Design options for wooden houses from logs

  1. Features and Benefits
  2. Finishing
  3. Partition options
  4. Doors and stairs
  5. Fireplace
  6. Furniture and decor
  7. Lighting
  8. Colors
  9. Styles
  10. Interior design ideas
  11. Facade decoration outside
  12. Beautiful ideas in the interior

A beautiful wooden house is not only a solid and reliable structure, but also an aesthetically pleasing space that attracts the eyes of everyone around. A house made of natural wood can look like an old Russian hut or an exquisite Provencal-style house - it all depends on what decorative elements and material processing options you will use. You will learn about all the features of the construction of a wooden house and its decoration from this article.

Features and Benefits

The main feature of durable log or natural timber houses is that they do not need any additional finishing. Even untreated wood looks very beautiful in itself. However, if you wish, you can always use additional layers of decoration - cladding, plaster or a layer of brick. From the inside, you can also paste over the walls with wallpaper or other materials. However, in this case, there will not be that special atmosphere inside your home.

The main task of designers who are engaged in decorating a beautiful wooden house is to simultaneously decorate the room, and at the same time maintain the desired cozy atmosphere. On the one hand, such restrictions seem to complicate things a lot and prevent designers from translating all creative ideas into reality. But on the other hand, on the contrary, it makes it possible to experiment with new styles and traditional motives.

When decorating wooden houses, it is recommended to use mainly natural materials. They harmonize best with natural wood. This means that such a room turns out to be completely environmentally friendly.

Ideally, there shouldn't be too much furniture in the room. Rooms should be free and uncluttered.


The decoration of a wooden house plays a very important role. This applies to the floor, ceiling and walls. From the inside, almost all building materials can be used to decorate a wooden house. It is desirable, of course, that they are environmentally friendly and do not disturb the natural circulation of air. So the room will always have a normal and healthy microclimate.

In general, it is recommended to adhere to the same rule when decorating facades. However, if you are satisfied with the appearance of your home and do not want to change anything special there, then you should not make any special efforts. It is enough just to treat the surface of the wood with special fire retardants and paint and varnish coating, which will protect the timber from bad weather conditions. After you treat the outer surface of your house in this way, it will serve you much longer.

The foundation of the house also deserves additional finishing. But the decoration should be such that the overall harmony is not disturbed.

Finishing bricks, stone (natural or artificial) or siding are used to decorate the facade.

Another interesting option is the so-called "wet facade". This technique allows not only to decorate the architecture of the house, but also to additionally insulate it. When arranging a wet facade, either expanded polystyrene or mineral wool is used. The second option is preferable, since natural material is used here.This finish makes it possible to protect the wood and provide warmth and comfort inside the room.

If this option does not suit you, you can pay attention to the so-called dry finishing method. In this case, all materials used are attached to the surface of the facade using a dry method. The advantage of this method is that the dry method, as opposed to the wet method, does not harm the wood in any way.

And finally, sometimes plain brick is used as decorative cladding. The combination of brick and natural wood looks very beautiful and natural. But this method also has an obvious drawback - the cost of the material is too high. But, if you are restoring an old house, and you need to restore its attractive appearance and protect the wood from further decay, then it is brick cladding that will work best.

Partition options

Partitions are used to separate rooms and zoning space. There is no place for glass and metal structures in a wooden house. The best option is to use high quality wood partitions.

Partitions in a wooden house can be the simplest, without any special frills and additional decorations.

Doors and stairs

Also, both door and window openings must be properly processed. The most obvious choice is to use the same wood. If you install modern plastic windows and doors, you will lose the very special charm of antiquity that is present in wooden houses. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to wooden frames and the same wooden windows.

If you are decorating a room in the Russian style or Provence style, then some kind of decorative carving on the windows will not be superfluous. Wooden shutters can also be decorated in a beautiful way.

Exquisite painting, for example, is perfect for decorating rooms in the rustic style.

The staircase deserves special attention. It should blend in in appearance with the foundation of your home. Sometimes stairs are installed inside the house, if it is two-story. The width of the stairs depends on how much free space is in the house. Of course, wide stairways look luxurious, but if you have a small house, there is no extra space, then you can limit yourself to a narrower design.

Perhaps the most attention should be paid to the railing. Their appearance depends on how you furnished the rooms from the inside. If the rooms are decorated in a simple style, for example, country, then the railings can be rough, and if you are decorating a house in a rustic style, then it is better to make them more subtle and sophisticated.


In country houses, a cozy family hearth is often found. In Russian huts, this is a real wood-burning stove, and in other cases it is a luxurious fireplace. Before installing a fireplace, you need to consult with specialists to do everything according to safety rules. In addition, a special permit must be obtained for its installation.

There are many design options for a fireplace. Its appearance is also matched to the interior. A fireplace can be simple, rough, reminiscent of a rustic hearth. Or, on the contrary, refined and decorated with forged metal inserts.

Along with the fireplace, a special mantelpiece is often installed on which you can place your favorite books or trinkets. And for the New Year holidays there will be a place for the appropriate decor.

If you do not want or cannot install a real working fireplace, then you can get by with a decorative electric fireplace. This design can be purely decorative or even functional. Certain types of fireplaces are actually used to heat a room as an alternative to gas.

Furniture and decor

The choice of the rest of the furniture, in addition to the massive fireplace, is also important. Wicker furniture or natural wood products look best in a wooden house.

A massive wooden set is suitable for the kitchen.and for the living room - exquisite wicker chairs and the same coffee table. Rattan furniture looks beautiful and lasts a long time if properly processed. These chairs or tables can be purchased or ordered. If you are engaged in some types of creativity, then you can create everything with your own hands.

The dining area has room for a wide wooden table to accommodate the whole family. Wooden chairs with a solid base and wide backs look organic next to this table.

In a wooden house, you can use both modern furniture and luxurious antiques. It all depends on your wishes and what kind of atmosphere you want to recreate in the house.

You also need to pay attention to small decorative elements. The features of the decor also depend on the features of the style.

If you are decorating a hut in the Russian style, then you will need beautiful embroidered textiles - tablecloths, capes or rugs.

From blankets, you should pay attention to patchwork colored products, which were previously considered a symbol of wealth.

The kitchen or dining room must also be properly equipped. Painted clay plates with beautiful bright patterns look good on the walls. Also, don't forget the big Russian samovar on the table. It is not necessary for this samovar to be functional, a simple decorative element is sufficient.

Lace napkins, porcelain figurines and light tulle instead of thick curtains will look organic in a Provence-style wooden house or in a room styled as an Alpine chalet.


When it comes to lighting, there are many beautiful fixtures. Lamps with forged shades are best combined with natural wood. These can be ceiling chandeliers on long metal chains or exquisite sconces stylized as antique candlesticks.

The number of lamps depends on the size of the room. The more free space, the more lamps there should be. For example, in a spacious kitchen, you need to hang not only one central lamp, but also put a floor lamp in the corner and hang a sconce over the dining table and work area.

Inappropriate in such an interior will be plastic lamps, which greatly reduce the price of the interior.


As for the colors in the interior of a wooden house, the main one here is brown and all its shades. It can be complemented by neat whitish walls that will help visually expand the space. Cladding in white is the best option for a northern or French rustic interior.

In addition to the decor in light colors, you can also use colored accents. Look for shades of blue, green and red that work best with the natural tones of wood.


Wooden or block houses are most often decorated in rustic styles, such as a Russian hut, American country or exquisite French Provence. The Russian style and other similar trends require the use of traditional decorative elements - lace fabrics, colorful capes, carpets and other recognizable details.

But not only the classic Russian style is popular among those who live in wooden houses, or are just planning to build one. You can also pay attention to modern trends, for example, to the Scandinavian style. It is characterized by the use of light colors, living plants and a minimal amount of furniture.

Interior design ideas

There are a lot of ideas for the design of timber frame houses. For a log house, designers try to select those decor options that best convey the atmosphere of a simple life outside the city, in nature.

It is important for a log cabin that there are no overly modern details in it.If you are installing modern equipment, then it is recommended to decorate it in some way so that the wires do not stick out against the background of hand-cut logs.

It is not typical for a log house to use wallpaper. Most of the projects are based on the fact that the tone is set by a base of even chopped logs. The walls are often not even painted, only occasionally decorated. Decorations with jute or paintings in massive wooden frames look beautiful in the interior of a house made of logs. The interior of houses made of timber or logs is filled with coziness and looks more natural.

The interior is complemented by doors and windows made of calibrated or rounded timber, which are an organic addition to a log house. Correctly selected textiles complete the interior decor. The choice of curtains is the last step in creating the foundation for your future interior. For a country house, thick curtains are most often selected, which form the interior and protect residents from sunlight.

Long floor-length curtains look good in the living room and bedroom for adults. But in the nursery or in the kitchen, short curtains that do not get dirty look organically.

Facade decoration outside

Outside, the architectural structure can be left as it is, or additionally decorated. The fact is that a wooden room itself looks unusual and interesting. But, if you plan to adhere to a certain style, then jewelry will not be superfluous. For example, an exquisite cottage stylized as a Russian tower can be decorated with painted shutters on the windows, surrounded by a wicker fence or attached to a small covered terrace.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

There are many beautiful ideas to help you decide how you want your dream home to be.

For example, if you want to pay tribute to tradition, you can build a house with a real massive stove. Pick up wooden benches, chests and boxes for storing all sorts of little things as decorations for your interior.

A Provence style abode is something unusual for us. But even such an outlandish design does not require a particularly complex approach. Light airy fabrics, flowers in pots, beautiful dishes in light colors and a lot of free space - that's all the minimum required.

Look for sources of inspiration in the work of professionals and in the nature around you, then you will be able to create comfort in your wooden house without disturbing the harmony.

For information on how to decorate a wooden country house, see the next video.

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