Country house design: creating a beautiful interior with your own hands

  1. The advantages of giving
  2. Varieties of country house styles
  3. Fireplace as the main accent of the interior
  4. How to choose a home design?

Many people have their own summer cottage outside the bustling city where they can go for a weekend getaway with family or friends. This is a great place for vacations, celebrations and even fun parties.

However, if you have just bought a house, and nothing is equipped in it yet, it's time to start renovating, and for this you need to carefully consider the interior design. Of course, you can seek help from a qualified specialist who has experience in this area, but his services are often too expensive.

But if you have a desire to start arranging a rural private house on your own, you can do it yourself. This is an interesting, albeit difficult task that requires a lot of professionalism.

The advantages of giving

As mentioned above, if there is a summer cottage, you can go out of town at any time, the main thing is that it is cozy and warm there, if we are talking about the winter period. Most often, such houses are built from wood, which has a number of advantages.

First of all, it is a natural material that not only looks presentable, but also has sound and heat insulation.

This gives you many benefits. For example, you can easily throw noisy parties without disturbing your neighbors, and in winter you will not freeze indoors.

Wood is able to maintain an optimal temperature inside, the same applies to humidity. Experts say that houses made of this material are not just beautiful, they are practical.

Varieties of country house styles

In order for everything inside to be harmonious, it is necessary to think over everything to the smallest detail, therefore, before starting the arrangement, it is necessary to study the varieties of styles of a country house.


The first can be noted rustic, which in English sounds like "country". Such a design is simple, but also cozy, and this is important for the arrangement of such a room. A distinctive feature of this style is that the interior has bright colors textiles, and this goes well with wooden elements.

The highlight of the room will be worn-out items, which are the main attribute in the interior. Antiques are welcome in country, this is what distinguishes it from many other styles.

When it comes to furniture, it also needs to blend in with everything else. Objects are kept in straight lines, and decorative details should be present to a minimum. There is a slight roughness in the interior, the furniture does not need to be polished, this is the beauty of country. When choosing beds and stools, you can pay attention to forged products, they will complement this atmosphere.

The choice of home textiles and lighting for rustic interiors also involves the use of natural materials.

Experts recommend using chintz, linen or cotton products.

You can choose curtains with a casual pattern, small polka dots or flowers. Curtains will become a distinctive element of a traditional interior in this style. They do not so much decorate the room as simply fulfill their direct task. But let the tablecloths be embroidered by hand.

Lighting plays an important role in any interior, so order lamps with lampshades.

You can decorate the hall with paintings with landscapes. In a wooden house, it will look elegant and very stylish.You can introduce decorative elements made of natural or artificial stone, as it goes well with different types of wood.


The interior of a house in the village in a hunting style. This option is suitable for people who cannot imagine their life without this hobby. Chalets are very popular in Switzerland, because it was there that he was born. If you love to go hunting, and you have a lot of experience in this, for sure there are trophies. They should become an irreplaceable part of the interior, it can be deer antlers or stuffed birds, and so on.

When it comes to furniture, choose dark leather products, this will create a certain mood. A fireplace will become an integral part of such an interior, but this element will be discussed a little further.

There should be carpets or animal skins on the floor, because we are talking about a hunting style, and without these attributes the interior will look sparse. The walls are decorated with paintings of landscapes or hunting scenes. If you have equipment, hang it in full view in the hall or hallway. As a flooring, wood is welcome. But the bathroom and kitchen are best finished with a slab of natural stone.

English style

It will be about the interior in the English character, which will look austere, laconic, and at the same time luxurious. You will have to work hard here, since the British are known for their meticulousness and restraint, so they treat the design of their homes in the same way. The style of the interior differs from the previous two in its aristocracy. Be prepared that it will take a serious amount to make your own house in the village of this nature.

Features of the English style are luxury and convenience.

Wallpaper and drywall are replacing wooden walls. They must be decorated with ornaments and drawings of plants. The bedroom will not do without a luxurious and large bed. Linens should be silk and sofas in the living room should be upholstered in velvet. In such an interior it will be possible to arrange real receptions and invite distinguished guests.

As for the tones, you can't overdo it, otherwise everything will look gaudy.

Such an interior is decorated with porcelain vases, paintings, transparent vessels and other similar decorative elements. Place an armchair by the window that matches the velvet sofa.

Particular attention should be paid to the ceiling. It is required to decorate it with stucco molding, and do not forget about the beams. The English living room is identified with a celebration, which means that you cannot do without a fireplace, oak furniture and paintings in the style of past centuries. Everything should look harmonious with each other.

Japanese style

This option is not suitable for everyone, but it has many fans, as well as its zest and advantages. The Japanese style is different from most others, although it can fit perfectly into your country house.

Indoors, as a rule, bamboo flooring is used, which is found in the national dwellings of the Japanese. Paper partitions are replacing traditional walls. As for the furniture, it should be lower than the usual one. This style is characterized by comfort, tranquility and coziness. All decor elements must be made exclusively from natural materials, environmentally friendly and safe.

There are several guidelines, thanks to which you can avoid certain mistakes in the design of the Japanese interior.

First of all, forget about non-natural materials such as metal and plastic, as well as glass products.

Textiles are made exclusively from natural fabrics. For example, a glass table should be replaced by a bamboo structure that is easy to carry and takes up little space. Chairs in such an interior are practically not used, because you need to eat while sitting on soft ottomans or pillows with national upholstery. In such a house, you can equip a small fireplace, which will give peace and comfort.

Italian style

This is the embodiment of romanticism and warmth. If you have been to Italy at least once, or watched films about it, you must have paid attention to the interior design of the houses of Italians.

The Tuscan style, as it is also called, is very popular. Houses are decorated with bricks that go well with wood products. Designers often carry out projects in this way, the home looks cozy and attractive.

The difference between the Tuscan style is that the ceiling is trimmed with beams, and the work surface and flooring in the kitchen must be made of ceramic tiles. There is a rich assortment of this coating on the building materials market, so a huge number of options are provided. Multicolored tile options are welcome, which fully conveys the Italian atmosphere.

As for the colors, you can choose any of the peach, orange, green and other warm shades. A Tuscan house should have oversized windows so that as much sunlight as possible gets inside, and the room looks spacious.

The peculiarity of the Italian-style interior is the elegance of the space. The house is made in a light palette, there should be a lot of light and warmth. You can decorate the living room with a sculpture or a pedestal that will look good in the overall picture of the interior.

Fireplace as the main accent of the interior

Perhaps this is one of the most important components of a country house in the village. To choose a fireplace, you need to understand the varieties of this product.

  • There are island models that can be either closed or open.
  • Floor-standing fireplaces are the traditional option. To install such a structure, you will need to make a foundation with supports, this is prepared during the construction of the house, that is, at the initial stage. We must not forget about a high-quality smoke collector, so that the combustion products go outside freely and do not accumulate in the room.
  • You can choose a hanging type, which is distinguished by its showiness. The fireplace that hangs from the ceiling looks unconventional and original. Steel is used as a material, but the product weighs a little, although the structure is complex. You have the opportunity to pick up this decor element in advance, at the initial stage, in order to foresee the place where it will be located.

How to choose a home design?

This is an important question that every person who equips his own country house asks. If the object has already been erected, it is necessary to start choosing the style of the interior. There are many varieties, some of which you learned about above. First, decide on the mood in which you want to complete the home. Then study the characteristics of a particular style to take into account all the details.

Pay special attention to lighting, furniture and decor items.

This is a responsible task, and if you do everything right, the end result will delight you, and you will want to come to your country house more often. You can use the services of a designer, discuss all the details with him, tell about your ideas and consult. Together with him, you will create a comfortable and cozy interior that will delight the eye for many years.

You can see even more interiors and ideas for decorating a village house in the next video.

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