Ottoman with a spring block and a box for linen

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When arranging rooms with a small area, they prefer compact furniture with a transformation mechanism. This description corresponds to an ottoman with a spring block and a box for linen. The model combines comfort and practicality, suitable for sleep and relaxation.

Features, pros and cons

The ottoman combines the features of a sofa and a bed. When folded, a piece of furniture is used for sitting, reading books, daytime rest. It is placed in the living room, study, kitchen and, of course, in the bedroom.

When disassembled, the ottoman turns into a bed for one or two people.

The advantages of the model:

  • Small size. Furniture takes up relatively little space, is placed in a limited space;
  • The presence of a built-in box. Thanks to this design feature, you can store bed linen, unnecessary or seasonal items in the ottoman. This allows you to free up cabinets for storing other items;
  • Convenient transformation mechanism. Anyone can spread the sofa, even a child;
  • Low price. An ottoman is cheaper than a double bed, but when unfolded it is not inferior to it in terms of comfort and size.

The furniture is used as a permanent sleeping place, and is used in the event of a sudden arrival of relatives or friends. For the ottoman, you can pick up chairs made of the same material, made in a similar color scheme - in this case, you will get a set designed in the same style.

The disadvantages of the model include design features: the system may begin to creak or fail. If you plan to lay out the ottoman every day, it is recommended to purchase a model in the manufacture of which wear-resistant materials were used. The downside is the fact that not all mechanisms are fixed in the upper position.


The brands offer a wide variety of models, differing in design and appearance. For couples, large models are suitable, for children, on the contrary, it is preferable to purchase small furniture.

Today there are such types of ottomans:

  • Single. With pull-out (with roll-out) storage boxes;
  • Double. Corresponds in size to a full bed. A feature of the model is that it does not require a separate purchase of a mattress.
  • Ottoman sofa with backrest. Convenient model for the daytime. You can lean on the soft back during meals, watching TV, meeting with friends.
  • Teenage and children's. Variegated furniture made in bright colors, decorated with drawings and patterns.
  • Corner version. Compactness, practicality are the characteristic features of the model. It lacks one armrest and will fit in the far corner of the room.

In a studio apartment, an ottoman can be placed in the kitchen. This furniture, first of all, will serve as a sofa. It is better to give preference to neutral design and calm shades. The design features of such an ottoman will be the same as in other models, the very version of its placement will become original.

The sofa will allow you to divide the room into zones, distribute free space.

Spring block types

The basis of the sofa determines the comfort of relaxation. The spring block, as the name implies, consists of springs of different shapes and sizes, composed in a predetermined configuration.The height of the seat and the duration of service depend on their number and location.

Cheap filler can sag, it does not hold the weight well and will bend after prolonged use.

Types of bases for the ottoman:

  • Bonnel. Classic block equipped with bicone springs. The parts are held together using a high-carbon alloy helix. The base is wear-resistant, inexpensive, well ventilated due to the low density of the springs.
  • Independent block. One of the most demanded foundations of high quality. The design is based on hundreds or even thousands of small springs operating separately from each other. There are three types of such blocks: standard, reinforced and maximally reinforced. They differ in the number of built-in springs.

The blocks withstand constant loads well, are characterized by elasticity, do not creak or rustle during operation.

  • "Duet". Maximum reinforced orthopedic block. There are twice as many springs inside; the duplicate part allows to withstand heavy loads. In addition, this design follows the curves of the body and is beneficial for the spine. The distinctive features include a high level of wear resistance and a service life of up to 15 years.

The model is purchased for patients with osteochondrosis.

The following video will tell you more about the types and features of spring blocks.

Dimensions (edit)

The products are manufactured in standard sizes: there are single, one-and-a-half and double models. When buying an ottoman, take into account how many people will sleep or sit on it:

  • Typical length products is 2 meters, however, there are exceptions.
  • Width berth ranges from 80 to 180 cm.

The original solution for the bedroom will be square furniture, but it will not fit in all rooms.

The one-and-a-half ottoman is the choice of those who like to lie back on the couch while relaxing. Its dimensions will be 100x200 cm.

An ottoman for a couple will be more massive, it has dimensions of 140 x 190 cm. And the length of a single model is less than a meter.


The upholstery of the ottoman is made from both natural and synthetic fabrics. Leather sofas are luxurious, pleasant to the touch, and retain their aesthetic characteristics for a long time. However, such models are expensive and not suitable for families with pets.

Premium materials also include natural velor and suede.

A textile ottoman is a practical and budget option that is popular with the audience. You can sheathe the sofa with a fabric of the same color or combine different tones and patterns by making contrasting armrests, backrest and seat.

Brands and models

Spring block ottomans are available from manufacturers throughout. Thanks to the style and design variety, it is possible to select furniture for any interior, to successfully combine it with other items.

Famous furniture factories:

  • Dreamline. Furniture made of laminated particle boards, solid ash and beech. The models are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Parts are brought from leading European suppliers, innovative technologies are regularly introduced into production.
  • "Yuliya". Domestic factory specializing in the production of upholstered furniture. Favorable price combined with high product quality is a distinctive feature of the brand. He offers models with different types of transformation mechanisms: a book, "click-clack", eurobook and others.
  • Rival. Budget sofas equipped with removable covers. The brand is aimed at families with children, produces moderately strong and durable furniture for a wide consumer segment. If necessary, the covers can be easily removed for washing or replacement.
  • Ikea. A well-known Finnish brand that creates functional furniture in a minimalist style. Solid ottomans can be easily combined with other items and fit well into a modern interior.

The models are durable, resistant to external mechanical stress.

  • "Elegy". Quality furniture at affordable prices. The domestic brand prefers modern and neoclassical styles: the collections include monochromatic laconic models, Provence-style sofas, ottomans with a built-in bedside table.


Buyers note the high quality and convenience of furniture with spring units. They cannot compete with polyurethane, which sags too quickly. When buying, you should give preference to a more expensive base: it will deform less.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the flooring between the filler and the cover, on which the service life of the furniture depends.

  • Buyers refer to good models as the Bonnel spring block with the Winter-Summer effect. The base transmits heat well, guarantees continuous air exchange, therefore, in the hot season, a person will feel a pleasant coolness, and in the cold, he will not freeze. On one side of the block, the cover is made of wool, sheep or camel, on the other, cotton or bamboo fiber is used.
  • Another model is receiving positive reviews - the independent Pocket Spring block. It consists of twisting springs in the shape of a barrel. Each detail is housed in a durable fabric case, which results in high structural strength. Among the manufacturers, Sonline is singled out.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

  • An ottoman with rounded corners is a versatile model that will add lightness and comfort to the interior. The universal shades include sand, vanilla, chestnut, since they are easy to combine with other objects and they have a calming effect on the nervous system.

Such furniture will fit well into the interior with plain light walls and curtains made of flowing fabrics.

  • The country-style model will be an unusual solution for a city apartment. The ottoman is made of wood, the details of the sofa are painted or varnished. The furniture will look harmoniously with wood wall paneling, parquet or laminate flooring.

The design of the room will be completed by the decor made of natural materials.

  • Fans of luxury will love the Provence style ottoman. Furniture imitating the old is decorated with carved legs, patterned fabrics and made in light shades. The more everyday version has a minimum of details, but it is still made of expensive wood and is distinguished by its sophistication.
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