Corner sofas with bar

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There is no doubt that the sofa is the decoration of the living room. A corner sofa with a bar will look especially good - an option that is ideal for almost any room.

Advantages and disadvantages

To form a comfort zone, a corner sofa with a compartment for storing drinks can be installed both in the corner and in the center of the room.

The main advantage of this model is convenience. It is not always possible to place guests at a large table; in this case, a corner sofa with a bar helps. Prepared meals, drinks and wine with glasses will fit perfectly in the comfortable niche of the sofa. If the number of guests is small, then it is much more convenient if they gather on a soft and comfortable sofa. The corner design of the sofa with a compartment for drinks encourages friendlier communication.

A sofa with a bar is comfortable not only for guests, but also for relaxing the owners. After a hard day at work, everyone needs to relax. Relaxing on the couch with a bar is always great - thanks to the access to refreshing drinks. Mineral water or juice, placed in a corner unit or armrest, will not only quench your thirst, but also bring you the long-awaited peace.

The bar model is great for sports enthusiasts. A stock of beer, nuts and chips, which can be conveniently placed in a special niche, will allow you not to waste time going to the kitchen. You can have everything at hand. The most passionate fans will appreciate this convenient drinks arrangement.

For older people, a sofa with a bar can be just as useful. It is convenient to store a bottle of water in the bar compartment, so you don't have to get up from the couch when you have a thirst attack at night. The illuminated bar is much more convenient to use than a table where you first need to turn on the night light - and only then you can find a glass of water.

In addition to the positive aspects associated with buying a sofa of this design, there are small disadvantages that you just need to take into account during operation.

It is impossible to store wine and cognac in such a bar for a long time. Storage conditions in this niche do not preserve the taste of the drinks.

Also, do not forget that drinks cannot stay chilled for a long time. Their temperature rises rapidly and becomes identical to room temperature.


Corner sofa manufacturers place the bar system in different parts of the structure. As a rule, it is always available and compact in size.

The back of the sofa is very often the place where the bar is. This compartment is located behind the corner cushion and is built into any place on the backrest.

A sofa with a built-in corner bar is the most common option. This is a convenient small table with one niche or several shelves, located not only beautifully, but also very functional.

When the bar is closed, the system is located behind the cushion. For a sofa, the shape of which is the letter P, manufacturers, as a rule, arrange two compartments for drinks.

The back of the sofa is also where manufacturers put the bar system. This rather spacious accommodation option involves installing a sofa in the center and is suitable for people who often like to invite guests to their place.

Another placement option is the side wall of the sofa under the armrest. The open design is a system of comfortable niches. With a closed design, the sector with shelves is pulled out either using a special mechanism or manually. As a rule, such shelves are equipped with additional elements, namely, special inclined bottle holders.

Any of the models with a bar can be equipped with lighting. The open structure is illuminated at will, the light is switched on only when needed. The closed structure is equipped with an automatic system, the light turns on when the door is opened.

A closed bar placement comes with a variety of opening methods.

The sash on the gas elevator rises effortlessly, it is directed upward. It is very easy to use, but it cannot form a tabletop.

With the help of a folding mechanism, the flap is lowered down, and its solid surface forms an additional table. Some effort is needed to close this system.

The armrest system uses a retractable mechanism. As a rule, this system is equipped with a solid surface, which later serves as an additional table.

Selection Tips

When choosing a corner sofa with a bar compartment, it is necessary to take into account both general details and nuances regarding the beverage storage system.

First you need to decide on the size of the sofa. They must correspond to the area of ​​the room. Then it will not hurt to decide on the color and quality of the upholstery. The color should match the style of the room, and the upholstery fabric should be selected from practical materials that are easy to clean.

It is also worth paying attention to the fillers, thanks to which the sofa becomes soft and comfortable. It is very good if the basis is made up of an independent spring block and polyurethane foam in combination with additional layers - especially if it is supposed to use a corner sofa as a berth.

When choosing a bar system in a corner sofa, families with small children should opt for a closed system to complicate access. In addition, such a system eliminates the ingress of dust, and drinks are kept cool here longer. For people who love hot tea or morning coffee, an open system is preferable, because hot drinks cannot be placed in a closed one.

Examples in the interior

A corner sofa with a bar will look great in any room. In the living room, a sofa with a corner placement of the bar looks good - with or without lighting. An option with two compartments is suitable for a cabinet. In a small living room - a small-sized version with a bar in the side walls or located in the back wall of furniture.

You will learn how to choose the right sofa in the video below.

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