What is a sofa: types and fashion trends

  1. What it is?
  2. How is it different from a sofa, ottoman and couch?
  3. Advantages and disadvantages
  5. Styles
  6. Transformation mechanisms
  7. Dimensions (edit)
  8. Material
  9. Where to put it?
  10. Interior ideas

If you have a desire to create an original interior with light notes of aristocracy, then you should buy a beautiful and elegant sofa. As a rule, these interior items are small in size, which allows them to be placed not only in the bedroom or living room, but also in a narrow hallway, loggia or even in the kitchen. After reading this article, you will find out what a sofa is, understand the types of such furniture and fashion trends.

What it is?

The sofa sofa is a very practical and comfortable invention that boasts excellent performance characteristics. Outwardly, such furniture resembles a small sofa, complemented by an elegant back and armrests.

However, do not think that the sofa can only be used as a beautiful seat. Many models are complemented by folding berths. Such varieties can be equipped with high-quality and comfortable orthopedic mattresses.

How is it different from a sofa, ottoman and couch?

A sofa, an ottoman and a couch are completely different interior items. To understand what are the differences between these models, it is necessary to consider in detail the properties of each of them.


Sofa can be confidently called a bright representative of the Turkish flavor. At the present time, such interior items are popular among wealthy people. As a rule, the sofa has a low height. The back and armrests in such furniture are located at the same level. The back is a distinctive feature of the sofa. There is no such detail in the ottoman.

There are two types of such fashionable Turkish furniture:

  • Classic models. Such products are wide sofas designed for relaxation. They have no folding or withdrawable mechanisms.
  • Folding models. These types of sofas are more compact in size. They have folding mechanisms and additional storage systems (linen boxes and sections).


Ottoman is a very popular furniture in Asia. There it is complemented by beautiful carpets or variegated capes with contrasting embroidery. Currently, the ottoman is a wide and low sofa.

The most common types of this original furniture are:

  • Models made in the form of a high sofa without a back.
  • Models in which the seat of the back is occupied by a small headboard. Quite often, such varieties are equipped with armrests.

A distinctive feature of the ottoman is its width. Such furniture can be used both as a seat and as a comfortable sleeping place. As a rule, the couch (like the couch) does not have sharp corners. Such products are especially relevant if small children live in the house. The ottoman must not be accidentally hit and injured.


Stylish couches are distinguished by their interesting design. Previously, this name meant chairs or hard chairs. Today, such furniture is a single bed with a beautiful headboard.

Most often the couches are compact and have a low height. Such furniture can be placed in a small room.

As a rule, couches are complemented by headboards with adjustable height. One cannot fail to note the spectacular sophisticated design of these products.With the help of a properly selected couch, you can "revive" almost any interior.

You can often find exquisite couches in which there are folding mechanisms and drawers for bedding.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the original sofa is its versatility. Such furniture is often complemented by various mechanisms and, when opened, can turn into a full-fledged sleeping bed. During the day, it can be a small neat little sofa, and at nightfall it can be transformed into a comfortable bed.

Such furniture is inexpensive - if you compare it with large classic beds for bedrooms.

Another advantage of the sofa is its small size. Thanks to this feature, such a piece of furniture can be bought even for a very small room.

The sofa bed can have an orthopedic base. Such furniture can be equipped with an orthopedic mattress. The spine and back on such a bed will always be in the correct position. That is why such furniture is often purchased for children's rooms.

Modern models are distinguished by attractive and interesting designs. Today in stores you can find an option in any style, from classic to Empire.

However, a sofa equipped with a folding or sliding mechanism is less reliable, since it contains a large number of additional parts.

They break down quite often in such furniture, and they have to be repaired or replaced. It is because of the susceptibility to breakdowns that many buyers refuse such purchases.


The elegant sofa can be made in a variety of options:

  • Classic sofa has an elongated rectangular shape and is equipped with a backrest and armrests. Stationary models do not have additional mechanisms and inserts. Products with beautiful carved details, leather upholstery and furniture studs look especially elegant and "expensive". Such fashionable interior items will look spectacular in aristocratic rooms.
  • Very popular today corner sofa. Most often, such models are equipped with high or medium backs, and there may be no armrests. These varieties are ideal for small rooms. They can be placed in one of the free corners, while leaving a lot of free space. Corner sofas are equipped with folding berths: when choosing this option, it is necessary to take into account the dimensions in the unfolded state.
  • Currently in great demand furniture with the mechanism "Eurosof"... Any transformer designs are versatile and guest.
  • Universal mechanisms are designed for regular use and are equipped with more reliable bases.
  • Guest instances are more fragile and therefore not recommended for everyday use. As a rule, such furniture is used to accommodate guests who have stayed overnight.

The Eurosoff mechanism itself is reliable and can be used regularly. In such systems, there are a small number of moving elements and other additional parts that can quickly fail.

Such furniture is laid out very simply. To do this, it is necessary to push the tsarga to the width of a single sleeping bed, and occupy the vacated space with a backrest.

It is worth noting that a sofa with such a mechanism will allow you to place a large linen box in its inner part.

Models are common today with functional lifting mechanism... In such designs, the mattress, together with the base, rises upward, revealing a spacious niche of the sofa frame. Many people store bedding, pillows, throws and more there.

Some of the most popular and comfortable are orthopedic models. They have quality bases with wooden lamellas.These designs enhance the orthopedic properties of the mattresses. These sleeping places are ideal for healthy sleep and good rest. On the bases of such models, you can install a mattress with an independent spring block. The choice of a suitable product depends on the location of the lamellas in the base and their size.

The original design is different backless sofa... Such fashionable furniture is small in size. Models without a backrest, but with beautiful armrests, look especially attractive. Such products can be installed in almost any room. The main thing is that the ensemble is designed in the same style.

Look no less attractive high back options... The trend of recent seasons is models with a luxurious carriage coupler or exquisite curly backs, decorated with furniture studs and rhinestones.

More modern design features stylish models without armrests... Most often, there are such sofas equipped with low legs made of wood or metal.

Options without armrests with long legs and extended backs on metal frames are unlikely to be suitable for home environments. Most often, such products are found in public places: cafes, offices, hospitals.

Models without armrests can be supplemented with cushions. They can play the role of side supports and visually make furniture more voluminous.


The sofa can be made in any style. It is worth taking a closer look at some of the attractive and interesting options:

  • Provence. Models in this style can be made from natural and light materials. They should be lightweight. The fabric upholstery of the Provencal sofa can have a light pastel shade, stripes or unobtrusive small prints.
  • Classic. In a beautiful classic interior, a model with a carved back, legs and armrests will look harmonious. It is recommended to choose options from natural wood in different shades. The color of the material should be selected in accordance with the color scheme of the room.
  • Modern. For an Art Nouveau room, a sofa that combines several different materials at once is ideal. This style provides for the presence of ornateness and asymmetry in the furniture. A well-chosen sofa will stand out in any interior and draw attention to itself.
  • High tech. In a room decorated in high-tech style, it is recommended to put laconic and minimalist furniture made of modern high-quality materials.
  • Baroque. This luxurious and pretentious style provides for the presence of furniture in the interior with graceful lines and carved edging. For such a room, a model with a curly headboard, carved legs and graceful curved armrests is suitable.

Transformation mechanisms

Modern upholstered furniture is often complemented by various mechanisms. Each of them operates according to a specific principle.


The most popular is the mechanism called "Eurobook". It can be classified as a familiar classic, since it is well known to many people. Furniture with this mechanism is durable and very reliable. It can be used daily without worrying about the rapid wear of structural parts. Sofas and sofas with such systems can be easily positioned against the wall.

Outwardly, such models may seem too large, but this disadvantage is compensated for by a spacious and comfortable berth.

As a rule, the Eurobook transformer is complemented by spacious linen drawers. With the help of such furniture, you can significantly save space in the room and abandon unnecessary cabinet cabinets.


Another reliable mechanism is the pantograph. Furniture with this design combines all the positive qualities of the traditional "Eurobook". In such a product, there is a slightly different mechanism for the decomposition of the seat.In sofas and sofas with such systems, there are no casters, leaving behind ugly marks on the flooring.

The seats with the "pantograph" mechanism move apart without touching the floor. Because of this distinctive feature, such models are also called "walking". The berth in such models unfolds from the back, which lowers and stands in the vacant space. The pantograph is a very simple mechanism that even a small child or fragile girl can easily handle.

Draw-out mechanism

It is one of the strongest and most durable. It contains strong and durable connections. You can use furniture with such a system regularly.

Such structures are laid out very simply: you need to pull the handle located on the front of the furniture and push the sleeping place forward to its full length, since the front part will pull the rest of the structure behind it.

Roll-out products are most often small in size and are perfect for premises of a wide variety of areas.


The mechanism with the catchy name "dolphin" is most often used in the corner construction. Such systems are very simple and durable. Furniture with a dolphin mechanism is designed for heavy loads and regular use.


The mechanism called the "accordion" unfolds very simply and quickly. Furniture with such equipment takes up very little space, which in no way affects its practicality and functionality. When using a sofa with an accordion mechanism, the sleeping place is very even and is located at a great distance from the floor.

French clamshell

The most unreliable is the French clamshell mechanism. It is not designed for regular use and is only added to inexpensive guest products. As a rule, interior items with similar designs are lightweight, mobile and take up little space in the room. However, they have cheap lattice bases that are easily crushed and out of order.

Dimensions (edit)

The sofa can be equipped with a single or double bed for relaxing and sleeping. The dimensions of the berth in these interior items directly depend on the size of their bodies.

In large models, a spacious mattress with dimensions 90 × 200, 72 × 200, 90 × 205, 120 × 200 cm can be installed.

Compact options are most often equipped with more modest single berths. Too narrow sofas, the width of which does not exceed 50-60 cm, are usually stationary and are not supplemented by folding mechanisms.


Sofas are made from various materials.

Of course, it is rightfully recognized as the most attractive, durable and environmentally friendly natural wood... Such quality material has not only unsurpassed performance characteristics, but also excellent design.

The most commonly used species are oak, alder, rattan, beech, cedar, walnut, birch and pine. Such furniture is not cheap, especially when it comes to oak and beech models. Birch and pine sofas are more affordable. These materials are characterized by elasticity and pleasant texture.

If you do buy solid wood furniture, then you need to provide it with special care.

Such natural material should be treated with special protective impregnations from time to time. They are able to extend the life of the tree and keep its attractive appearance for many years. It's no secret that this natural material is susceptible to the emergence of various parasites. You can prevent their reproduction with the help of special protective compounds.

More affordable options are from MDF and chipboard. However, these materials are not characterized by high wear resistance and durability.Moreover, cheap chipboard is completely toxic and hazardous to health, since formaldehyde resins are used in its production.

The most durable and reliable is metal furniture... A sofa made from such material will serve its owners for many years. However, it should be borne in mind that such pieces of furniture are suitable only for more modern interiors. For strict classics or chic Empire style, they will not work at all.

Different materials can also be used for the sofa upholstery.

Let's consider the most common and beautiful options:

  • Stylish and "expensive" looks leather trim such elegant furniture. Such surfaces retain their presentation for a long time and are very durable. Unfortunately, this furniture is not cheap, and not everyone can buy it.
  • An excellent alternative can be leatherette... This material of artificial origin is denser and outwardly differs little from natural. However, furniture with such a finish does not tolerate temperature extremes. In addition, leatherette begins to crack over time, and scuffs remain on it.
  • More elastic and pleasant to the touch is eco-leather... This modern high-tech material looks very beautiful. Eco-leather is easy to dye, therefore furniture with such upholstery is presented today in a variety of shades. But do not forget that scratches and defects easily remain on the surface of this artificial material, therefore, a sofa made of eco-leather should be treated with care.
  • The most affordable models are with fabric upholstery... Most often, jacquard, chenille, velvet, corduroy, plush, cotton and other materials are used to decorate furniture.

Where to put it?

The sofa will look harmonious in a variety of settings. For example, it can be taken to the bedroom. Large models with fold-out beds can replace regular massive beds.

You can put a sofa in the living room. In such spaces, such furniture is most often used as a comfortable and beautiful seat, which can accommodate at least two people. The sofa can complement the seating area in the hall. In this case, the furniture should be designed in the same style and overlap with other products in color.

An elegant narrow sofa can be placed in the hallway. You can choose a laconic and small model without a back or armrests. It will not take up much space, which is often not enough in the corridors.

The sofa will look good in a study done in a solid classic style. For such premises, the best option would be a model made of natural lacquered wood, which has carved elements and graceful curves of the back.

Many people put a sofa on a loggia. Thanks to its compact size, this furniture fits easily into very tight spaces and makes it more functional.

Interior ideas

An elegant wrought-iron sofa with high legs, an elegant back and armrests finished in red fabric will look very impressive against the background of chic light wallpaper with milky patterned prints and stripes in the lower half.

The floor in such a room can be finished with glossy light material. Complement the interior with large decorative vases, wall paintings with luxurious frames, a large ceiling chandelier and thick golden curtains on the windows.

A beautiful small sofa in a golden hue with a wave-like back and graceful armrests can be positioned against a backdrop of white walls and light parquet flooring.

Complete the interior with a light wooden bedside table with carved legs, a fluffy gray carpet, large vases with fresh flowers and large wall paintings in pink tones. A gold-colored table lamp and a tall white floor lamp with a gold base can be used as lighting fixtures.

The chic sofa with black leather upholstery will blend in with the coffee walls and brown laminate flooring. Indoors, you can hang pictures in orange tones, put a dark wooden cabinet. You can also hang translucent white curtains on the walls.

A light gray fabric sofa will look organic in a white room with soft caramel parquet flooring. A white bookcase can be placed behind the sofa, or you can equip a white fireplace. Complement the interior with multi-colored pillows on the sofa, contrasting paintings on the white walls and fresh flowers.

A small white sofa with wooden legs should be placed in a "cold" gray-blue room with a white ceiling and floor, lined with dark parquet boards. A dark brown wooden chest of drawers with a large monochrome painting on the surface will look good next to the sofa. Complete the interior with a classic-style ceiling chandelier, light floor carpet and pale blue curtains.

In a bedroom with crème brulee walls, you can put a high sofa with wrought iron armrests and a backrest. Such furniture should be supplemented with a voluminous mattress and white pillows. The floor in the room can be laid out with a chocolate-colored laminate. Place a white bedside table with a table lamp near the sofa, and hang a light picture with a golden frame above it.

More types of sofa are presented in the next video.

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