Pull-out sofa without armrests

  1. Features, advantages and disadvantages
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  4. Selection Tips

Ergonomic design, compact dimensions and good aesthetic characteristics are the distinctive features of folding sofas, thanks to which the models are popular with the consumer. Manufacturers offer furniture of various shapes and colors, which makes it easy to select it for specific interiors.

Features, advantages and disadvantages

Sofas without armrests are a practical solution for a small bedroom or living room. The model is suitable for daytime rest, gatherings with friends, it can also be used as a permanent place to sleep.

The folding mechanism allows you to combine the features of a bed and a sofa, saving on the purchase of both wardrobe items.

At the same time, high performance characteristics will be maintained.

The advantages of such sofas do not end there:

  • Compactness, relatively small dimensions. The fold-out sofa fits in a narrow bedroom and in a small kitchen. If there are niches, you can order a model of a specially set size and fit the furniture into the recess.
  • Non-standard form. Smooth lines, streamlining, smooth corners are the distinctive features of such sofas. They look stylish and fit easily into modern interiors.
  • Variety of design. Sofas from different manufacturers differ in colors, textures, patterns on the fabric.
  • Simple transformation mechanism. The furniture is easy to unfold and assemble, this procedure can be done by anyone.

The model will appeal to tall people, because they will not have to experience discomfort during sleep, resting their feet on the armrest and taking an uncomfortable position. Due to the absence of these parts, the area of ​​the lower part increases, which means that there will also be more space during sitting.

The disadvantages of such sofas include the fact that pillows deprived of support can slide to the floor. To avoid this, it is recommended to choose accessories of an oblong shape, which are distinguished by elasticity and have more weight: this way they will fall less.

Another practical solution is to use Velcro pillows.

Without armrests, it will be unusual for those who are used to constantly leaning on something during rest, but this is due only to the preferences of specific people.


The forward folding sofa is popular with the consumer, because brands offer a wide variety of models and shapes. By the type of transformation, this piece of furniture is divided into several types:

  • Book. A common type of sofas. It differs in that you can sleep even on folded furniture. To unfold it, the seat is raised and lowered after a click. To fold the sofa, do the same operation.
  • Click-gag. The model got its name because of the characteristic sound that occurs when a piece of furniture is unfolded. The mechanism is an improved book, but it can be fixed in three positions: sitting, lying and half-sitting.
  • Eurobook... Despite the name, this sofa has nothing to do with a book. Models can be easily expanded: just pull the seat forward using a special handle. On a berth, the most even surface is obtained. The advantage of such a sofa also includes the fact that it can be placed against the wall.
  • French clamshell. The sleeping area is located under the seat. When transformed, it unfolds and takes a horizontal position. The model frame consists of three hinged sections. Also, the design of the furniture includes a mattress.
  • Sedaflex. An improved version of the French clamshell, which is more durable and reliable. It can withstand heavy loads and bend less. The sofa has a large berth and is compact when folded. However, this model lacks a laundry box.

In addition to those listed, sofas with a roll-out mechanism are distinguished. The models are easy to use, suitable for couples due to their large dimensions. The sleeping place pulls forward, because this procedure is within the power of any family member. Its peculiarity is its low location.

This type of folding sofa is of two types. "Accordion" spreads like an accordion, the procedure is easy. To do this, it is enough to raise the seat until it clicks and pull out the backrest folded in two. Corner sofas are equipped with a "kangaroo" or "dolphin" mechanism. From under the seat, a platform rolls out and rises, which forms a berth.

Dimensions (edit)

Before purchasing a sofa, it is determined in advance how many people will regularly sit and sleep on it. In addition, the dimensions of the furniture are directly related to the available free space. Furniture items have different dimensions depending on the specific manufacturer, which is also taken into account when buying.

There are compact and large models. The latter are equipped with five or more seats, and only 2-3 people can fit on the mini-sofa. The length of two-seater furniture varies between 150 and 180 cm.For a model for one person, this parameter is about 120 cm, in which case the width will be about 140 cm.

Selection Tips

The final interior of the room, as well as the comfort of the model, depends on a well-chosen sofa. If furniture is regularly used for sleeping, it should be comfortable and have a beneficial effect on the spine. The service life of products is also important: sofas with a metal frame are the most practical.

What are considered when choosing a sofa:

  • upholstery material;
  • filler type;
  • transformation mechanism;
  • dimensions.

The design of the sofa is of great importance. Furniture of brown, beige, sand shades is universal. Models made in red and black are suitable for a modern interior. In addition, you can combine different tones and textures, plain and patterned fabrics.

For more sofas without armrests, see the video below.

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