Corner sofas with accordion mechanism

Corner sofas with accordion mechanism
  1. System features
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  3. Materials (edit)
  4. Filler
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Corner sofas with accordion mechanism are modern upholstered furniture that is very popular among buyers. The demand for the design is explained by a number of functions and quality characteristics.

System features

The name of the mechanism "accordion" speaks for itself. The sofa is transformed according to the accordion principle: it is simply stretched, like the bellows of a tool. To unfold the sofa, you just need to pull on the seat handle. In this case, the backrest, consisting of two identical blocks, will lower itself. When unfolded, the berth will consist of three blocks of the same width and length.

The difference between the corner design is the presence of a corner. Today, manufacturers produce models with a universal corner module that can be changed in any direction. This is convenient and allows you to adapt to the characteristics of a particular room. The sofa can be placed in the bedroom, where it will replace the bed, placed in the living room (then it will determine the area for rest and reception of guests). If the space of the room allows, the model with the "accordion" mechanism can be placed even in the kitchen.

Such designs have many advantages. Sofas with accordion system:

  • are mobile and do not complicate the rearrangement of furniture;
  • due to the reliable transformation mechanism, they are practical in operation;
  • have different degrees of block rigidity;
  • there are preventive and massage effects;
  • differ in a wide range of models and various functions;
  • have a modular design system;
  • suitable for adults and children;
  • are an alternative to a full bed;
  • with the correct selection of the block, they contribute to the most comfortable and correct rest;
  • differ in the size and height of the berth;
  • have an easy-to-use transformation mechanism that even a teenager can do;
  • are made with different upholstery materials, so you can purchase a model in your favorite color and pattern;
  • differ in different cost - depending on the filler, body and upholstery.

The disadvantages of corner models with the "accordion" design include the load on the case when the mechanism is operating.

In addition, budget models do not differ in durability, since some types of block deform relatively quickly.

Views and styles

Corner models with an accordion mechanism are different. They differ from each other in design, size and set of functions. They are of three types (depending on the purpose):

  • soft;
  • moderately hard;
  • tough.

The first type is considered unreliable, it does not provide adequate rest during sleep. The most popular are medium hardness options. They are bought more often, since they can withstand the average weight of one, two or even three people, they serve for about 10-12 years.

Corner sofas with a stiff berth are called orthopedic models, as they prevent the occurrence of problems associated with the spine. Such designs are comfortable, provide complete muscle relaxation overnight and even relieve limb numbness.

The models are also varied in appearance: there is a box for linen, corner sofas can be without armrests or with them, with compartments located in the armrests, additional corner tables or a bar.

Constructions with the "accordion" system are made in different styles (modern, classic, minimalism, neo-baroque, art-deco), so they successfully complement the existing interior of the room.

The modular principle of the corner sofa is very convenient, because such furniture is not only mobile, but also multifunctional: the corner block is often used as an armchair in which you can store bed linen or other things. The main part with a box for linen unfolds, forming a flat sleeping bed, like a bed, and wide sidewalls in some models can be used as tea tables.

Materials (edit)

In the production of corner sofas with the accordion system, the companies use steel, wood, plywood, synthetic and natural fillers, and various upholstery materials.

Such structures are performed on a metal frame, this explains the reliability of such sofas. For the base, lattice slats are often used (elastic wooden products that prevent the block from bending). Plywood is a budget base option, but also the most short-lived.


The block of such a sofa can be of two types: springless or on springs. In each of the categories, there are good options that provide not only comfort during sleep, but also the correct body position - without curvature of the spine.

Springless block

Such a block is made of natural or artificial latex, furniture foam rubber of two types (T and HR), struttofiber and supplemented with coir (coconut fiber), less often with felt and synthetic winterizer (and in decorative pillows - with holofiber and synthetic winterizer).

The best varieties of such a mat are recognized as HR foam and latex block. They are resistant to heavy weight loads, do not creak or deform. Polyurethane foam is somewhat inferior to latex, costs less, but in itself it is quite elastic.

In addition, an excellent type of block is a combined one, when hard coconut fiber is added to the top and bottom of the filler. Such a mat has an orthopedic effect, saves from back pain, but it is not at all designed for people with excess weight, as it can break.


The spring block is divided into dependent and independent types. The first springs are connected to each other, the second work separately.

In total, there are three types of spring block:

  • snake;
  • bonnel;
  • independent type (with "pockets").

Snake (or serpentine springs) is less practical and stretches faster than others. Such springs are located horizontally, they are the base of the sofa.

Bonnel consists of coiled springs located vertically, connected to each other and the mesh frame. To prevent the block from cutting into the body, the upper, lower and side edges are supplemented with furniture foam rubber.

Independent springs are arranged vertically. They differ in that each of them is dressed in an individual textile cover, so the steel elements do not come into contact with each other. The integrity of the block mesh is ensured by the connection of fabric covers.

Of all the varieties of the spring block, it is the independent type that is considered the best, since in any position of a person (sitting, lying), deformation of the spine is excluded.


Corner models with the "accordion" system are made of the same materials as the entire line of upholstered furniture. The most popular upholstery options are natural and eco-leather, leatherette:

  • Leather sofa practical, such upholstery is easy to wipe, it is resistant to mechanical damage. In addition, the texture is also different (it can be smooth, with a print and relief).
  • Leatherette less practical, since the layer-skin with intensive use quickly separates from the fabric base. In this case, you need to protect the furniture from dirt and moisture.
  • Textile group upholstery includes materials such as flock, velor, upholstery tapestry and jacquard. The fabric upholstery is very bright, can be printed and has a rich color palette.These sofas are easy to match with existing furniture. The disadvantage of textile upholstery is the collection of dust, dirt and moisture. It is impractical to use, as it forms scratches, cuts and abrasions faster than other materials.

Dimensions (edit)

The size of the corner sofa may vary. This is due to the fact that each manufacturer sets its own standards. On average, a sleeping place can be approximately 2 × 2 m, its height is 48-50 cm.

The depth varies from 1.6 m to 2 m or more. Some models are very spacious, they can be up to 2.4 m long. The large sofa can accommodate not only two, but also three people. This is especially true if you need to arrange guests.

When choosing a particular model, taking into account the dimensions is a prerequisite.

It is necessary that the depth of the sleeping bed be at least 20-30 cm more than the height, otherwise you will not be able to relax on such furniture. Width is just as important, even if you are purchasing a small sofa. There should be at least 20 cm on each side.


Corner sofas with accordion mechanisms are considered good furniture. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews left on the Internet. The construction mechanism is very convenient, easy and safe to transform. In the comments, it is noted that such sofas significantly save the usable area of ​​any room, conveniently located in the corner.

Opinions are mixed about the sofa block. Some prefer springs, speaking about the durability of such structures, others choose models with a springless block and an orthopedic effect, which do not creak and have a long service life - up to 15 years.

Good models include Karina, Baron, Denver, Samurai, Dallas, Venice, Cardinal. These are very popular corner options, made on a metal frame and having an elastic and elastic polyurethane foam block. These designs are chosen for their reliability, quality, unique design and long service life.

A detailed review of the "Accordion" corner sofa system can be seen in the video below.

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