Semicircular sofas

Semicircular sofas
  1. Features of semicircular sofas
  2. Varieties of custom sofas
  3. Choosing filler and upholstery
  4. Choosing a size
  5. The nuances of placement
  6. Beautiful photos of the sofa in the interior

Many of the inhabitants, trying to diversify the interior of their home, often think about how to make it unique, different from the usual forms. The classic shape of furniture is, of course, more familiar, but today many designers offer owners an unexpected solution - semicircular or radius sofas. Their curved shape will not leave indifferent any connoisseur of beauty.

Features of semicircular sofas

Furniture of a non-standard shape, semicircular, soft, streamlined and elegant, appeared in the 19th century, and since then the demand for it has not diminished at all. On the contrary, many fashionistas are trying to give flavor and respectability to the interior design with such smooth shapes.

Such models are very popular among creative people, because furniture of an unusual shape is not just convenience, but also an object of art. The design, unusual in form, allows its owner to tune in to rest, forget about everyday problems.

If you decide to experiment with the choice of furniture, then the semicircular shape is ideal: stylish, comfortable, there are no sharp corners and there is an opportunity to excel. How to choose and place a sofa for a living room in a semicircle, large models in a bay window for sleeping or curved furniture in a living room?

Varieties of custom sofas

Today, each of us can choose three types of radius sofas: monolithic, modular and transformers.

The curved shape of the sofa does not prevent it from being solid, monolithic, and fits perfectly into the interior. Such a model has a fixed size in terms of the magnitude of the radius.

Modular furniture consists of sectors - modules. This is very convenient if the "filling" of the room does not suit you - you can remove or, conversely, add a "cube", achieving the desired result. The shapes of these sofas can be convex or concave.

The third option is the so-called transformer, if you choose which you can get a two-in-one result: during the day your sofa will delight the guests at the round table, and in the evening it will turn into a cozy bed for them to sleep. This is achieved thanks to three types of mechanism:

  • the draw-out mechanism is one of the most convenient. You can simply roll out the base of the sofa from under its stationary part without spending much physical effort;
  • half mechanism - the ability to connect mobile halves to get a berth;
  • folding mechanism - thanks to the reclining backrest, the sleeping place is the most comfortable, the joints are almost imperceptible.

If you buy, if necessary, various additional modules, such as ottomans, armrests, you can visually modify the entire furniture of the room.

Choosing filler and upholstery

A special theme: what the semicircular sofas are made of. It is difficult to see the quality of the model's frame, metal or wood, at the time of purchase. It is located under the skin. Therefore, it is recommended to consider the protruding parts of the sofa and the legs.

Usually the frames of such furniture are made of wood, plywood and metal profiles. The optimal and high-quality option is a steel metal frame. It is of high quality and durable.

The next step is filler. In today's furniture market, polyurethane foam, synthetic winterizer, holofiber, springs are offered.

  • Sponge-like polyurethane foam is one of the most popular. It is durable, reliable, does not collect dust, and does not cause allergies.
  • The synthetic winterizer is the most inexpensive filler, moisture resistant, but it can clump into lumps.
  • Holofiber is durable, elastic, does not cause allergies, does not absorb odors and does not roll.
  • Springs are one of the most durable fillers. Withstand heavy loads, do not create irregularities on the surface. According to doctors' reviews, this option is very beneficial to health.

Today, any buyer can give free rein to their imagination about the upholstery of radius furniture. You can choose textiles, leather and leatherette of any color and texture. But, in any case, you need to calculate all the little things.

If your semicircular sofa is located in the kitchen area, it is better to choose upholstery made of flock fabric - its special impregnation will save your furniture from stains. For pet owners, this is an ideal option, because flock fabric belongs to the category of anti-vandal fabrics. There is also an option for Teflon impregnation: an accidentally spilled liquid on such a sofa will simply drain from the furniture, and will not get inside.

Genuine leather as upholstery is an expensive option, emphasizing a certain status of the owner of the furniture. The semicircular leather sofa will become the brightest spot in any design.

If a model with leather does not suit you, you can replace it with leatherette, since today manufacturers offer excellent options that are practically indistinguishable visually from natural leather of absolutely unique colors: light green, orange and blue.

Choosing a size

When choosing a semicircular sofa, you must take into account all the parameters of your home and the number of people who will be there. The number of modules of your furniture depends on these numbers. If the room where the radius sofa will be located is less than 25 square meters, it is better not to buy large pieces of furniture. In a small room, it will look bulky and hinder freedom of movement.

If you decide to buy a stylish semicircular sofa of a large size, you need to understand that it is he who becomes the main accent of a spacious living room or other rather large room. The number of seats in this case should be at least 5 - 6. The sofa should not block access to cabinets or a passage to another room, so as not to create a clutter effect.

The ideal option for placing the sofa in a semicircle are rooms with a bay window or a protruding part of the building. The window space of the bay window visually expands the room, into which the radius furniture will perfectly fit. It doesn't matter if it's a living room, bedroom or kitchen area.

Choosing a semicircular sofa in the bay window, you don't have to worry about the furniture cluttering it up. On the contrary, upholstered in leather or expensive textile material, with unusual pillows as an additional design, an oversized sofa measuring more than 3 meters will emphasize the purpose of this room. Large transformer models can transform into an exclusive bedroom if necessary.

Small sofas in a voluminous bay window are non-functional and are unlikely to fully emphasize its features. Is that the size of the most protruding part of the room is small. Then, if it is necessary to increase the number of seating places, you can use ottomans or "cubes" of the module.

Some buyers believe that choosing a sofa with an exact match of radiality for a semicircular bay window is not easy, but with today's design possibilities and furniture production technologies, everything depends only on your wishes.

The nuances of placement

Quite often, buyers who have opted for a semicircular model are faced with the problem of harmoniously "fitting" it into the interior of their home. It is clear that the unusual shapes of the radius sofa require a non-standard approach for its placement. Experienced designers give in this case some recommendations that need to be heeded.

In order for the semicircular sofa to harmoniously fit into the general background, it is desirable that its smooth shape be repeated in the surrounding interior: for example, an oval stretch ceiling will ideally complete the plan. A suitable option would be the inclusion of various accessories with rounded shapes in the interior. A chandelier or oval-shaped lamps will only emphasize the elegance of your choice.

Next to such a sofa, you can put a coffee table, which also repeats the semicircular shape. A semicircular mirror or the same floor carpet will save the day, fortunately, their choice is now huge on the market. Unfortunately, in a simple square apartment, a semicircular sofa can simply "get lost" visually, but even in this situation, a skilled designer will come to your aid.

An interesting solution would be to divide your space into specific zones. It can be a seating area of ​​the same shape - two exclusive semicircular sofas opposite each other, set by the fireplace or next to a large painting. The sleek sofas make it easy to separate the kitchen from the living room.

Oval-shaped furniture, arranged in a semicircle, will look very harmonious in the kitchen, in a large children's room, in a small-sized apartment - a studio and even in an office - it all depends on which variety you choose from the above.

In conclusion, it should be noted that by choosing a semicircular sofa, you will fulfill your main dream by becoming the owner of stylish and cozy furniture that will amaze everyone and become a testament to your original taste.

Beautiful photos of the sofa in the interior

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