place where you can leave shoes or outerwear, so you need to equip a small corner for these purposes. It is best to decorate the hallway in light colors to make it seem larger. But accessories can be of different shades.

The most common are:

  • Red.
  • Silvery.
  • Blue.
  • Brown.
  • Dark gray.

Choose fluorescent lamps for lighting. Ceiling spotlights will also look good.

Brickwork is one of the foundations of the loft style and will be a stunning option for hallways of different sizes. If it is not possible to make real masonry, you can replace it with tiles or wallpaper of a similar design. The abundance of mirrors will also help to visually increase the space, for example, it is appropriate to make one wall completely mirrored. The standard color of the ceiling is white or light gray, and it should look as if the renovation has just been completed. A plasterboard suspended ceiling is also suitable.

Due to the openness and space of the loft direction, buying a massive and roomy wardrobe is not a good idea. You will have to store things and household utensils in another place, but the abundance of open shelves and hangers will be very useful. An original solution will be a shelf under the ceiling, reminiscent of the well-known luggage space on trains. You can place your shoes on the floor or on open shelves. And for its storage, special bedside tables are used, whose design resembles large cardboard boxes.

Of the accessories, first of all, you should take care of the mirror. This element can be of any shape: with a wide decorative frame or completely without it. Illuminated mirrors are a good idea. Choose the rest of the accessories so that guests can plunge into the industrial era. Exit signs, red arrows, emergency lights, a bicycle in the form of a hanger - all this will help to emphasize the uniqueness of the style.

Exterior options

The facade of a house is always the first impression of it, so it is necessary to start decorating it from the very beginning. Interesting projects that designers are proposing today will help the home to acquire a complete look, but it is worth thinking about its practicality.Choose materials that will be durable and moisture resistant, will withstand frost and ultraviolet radiation, and will also be able to insulate the house well.

Residential buildings in the loft style can increasingly be seen, both separately and favorably distinguished from the general mass. At first glance, such buildings are simple and laconic, and their decoration is not something supernatural. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that natural materials and regular geometric shapes are exactly what you need to feel at home. It is very important in such houses an abundance of windows, which allows sunlight to freely penetrate into every corner of the room. Outside, tables or chairs will always be appropriate, as well as a small garden or vegetable garden.

Small detached cottages in light colors look pretty nice. Huge windows and mirrored doors give these houses a modern yet minimalist look. It is a good idea to equip a summer kitchen or just a small room where you can enjoy the fresh air and privacy.

Symmetrical trees and plants around the house will complement the entourage.

It is not forbidden to use dark colors in the loft style. It looks especially interesting in two-story houses, where the lower part will be in light shades, and the upper part will be in dark ones. In this case, the upper floor, as it were, hangs over the lower one. Following the concept of direction, here you have to take care of a sufficient amount of natural and artificial light. A small amount of wood trim can be included in the exterior of such a house, equipping the room as a bathhouse, summer kitchen or a corner for relaxation and creativity.

Combine glass, wood and stone in your home facade to achieve a stunning effect by using almost everything that the style itself has to offer. Such buildings are most often voluminous and include everything you need. Very interesting projects of houses with a garage for one or more cars, which will occupy the entire lower floor. Landscaping will help to equip the yard - beautiful exotic trees and flowers will be in perfect harmony with natural finishing materials.

For an overview of the exterior of a private loft-style house, see the video below.

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