Ottoman sofas

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Upholstered furniture, which is distinguished by its convenience and practicality, can emphasize the design of the room. It will also contribute to the relaxation and recreation of the owners of the house. It is difficult to imagine a room, be it an apartment or a house, that would do without a sofa. Manufacturers offer a huge number of options, suggesting different ways of folding, types of upholstery, parts and accessories, colors. The softest corner with an ottoman is the most comfortable. The ottoman sofa is a very functional piece of furniture that is in high demand in the market.

A corner sofa can become the centerpiece of a living room and effectively decorate it. It is purchased by both the owners of large houses or apartments, and the owners of very small living quarters.


This piece of furniture came to us from a sunny and warm country called Turkey. The Turks were the first to appreciate the functionality of the corner sofa. An ottoman is nothing more than a pouf, which is made in the same style and from the same material as the sofa. But you will also find contrasting models in stores.

The ottoman will be a great addition to the interior: for some it is a leg support, and for others it is a drink holder. By moving the ottoman to the couch, you create another seating area.

The use of such furniture is not limited to living quarters. An ottoman sofa will look great in an office, hotel lobby or shopping mall.


Designers develop models that combine the incongruous. You will find the most extraordinary and unusual solutions for the living room and other premises. Several forms of sofas with an ottoman are offered:

  • corner;
  • round;
  • straight lines.

The ottoman copies the shape of the sofa, and therefore can be angular, round, rectangular. You can place it at some distance, especially if the sofa will be with a retractable ottoman. This piece of furniture differs in size. It all depends on the size of the room, interior design, tastes of the owner. Which one to choose - a large or a more compact option, it's up to you. So, when buying a corner sofa, the pouf fits entirely into the corner. Usually the ottoman is moved away from the sofa at a distance of about 30 centimeters.

There is such a category as modular sofas with ottomans. The pouf can be placed separately, becoming an extension of the sofa, the area of ​​which is noticeably increased.


Due to the fact that the homeland of the Ottomans is the eastern countries, at first this piece of furniture was soft and looked like a small sofa upholstered with a carpet. The details of the decor were pillows, fringes, and capes made of various fabrics. Such a sofa did not differ in convenience, but at the same time it was an excellent place to lie down. Therefore, the ottoman is a bit like a sofa - its Turkish "sister". And although modern ottomans are made in many variations and styles, the sofa with a pouf remains a reminder of the well-established traditions that should not be forgotten.

Accommodation options in the interior

Traditionally, a sofa with a pouf is considered the main element in the room. But more and more often he is given a secondary role. Combining a sofa with an ottoman gives you a designer set. There are only two elements in the set, and there are so many possible combinations with which you can modify the space, change the quality of the room itself or the interior of the bedroom:

  • An ottoman can act as a coffee table. This is the most popular use for a pouf due to its convenience, as it is smaller in size than a table. It has no sharp corners and the upholstery is resilient enough to hold food or drink trays, for example. Another plus is practicality, since the ottoman, if necessary, can easily turn into a sofa. It is possible to have a base and legs made of wood or upholstered in fabric. An ottoman with wooden legs is often used only as a table.
  • One of the traditional uses for an ottoman is as a seating position. If you buy several ottomans, then they can become a replacement for classic chairs or armchairs. The indisputable advantage lies in the significant saving of space in the room. The absence of armrests and backrests, as well as the small size of the pouf, allow it to be hidden under the table.
  • By placing one huge sofa and several poufs, you will form a wonderful seating area. A definite plus is the mobility of this piece of furniture. At the right time, you can move it to another room; performing similar actions with the chair will be problematic. If you decide to purchase an ottoman as a seating place, consider its upholstery, firmness and shape.
  • An Ottoman as a couch for your feet is a great way to relax and have a good evening at home watching a movie. Usually such an ottoman with fabric upholstery is placed close to the sofa. The ottoman remains at the same time a table where you can put some things. The best option is a square or rectangular pouf.
  • Less commonly, an ottoman is used as a chest for storing various gizmos. Few people would guess that the ottoman is a warehouse of various things, inaccessible to the eyes of guests. But you use the working space of the bedroom or any other room to the maximum. You can fold pillows, newspapers, books, toys and more.

The chest is usually upholstered with fabric and leatherette. Fabrics are used that are very dense, which help to extend the life of the furniture. Finding an ottoman that combines a chest, table and seating at the same time - consider yourself incredibly lucky!

The choice of a specific model depends on where you plan to place the sofa:

  • For the nursery a practical sofa with a colorful and picturesque pattern is more suitable. If the sofa also has a sleeping place for a child, then the product must be equipped with a good and safe transformation system. Choose upholstery that is highly resistant to moisture and abrasion.
  • Living room sofa it is better to buy with a sophisticated design. It also needs to be more comfortable. If the living room is made in the Provence style, then the sofa can be with a floral design, if in a modern one (minimalism, loft, etc.), then you should give preference to a bright, catchy sofa with a geometric print.
  • For bedroom it is also recommended to purchase a sofa with a transformation system and a reliable metal frame. Upholstery should be practical and harmoniously combined with other interior elements.

Advantages and disadvantages

The ottoman has many advantages: both versatility and the beauty that it gives to the interior, making it more sophisticated. The downside is that the corner sofa requires a lot of free space. In small rooms, such furniture will have to be abandoned, especially if the room acts as both a living room and a bedroom at the same time. When choosing furniture, weigh the pros and cons.

Modern poufs are versatile, so you will find ottoman in a variety of styles, from classic to high-tech. This sofa with an ottoman is designed for a leisurely family evening, when the closest people get together to have a great time.


Reviews of the owners of sofas with an ottoman are mostly positive. Customers are happy with their purchase.Many people note the presence of an orthopedic base in the sofa, on which it is comfortable to sleep, especially in the presence of diseases of the spine. The dissatisfaction that exists is often associated with the wrong choice of furniture for a particular room or with claims against the company's employees who assemble the furniture. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to the reviews of other buyers about the manufacturer.

An overview of an interesting model of a sofa with an ottoman with a variable seat and backrest tilt configuration, see below.

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