Layout of a 10x8 m house with an attic: design ideas

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  2. Project
  3. Combination with kitchen and living room
  4. Cozy home
  5. Features of the flight of stairs
  6. Planning recommendations

Building your own house with an attic can be called a difficult but interesting task. Such work must be approached with all responsibility, because you are building a building for many years and you want it to be cozy, beautiful, reliable and safe.

At the initial stage, you will need to think over everything to the smallest detail: first of all, you will need to start preparing the project. The layout of the interior of the house takes a lot of time, because there are many options for the location of rooms. You can use the help of qualified specialists, or independently study the necessary information in order to understand what you personally want.


The first step is to decide on the size of the house. To make the layout cozy and comfortable, you have to explore a lot of ideas. For one-story structures, a basement is often mounted, and a garage is also attached to increase the functional area.

If you want to expand the space, a two-story house with an attic would be the best option. There are many photos of various projects of buildings 10 by 8 meters on the network. Let it be a small house, but you can't call it small either.

There will be enough space for a family with children (especially if you calculate everything correctly and create an optimal project, taking into account a small corner for each household). This element of the residential structure is in great demand. This is an attic that serves as a space where you can sit comfortably.

It is necessary to deal with its planning during the development of the project, it is important to pay attention to the construction of the roof so that it is spacious inside.


The exterior of the house is conveyed in the architectural section. An equally important step is the preparation of a structural plan, which indicates the dimensions of the floors, basement and roof. Next, you need to start organizing communication systems. The project describes the diagrams of each wiring (water supply, gas, heating or electrical).

The final stage will be the project passport. This is a copy of the copyright license for the development of a building, where there are photographs of the facades, as well as a detailed floor plan when it comes to a large house.

The use of the attic is in great demand in summer cottages, as well as in premises for permanent residence. Thanks to her, you can increase the space. There are a number of advantages of houses that have an attic. First of all, this is an excellent solution for a cottage: due to the attic, you can increase the space, besides, with proper construction, the heat inside will be better preserved.

Many are interested in the project of a 10x8 house, because such sizes are optimal for small families. It should be noted that this option is not only suitable for summer vacations, it is ideal for permanent residence.

The main thing is to plan everything competently and professionally. As for the appearance of the house, the additional room gives it beauty and coziness.

It is extremely important at the initial stage to decide on the material for building a house, because there is a wide range of construction products on the market. If we talk about the best option, here it is necessary to take into account the special requirements, as well as financial capabilities. Of course, saving on construction is not recommended, because you want the house to serve for many decades and not need major repairs for many years.

If you are planning to build a dwelling where you and your family will settle, you need to think over the thermal insulation system in advance.

The project of a 2-storey building with a total area of ​​80 squares can be called one of the most popular. Experts note that this option has an optimal cost ratio and is also comfortable for living. If we talk about the classic layout, it includes the presence of a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. Above, you can organize a couple more rooms using the attic.

It is worth noting that the layout of a house of this size will take a lot of time, but the result will certainly please.

Combination with kitchen and living room

This option is suitable for those who want to use space wisely. In this case, the living room should have a second light to create the feeling of a large home, despite the area of ​​80 square meters. Here you can equip a wardrobe, make a spacious kitchen, organize a veranda and even a balcony.

If you do not want to make the second floor a bedroom, you can equip it as follows. Upstairs there will be a large hall where you can receive guests, have parties and enjoy spending time with family or friends. This option is chosen by many.

Thanks to the spacious living room, a high level of comfort can be ensured. The layout of the basement floor assumes the presence of additional premises. There you can equip a workshop, a small training room, or a utility room. The living room can be decorated in the best design fashion trends.

Cozy home

The ground floor plan includes the following. Downstairs there is a kitchen combined with a dining room. To the right is the living room, where everyone gathers to relax and watch movies. This is followed by an intersection that leads to the attic, to the bedroom, and also to the bathroom. On the ground floor, a storage room can be located, where there will be an additional door with access to the courtyard.

As for the attic part of the house, here you need to organize a recreation area, equip a spacious bedroom and make an additional bathroom so that you do not have to go down to the first floor every time. Overseas, two-bathroom homes are common, if you are attracted to European projects you can take a cue from them.

The design of the facade of the building directly depends on the type of materials that you have chosen. The cladding can be very different, because there are a lot of options, so you can bring any ideas to life.

The project can include the presence of two entrances to the house: this will increase the comfort of the building. This option is especially suitable for large families. It is worth noting that an integral part of the construction process is the preparation of project documentation, because you cannot build a house without the necessary papers. Since we are talking about a building with an attic floor, it is necessary to draw up a layout for each room with structural drawings.

It is important to pay attention to the roof layout, the flight of stairs and the rafter system.

Features of the flight of stairs

Since you are going to build a two-story house, you cannot do without a staircase. Here you can show all your imagination, as specialists are able to make it in different versions. The first step is to consider the approach to the stairs from different sides of the building.

As for the size, it all depends on the frequency of use of the attic. If you plan to often be in the attic of your house, you need to make a staircase of two flights. Otherwise, a screw design is suitable, which does not take up much space.

As for the width of the stairs, it is necessary to take into account the free space, as well as design decisions, so consult a specialist about this.

Planning recommendations

In order for the project to be not only of high quality, but also comfortable, it is necessary to take into account several features and follow the advice of professionals.Initially, it is important to think over hydro and thermal insulation, since this is an integral part of any living space. Of course, this will affect the volume of the attic, but this way you will protect your home from cold and moisture.

As for wall decoration, it is better to use light materials here. If you do not follow this rule, you will soon see cracks on the ceiling and walls.

To divide the space and not build extra walls, you can use a material such as drywall. It has increased strength, but at the same time it is quite lightweight.

When it comes to the walls of the attic floor, experts often focus on the fact that wallpapering is not suitable here. Also, tiles are not the best option. It is more advisable to use wooden panels in the decoration, which give the room comfort and have a number of positive characteristics.

For a gable roof, no additional finishing materials are required. An excellent decor solution is the use of beams: today they are on display, they are the highlight of the style.

The use of an attic during a two-story house project is popular among owners quite often. And it doesn't matter whether the area is large or not, the presence of an additional zone is always useful, because this way you can expand the space. This option is suitable for country houses and summer cottages, where they come only during a certain period. The same option is also suitable for a cottage.

If you decide to do the design yourself, it is recommended to use a gable roof. Of course, you cannot do without the professional advice of qualified specialists who can take into account all the details and features of the potential structure.

At the same time, it is worth remembering that all the nuances of planning and interior decoration must obey the interests and habits of household members, otherwise the room will not be comfortable.

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