Orthopedic sofas

Orthopedic sofas
  1. Features, pros and cons
  3. Varieties of orthopedic base
  4. Design and content
  5. How does a sofa for children work?
  6. Transformation mechanisms
  7. The size
  8. Rating of the best brands and models
  9. How to choose a quality sofa?
  10. Specialist recommendations
  11. Reviews

In the rhythm of modern life, one should not forget about a comfortable stay. When choosing furniture for sleeping, you need to consider not only convenience, but also health benefits. Orthopedic sofas are one of the developments in the furniture industry. They appeared after orthopedic mattresses and have a number of advantages over conventional ones.

Features, pros and cons

A distinctive feature of the orthopedic sofa is the presence of a special base and mattress with orthopedic properties. Such furniture is intended not so much for relaxing in front of the TV or family gatherings, but for healthy sleep. It is selected taking into account the growth of the person to whom it is intended and can be of different designs.

Unlike simple sofas, models with an orthopedic effect are designed with an even distribution of the load, therefore, they exclude the possibility of fatigue, pain in the spine, head and neck.

The orthopedic mattress does not bend as much as the soft counterpart and does not adapt to any, even unnatural posture of a person, therefore it will not cause a curvature of posture.

The base of the orthopedic sofa are springy lamellas of a curved upward shape (small flat boards located transversely to the length). Lamellas can be of different widths and locations relative to each other. They are made from steamed wood. It is thanks to them that the necessary support for the orthopedic mattress is created, as well as its anatomical characteristics are improved.


The trade marks represent a wide selection of furniture with orthopedic effect: on the modern market you can buy any model, taking into account your preferences. These are various "books", roll-out, swivel models, American and French clamshells and many others. The lines are constantly being updated, adding to the series a product with a different design mechanism.

Such sofas successfully replace beds, provide a comfortable sleep and, as a rule, fit perfectly into any interior. They have a flat surface, are the prevention of spinal diseases and prevent the occurrence of back pain in those who, due to the nature of their work, are forced to sit a lot while working or carry weights.

Such furniture contributes to the rehabilitation associated with spinal injuries and is excellent for children, as a measure to prevent improper development of the musculoskeletal system, if there is a curvature of the spine or poor posture.

Orthopedic sofas have many advantages:

  • due to the design of the base in the form of a lattice, excellent ventilation is created, due to which the mattress is provided by the gradual air from both sides (conditions for the formation of fungus and mold will not be created in it);
  • such furniture, as a rule, is made exclusively of high-quality materials that do not absorb odors, are resistant to moisture and have good air exchange;
  • thanks to the reinforced frame, long-term operation at full load is possible (not only weight, but also constant fast transformation of assembly and disassembly);
  • an orthopedic sofa successfully replaces a full bed, has a beneficial effect on the spine, promotes muscle relaxation and good rest (comfort);
  • among the collection of furniture with orthopedic properties, you can choose a sofa with additional features (massage effect, adjustable slats, relaxation);
  • the choice of models is so diverse that it satisfies even the most demanding preferences (variety of models, designs and colors);
  • thanks to the transformation mechanism, the orthopedic sofa can fit not only in a spacious, but also in a small apartment (compactness);
  • models with drawers allow you to organize a sleeping place, the arrangement of sleeping accessories, saving space in the closet;
  • the weight of orthopedic sofas is small, which allows unhindered movement around the room if necessary and does not complicate folding / unfolding of the structure.

In addition, you can choose the model of the desired size and to the specific interior of the room. Orthopedic sofas are equipped with a different design of the folding mechanism, which is very convenient and contributes to an individual approach to each customer.


With their positive properties, orthopedic sofas are much more expensive than conventional models. The price depends on the material of manufacture, the complexity of the transformation mechanism, the size of the model, the presence of an additional effect and accessories (pillows).

In addition, orthopedic sofas do not treat existing musculoskeletal problems such as scoliosis or poor posture. All they can do is just prevention. Therefore, you should not assume that resting on the couch will miraculously cure diseases of the spine: this is a long physical work, which consists in the systematic implementation of a set of special exercises.


The selection of orthopedic sofas is varied. The models differ in functionality, capacity, design and price. These can be completely different designs: anatomical with a block of independent springs for daily use, options with a box for linen, narrow or ordinary armrests, spring or traditional products with an orthopedic lattice.

Today there are several main types of such furniture:

  • folding (which unfolds like a book);
  • retractable (rolling out from below);
  • movable (construction with rollers running on the floor).

Varieties of orthopedic base

Elastic slats (or battens), which are attached to the base frame, create an elastic grid, giving the sleeping area the necessary elasticity. Thanks to them, the load is evenly distributed, and the best conditions for sleeping are created. They are attached along the perimeter at the same distance from each other. This base is called lamellar and is considered orthopedic.

The base can be made of wood, however, the option with a metal frame and a wooden lattice is considered the best and most reliable.

The base of an orthopedic sofa can be of two types: spring or springless.

At the heart of the mattress there is a spring block of two types:

  • dependent - the springs are interconnected;
  • independent - separate work of each spring.

The first option has a lesser orthopedic effect, and therefore is cheaper. The independent block model is considered the best and is in high demand.

Design and content

Structurally, sofas are divided into classic straight, corner and island models with orthopedic battens. Lamellas of any design are always wooden, the frame can be different (wooden, metal).

The main function of the mattress is to support the spine and ensure the correct position of the body during rest. The degree of support depends on the stiffness groups and their purpose:

  • soft - designed for light weight (up to 60 kg) and is not suitable for children;
  • medium hardness - intended for the bulk of people (60 - 90 kg) in order to relieve fatigue and relieve stress;
  • hard - ideal for children and people with back problems (from childhood).

Different materials are used as fillers in orthopedic sofas. The best mattress fillers are:

  • natural latex (foam obtained from hevea juice);
  • synthetic latex (a derivative of polyurethane foam);
  • coir (a product obtained from the intercarp coconut, coconut fleece);
  • struttofiber (a derivative of polyester with the addition of bamboo, wool);
  • holofiber (polyester fiber).

How does a sofa for children work?

Health-conscious parents choose different models. The most popular of these are the compact options, which can save space for games. The convenience of the design is its versatility: unlike its soft counterparts, you can not only sleep on such a sofa, but also draw, read, and play without even folding it. It perfectly replaces the playing area.

The upholstery material in models for children is quite dense, but softer than for adults. The design is designed in such a way that the child cannot hit.

A distinctive feature of the standard models is the high height of the support arms and backrest. In order to prevent mechanical injuries, there is no wood or metal decor in the design: this way the child will not get hurt while playing, resting or sleeping.

Often, designers play up the decoration, making the backs in the form of elements of large soft toys. The sides can be covered with leather material, and the back is covered with a large pillow in the form of an animal's muzzle. For a complete set, decorative paws are placed on the retractable part.

A teenage sofa is chosen on the basis of an adult with the difference that a firm mattress is needed.

Transformation mechanisms

Depending on the model, each variety has its own transformation mechanism. Each of them is convenient in its own way and takes into account the space of the room. According to the method of transformation, mechanisms are of several types.


Book - a standard model of two modifications. In one case, the seat rises up until the backrest is lowered. In the second, the seat is also pulled out, and the back is lowered by itself.


Click-gag - a sofa with a mechanism lock and a single base without gaps. For transformation, the seat is raised forward until the backrest is lowered, then it is lowered.


Dolphin - furniture with a special drawer in which a pull-out unit is located. The block is pulled out by the handle, lifting after it has been pushed back to the stop. This is a classic transformation of corner sofas.

Roll-out sofa

A roll-out sofa is a structure with a roll-out box and the subsequent application of a base with a filler.


The accordion is a model with an accordion-like mechanism. To fold out the sleeping bed, the seat is pulled forward and the backrest, which consists of two blocks, is automatically lowered.

American clamshell

American clamshell - option without linen drawer. Its transformation begins with stretching the backrest forward. It is lowered down, then grasped by the open block with legs and lowered down.

French clamshell

A French folding bed is a sofa, for which to unfold, the pillows located on the seat are first removed, then two folds are laid without touching the fixed back (sedaflex mechanism).


Eurobook is a model characterized by the simplicity of the mechanism: the seat is pushed forward, and the back is lowered, forming a bed of two blocks.


The sofa moves forward (tick-tock and pantograph).

The size

The parameters of any sofa are of great importance. It is from them that buyers are repelled, deciding on a choice. Furniture is selected in such a way that it not only serves as a resting place, but also does not yet clutter up the room.Sofas can be small (single), large (double, triple).

On average, a sofa with a width of 200 cm has a seat height of 0.45 cm and the parameters of blocks are 0.67 x 200 cm.In large models, the berth is 2 x 2 m. Corner sofas have a height of armrests equal to 60 - 80 cm, width from 1 m and a length of two meters.

When unfolded, the sofa can occupy an area of ​​2 m long, 1.2 m wide and more. When folded, it can take up a minimum of space (about 70 - 80 cm wide on average). Mini options (furniture for children) are usually more compact.

Rating of the best brands and models

Modern companies offer a wide range of orthopedic furniture. So that the purchase does not confuse, you can pay attention to several companies that have proven themselves well among the consumer:

  • Askona. Products with an orthopedic effect have received a lot of positive reviews as furniture that is comfortable to sleep on and easy to fold. Expensive but nice sofas with a relaxing effect.
  • Ormatek. Stylish sofas and orthopedic mattresses of various configurations and degrees of firmness, suitable for small apartments.
  • Dreamline. Sofas with an orthopedic mattress, differ in comfort, medium firmness and different bases (there are spring and springless). They do not sag, keep their shape well.
  • March 8... Furniture with a convenient transformation mechanism, characterized by a classic design. The collection has an additional backrest that adds comfort to the operation.
  • Atlanta. Budget compact sofas equipped with armrests and drawers for bed linen. They differ in functionality and are suitable for small apartments.
  • Natalie. Furniture that many customers love. It is comfortable, has a beautiful design and a medium firmness of the mattress.
  • Anderssen. Constructions with a high degree of reliability, silent mechanism and design elegance. They are equipped with spacious drawers, which can save space in the closet.
  • Dikul. Products (orthopedic mattresses) developed and tested at the Rehabilitation Center for Patients with Spinal Injury and Cerebral Palsy.
  • Vanguard... Comfortable sofa beds for comfortable sleep and relaxation. They are distinguished by an attractive design and a pleasant texture of the material.

How to choose a quality sofa?

Buying an orthopedic sofa requires a careful approach. This may not be the first model you like: it is important to choose a functional and reliable product of high quality.

It is necessary that the sofa is suitable in size and fits in the place prepared for it. In addition, it is worth considering that in expensive models the transformation mechanism is more reliable, it is able to withstand a heavy load with constant assembly and unfolding.

An equally significant point is the purpose: the price of the guest option and the model that replaces the bed is significantly different.

Buying an orthopedic sofa is not the case to carry it out online. It is necessary to be able not only to visual inspection: it is important to test the transformation mechanism, to evaluate the material by touch.

Specialist recommendations

In order not to make a mistake in choosing and purchase a successful model, experts suggest listening to the following recommendations:

  • the ideal solution will be the average indicators of stiffness and elasticity (extremes will cause pain in the back and neck area);
  • if, upon examination, a "looseness" of the frame is noted, this is the first sign of a bad product with a short service life;
  • the ideal transformation mechanism should be reliable and appropriate for the type of room;
  • the thickness of the filler should be at least 8 cm. It is great if steel is used as the basis for the springs;
  • the ideal filler is natural latex, not polyurethane, which rolls down and compresses very quickly;
  • lamellas should be made of wood (ideally beech or birch);
  • defects found during inspection in the form of uneven lines, clues, holes indicate a low-quality product that should not be considered as a purchase;
  • in a good model, the lamellas are installed in staples or rivets made of rubber (plastic), the distance between them should not be less than 35 cm;
  • Chipboard as a basis is useless: such a sofa will not last long (it is better to choose a model in which metal is combined with wood);
  • a reliable metal frame is more than 1.2 cm in diameter (it is great if there is a special powder coating that protects the metal structure from rust).

The following video will tell you about the points that you need to pay attention to first of all:

In addition, you can unfold and fold the sofa yourself several times to assess the quality and reliability of the mechanism. In general, it should take at least 10-15 minutes to inspect one model.

A sofa for a student is selected for several years, so it is worth choosing a model taking into account the growing organism.


Orthopedic sofas are a good purchase, buyers say. A lot of reviews left on the Internet have been devoted to this topic. There are different opinions among the comments. Some buyers firmly believe in the benefits of orthopedic sofas, considering them to be an assistant in the fight against spinal problems.

Other reviews point to some doubts about sleep comfort. When unfolded, seams are formed on the sofa, which can interfere with ideal rest. However, in order to understand whether the joints really interfere, it is worth making a purchase in a store where there is an opportunity to lie down and evaluate the relief of each joint.

Many users regret that the cost of orthopedic sofas is high. This poses a certain barrier to purchase and forces you to purchase not a sofa, but only a mattress with an orthopedic effect.

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