Sliding couches

Sliding couches
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Varieties
  3. Functionality
  4. Upholstery matters
  5. Popular models
  6. Selection of mattresses
  7. Selection Tips

Each of us, choosing furniture for an apartment (sofa, bed, sofa or couch), thinks, first of all, of comfortable rest and coziness. But in ancient times, for example, only representatives of the rich classes could afford a comfortable bed for sleeping or resting, the poor were content with simple designs.

Today, each of us can afford not only comfortable, but also stylish furniture, in particular, a sofa-couch, the variety of forms of which will satisfy the needs of even the most capricious buyers.


A sofa-couch is an indispensable element of a room that can add sophistication to any design, emphasize the originality of the owner's taste. At the same time, it is a place for a comfortable stay, and if it is a sliding option, then an economical use of square meters.

The difference between the sliding couch and its “older” brother sofa is its small size and the absence of a full-fledged back. Such a model has its own characteristics: it is small in size, it may not have armrests, but the original design of any couch will definitely replace these parts.

The word "couch" has French roots, in Russia it appeared in the 19th century, and is translated from the Franks as "bed", "small bed", or, simply, a sofa for lying or a sofa with a headboard.

For example, the "bed" model, which was the "squeak" of fashion at the court of Louis XV, initially looked like a bed with eight legs without any headboard. It was customary to recline on such furniture in a distant era: this is how secular ladies greeted their guests and gentlemen in the time of Napoleon.

Today you can find a couch with and without armrests and backrests, it can have legs, moreover, of different sizes and shapes, it can have a different geometric shape - angular or rectangular, and be made in different styles.

A feature of the sliding couch is its compactness and democratic price. That is, such a model is available to all segments of the population.


Studying the various variations of the couches, you are amazed at how diverse the selection of models on the furniture market is:

  • Metal couches can ideally complement the design of the garden or add zest to the design of a small suburban area.
  • Extendable couch - the couch will become a bright spot in the interior of the living room, moreover, of any size. It will fit perfectly into the living room and into the study. Even if the model is single. Although today couches for two people are also produced. It is the sliding model that will allow you to relax on it, and, conversely, to reflect on serious things and deeds.
  • Sofa-couch in a small apartment will be a great opportunity to turn a cozy room into a small bedroom: the sliding model will become a full-fledged sleeping place.

As, however, in the kitchen, when a large company can be sincerely talked over tea, and at night to put a delayed guest to sleep on it.

  • Model with two armrests, one of which serves as a headboard, called a "banquet", will amaze anyone with its sophistication. Such a bed, which looks more like a royal one, is quite self-sufficient so that the furniture surrounding it is “selected” just for it.
  • Today there is a new for the purpose of the couch - medical, in particular, cosmetology and massage. Such a variation of this model can be seen today in a doctor's office, in a massage parlor, and in a beauty parlor.The peculiarities of the envy model not only the patient's comfortable state, but also the quality of the specialist's work.

A mandatory part of this model is a reclining backrest, the ability to adjust the height of the chair and turn it at different angles.

Medical couches are produced today in three versions.

  • The most economical model - mechanical, reliable and have a simple transformation mechanism.
  • Couches with hydraulic lifting system, as well as mechanical, can be two- and three-sectional. The main difference from the previous ones is the ability to adjust the height using a pedal.
  • The most convenient models are electric... In them, each section is adjusted separately, which creates special comfort for customers. These couches are equipped with a special electric drive, which makes them expensive.


Small-sized couches are very diverse in their functionality: wooden, plastic, leather-upholstered, double, transformers, folding and sliding, they will not only save space in your room, but will also be able to bring considerable benefit due to their features.

Compact model, extendable and foldable, it becomes a great place to sleep, for example in a large kitchen. In modern times, the kitchen has long ceased to be a place only for eating and washing dishes. In today's kitchens, you can receive guests, in this case, comfortable and compact furniture will come in handy here.

Couches, sliding in length, roll-out to the side and in width, with a drawer, becomes an excellent place to store a variety of things, dishes or clothes.

They are especially relevant in the children's room. A comfortable sliding diva couch with an orthopedic mattress, sliding into two places, is provided just for the child's height. Her linen drawer will hold a lot of useful things from the wardrobe of a young family member. For the smallest, removable sides are also provided to protect the child from falling during sleep.

The hard surface of the sleeping place will be useful for the child's spine.

When it comes to design, there is no limit to perfection: decorated in the style of cartoon characters, in the form of fairy houses, cars, bright and unforgettable, they will forever deserve the love of kids. For older children, manufacturers of such furniture offer various colors and prints, as a result of which the couch will become a decoration of the teenager's room.

Upholstery matters

When choosing a sofa for your apartment or house, be sure to consider the moment of furniture upholstery. Its material depends on which of the rooms it will decorate. Today you can choose a couch from:

  • artificial leather;
  • mixed materials (synthetics and cotton);
  • natural fabric (velor, leather, wool);
  • microfiber (a mixture of cotton, teflon and polyester).

A leather model is suitable for the kitchen, which is not afraid of temperature changes or dirty spots. You can also use microfiber and velor upholstery, they are perfectly cleaned.

The nursery couch should be upholstered with flock, an anti-vandal fabric that will patiently take away all children's pranks. The ideal option would be a model with removable covers.

Leather and flock work well if you have a pet.

But in the living room you can order a model from any upholstery, inexpensive and practical. If your guests smoke, choose flock or leather upholstery - these materials do not absorb odors.

Popular models

Of course, the most popular models of extendable couches are multifunctional, that is, during the day playing the role of a sofa, and at night - a bed. They are equipped with drawers for bed linen. Both single and double couches are popular.

A huge number of "small beds" are presented in Ikea, where the democratic price and quality of performance mutually complement each other.

Budget models often have two mattresses, and by pulling out an additional base, you get a double bed instead of a compact couch... Two cushions are included to create a comfortable backrest.

More expensive models are equipped with two mattresses, pillows and drawers. These products have 4 functions: a sofa, a single bed and a double bed, plus two impressive storage spaces for clothes or linen.

You can find couches with three drawers - it all depends on your desire.

Ikea also offers a wide selection of children's couches, which will save meters and money, and here it is necessary to say about mattresses, because the health and posture of babies depend on them.

Selection of mattresses

For a comfortable sleep and well-being during the day, you need to choose a mattress with a certain filler for the couch. Sleeping on foam rubber, that is, polyurethane foam, a modern elastic material, may be comfortable. However, doctors insist on a spring block, or rather, an independent spring block.

The principle of its "work" is based on springs that are not rigidly connected to each other. Each of them is packed in a fabric bag, and they touch only at a few points. In this way, it is possible to push through not all springs at the same time. The mattress becomes soft and comfortable due to the fact that inside it there is also an additional layer of covering materials, which allows the structure to perfectly adapt to the shape of the body.

If this option does not suit you for any reason, then you can choose springless mattresses with various fillings:

  • polyurethane foam;
  • latex;
  • periotecus;
  • durafil.

Almost all of them are hypoallergenic and also have orthopedic properties.

The following video will tell you more about the types of mattresses and their filling.

Selection Tips

Choosing the right model and listening to the advice of experts, decide on the following points:

  • the place where the sliding couch will stand - kitchen, bedroom or children's room;
  • what is the model for: a spare place for guests or a permanent place to sleep;
  • couch size - single bed or sleeping together;
  • adult or child model. For children, you need to choose a more durable model, because the child will not only sleep on it, but also jump;
  • design style and upholstery option - depends on the design of the room and the use of the model.

Considering all of the above points, you can make your home incredibly stylish and cozy if you put a comfortable sliding couch in it.

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