Sofa with table

Sofa with table
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A modern interior is not complete without the use of multifunctional pieces of furniture. Why buy multiple separate items when you can buy, for example, an armchair bed, a couch with built-in drawers for linen, or a sofa with a table?

Such furniture not only helps to significantly save space, but is also made in a modern, stylish, ergonomic design that can decorate and harmoniously complement any interior.


The standard layout of a room, as a rule, assumes the presence of a small table near any sofa. You can put a tray with fruit, a cup of tea, a book or a newspaper on it. Therefore, it is not surprising that the combination of these two pieces of furniture in one has become especially popular recently.

The tables are available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, they are built-in or extendable, and are part of the left or right armrest. The set for some models includes an additional overlay made of wood, with which you can organize a fairly spacious tabletop.

Sofas with tables for a couple also look original. Padded seats surround the table on either side.

This option is great for a romantic dinner.

Sofas combined with tables are most often equipped with a transforming mechanism "Eurobook" or "accordion". Such models are the most convenient, since the modifying part does not affect the side surfaces of the furniture, which are usually used to create a table.

A corner sofa with a table is sometimes combined with a small bar located in the back of the model. For this, a folding structure or a built-on open shelf is provided.


Models with tables may differ from each other in design features. Tables can be overhead in the form of a wooden plank for the armrest, add-on, folding, hidden in the base of the sofa.

Convertible sofa

A transforming sofa with a table is one of the most popular types of such furniture. Ideal for small spaces where you need to make the most of every extra centimeter of space.

The model is very convenient in that it implies the simultaneous existence of two full-fledged pieces of furniture - a sofa and a table. When assembled, the structure looks like not very wide, but quite comfortable and roomy table attached to the sofa. Such a model can be used as a kitchen corner or workplace for a student and a schoolchild.

Some models of transformers provide for the presence of drawers in which you can store various useful little things.

If it is necessary to organize a berth, special table clamps are removed, and the working surface smoothly appears under the sofa. Double-sided gas lifts with which the furniture is equipped help to carry out the transformation process quickly, clearly and accurately. A few easy movements are enough and the sofa turns into a table again!

Convertible sofas can be designed for one or two people, and besides, they can also be bunk... This option is most often used for a children's room.When assembled, the model is a sofa and a table, and if necessary, it can be converted into an extra bed.

Most often, transformers are equipped with small shelves or closed cabinets for storing office supplies, personal belongings, diaries, books and other items. They can be on one or both sides, and sometimes they are located at an angle to each other. Some models contain 3 pieces of furniture (table-chair-sofa).

Three sofas in one allow you to save space on placing several full-fledged pieces of furniture at once, as well as money for their purchase.


A corner sofa with a table can become part of the interior of the most diverse premises in terms of functional purpose: kitchen, living room, children's room, study, hallway. Tables can be located on different sides, have different shapes and sizes.

One option is a table attached to the side arm of the sofa. Convenient, compact, roomy enough stand on which you can put a cup of tea, put a remote control, a phone, and other little things.

Another option is with a table in the corner. This model is a stand located between the soft seats of the sofa.

With table top on the armrest

Armrest sofas represent a very wide and varied category in their own right. The table can be made in the form of a horizontal stand. Depending on the size, it can accommodate anything from a television remote to a dining tray.

Other tables are a wooden armrest with no protruding edges. Some variations are made in very complex, curved shapes. Such tables can be equipped with special compartments for various useful little things.

With ottoman

Models with ottomans are very practical in everyday life. They allow you to solve the problem of seating several people at once around one table. Typically, the countertop has a rounded, elongated shape and is wide enough to accommodate several coffee cups or tea mugs at once, for example.

A pair of compact ottomans most often comes with such a sofa. They easily hide under the tabletop stand without taking up a lot of space.

With folding table

Tables that complement sofas may differ in design features. For example, there are models with a built-in table, which are most often stationary and sufficiently large. Another thing is a model with a folding table, which can be used if necessary, and then hidden again in the sofa.

Tables can differ not only in shape and size, but also in their functional purpose. There are small coasters for little things, a little wider for a cup of tea. There are models with a full dining table, at which several people can sit at the same time.

An equally popular option is furniture with a computer desk. The PC stand can be placed on the back of the sofa back or it can be a full-fledged table, like in transformer models.

Popular models

Manufacturers of upholstered furniture, developing new collections, striving to take into account the wishes and recommendations of their customers. This is especially true for multifunctional furniture such as a sofa with a built-in table. Models should be compact, easy to use, practical enough and attractive in appearance.

Among the most popular combined models from different manufacturers today, the following options can be distinguished


A great example of multifunctional transforming furniture. This item contains 3 full-fledged furniture elements at once - a spacious double bed, a comfortable sofa and a wide dining table.

The transformation process is quick and easy, the model itself is quite compact and does not take up much space even in a small room.

The base of the frame is galvanized steel, so the transformation mechanism is designed for daily use. Polyurethane foam treated with an antifungal and antibacterial composition in combination with a spring block is used as a stuffing material. Such a sofa perfectly withstands even a very heavy load. At the same time, his seat always remains sufficiently rigid, resilient and comfortable to use.


A sofa, one of the armrests of which is used as a base for a wide, semicircular table top. The table stand configuration has two recesses to accommodate compact ottomans.


Gloria is one of the transformer models. When folded, it is a full-fledged sofa. If necessary, its body slides apart and a wide, long, comfortable horizontal surface is formed, which can be used as a dining, work or computer table.


"Atlantic" - corner sofa. One of the armrests is used as a tabletop support. The table additionally rests on metal tubes that support another horizontal surface at the bottom of the table.

It can be used as a bookshelf or storage space for useful little things.


An original semicircular model with a built-in table. Sleek, compact, modern option for decorating a bedroom or living room.

Color solutions

In any apartment, private house or office space, you can find an armchair, sofa or other pieces of upholstered furniture. They are produced in all kinds of styles, decorated with various prints, decor items, and original form elements. The color range of sofas is almost limitless. It is so wide that you can choose a sofa that is ideally suited to color and style for any interior.

Classic sofa colors (beige, brown, white, black, gray) are appropriate in any interior. Such colors are quite practical, versatile, perfectly combined with decoration and other furnishings.

Fans of more non-standard furniture will certainly prefer bright, rich colors (pink, green, yellow, purple, blue, crimson). Such furniture is harmoniously combined with the expression of the Art Deco style, or it can be a bright accent in the interior of restrained tones.

Built-in or folding tables are made in a contrasting combination with the sofa upholstery or, conversely, in full accordance with the main color scheme. Most often, countertops are aged in different shades of natural wood (black, brown, walnut, sand color).

Selection Tips

The choice of a sofa with a table as a whole differs little from the choice of conventional furniture models. Key recommendations:

  1. The size. The dimensions of the sofa must correspond to the size of the room where it is planned to be purchased. If the room is small, then you can recommend corner, narrow models or transforming sofas.
  2. Transforming mechanism. The more often the sofa is laid out, the more durable and reliable the mechanism (dolphin, accordion, eurobook) should be.
  3. Filler. The best quality and most comfortable is the spring block and polyurethane foam.
  4. Sofa upholstery. For a children's room, it is better to purchase a sofa upholstered in flock or velor. It is preferable to choose office models from eco-leather or natural leather. Living room furniture can be decorated with more beautiful materials (jacquard, chenille, matting).
  5. The choice of the size and shape of the table directly depends on its functional purpose. If a stand is needed to store a mobile phone, keys, remote control, then a sofa with a corner table is quite suitable.Models with a stand-table on the armrest are suitable for organizing a small tea party or a light snack. Transforming models help to organize the most spacious and dimensional models of tables used for doing lessons, working on a computer, creating a dining area.
  6. Style. The design, colors, configuration of the sofa should be fully combined and in harmony with the interior and the rest of the furnishings. The classic model looks appropriate in absolutely any interior. The original sofa is best suited for a room decorated in a modern style.
  7. NSmanufacturer. When choosing a sofa combined with a table, it is best to pay attention to the products of companies that have long and successfully specialized in the production of multifunctional models. One such example is the Stolline factory, which offers a huge selection of models in different sizes, designs, styles for any room.

How to do it yourself?

Making a high-quality, reliable, durable sofa with your own hands is not easy. However, if you need to make a small, light model for a balcony, hallway, garden or summer cottage, then the simplest materials at hand will come in handy.

One of the options is to make a sofa from euro pallets. To create a frame, 1 or 2 layers of pallets are assembled together, on which a foam cushion or a base of polyurethane foam wrapped in an upholstery fabric is laid. If desired, the headboard and armrests can be formed.

One of the armrests can be supplemented with a horizontal stand made of wood or other material, which will serve as a table.

Pallets must be properly processed and painted before work.

In more detail about how to make a sofa from pallets, the following video will tell:


Today, many buyers seek to purchase multifunctional pieces of furniture in order to save space in small rooms and, at the same time, to equip them as functionally and rationally as possible. Therefore, sofas combined with tables are gaining more and more popularity. Consumers willingly share their impressions about their purchases on the pages of specialized sites.

The first thing that comes across in such reviews is usability. Watching an interesting film or an exciting program and having breakfast, lunch, dinner or just drinking tea is a common thing. Therefore, a compact table specially provided for these purposes will do just fine.

Many people like the modern stylish design of the models. Sofas and tables don't look like two mismatched items. They are designed in a single color and stylistic solution, and are very harmoniously combined in a pair.

The variety of shapes, sizes and models of tables is another plus. Depending on the purpose for which you plan to use the table, you can choose the perfect model for yourself. The tables are made of high quality materials, have an ergonomic shape and a modern design.

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