Modular corner sofa

Modular corner sofa
  1. Peculiarities
  2. Varieties
  3. Manufacturers and popular models
  4. Selection Tips

For the first time, model corner sofas appeared in Italy in the mid-80s of the last century. Many buyers liked them for their originality and uniqueness. Many soft goods makers have started to produce such unusual models.

Modular corner sofas are in great demand today. Almost every manufacturer of upholstered furniture offers in its assortment several models of comfortable and practical sofas of the modular system.


The modular corner sofa includes several sections. By design, it is very similar to a constructor. Modular sofas are characterized by the absence of a strict configuration, as well as rigid fixation of the sections.

Corner models can be used to design a variety of styles. They fit perfectly into the interior of the living room-kitchen, spacious halls.

The main advantages of modular corner sofas:

  • the size of the product is completely individual. You can independently buy the required number of modules that fit perfectly into the dimensions of your room. Some models include about 60 sections. For a spacious living room, you can use a combination of 4 or 5 modules, which are ideal for a study, sleeping section and watching TV;
  • the size of the protruding part can be adjusted. Usually it includes a roomy box for storing bedding and things, as well as a convenient cabinet;
  • if desired, you can easily change the configuration of the model. To do this, it is enough to separate the ottoman from the entire structure;
  • the corner module often contains a convenient shelf where you can mark out various little things;
  • if necessary, all sofa modules can be securely connected to each other. This option is ideal for a home where there are small children, as they take great pleasure in taking the sections apart;
  • some models have wide armrests that are used as a coffee table;
  • characterized by lightness and simplicity of transformation, compactness and functionality;
  • such a model is ideal for zoning spacious rooms, as well as for saving space;
  • modern manufacturers offer a wide range of models, shapes, dimensions.

If we talk about the disadvantages of such sofas, then difficulties arise when choosing modules for small rooms.

Such models are not cheap, since manufacturers pay attention to the reliability of the design, which allows for numerous permutations.


The modular corner sofa is distinguished by the originality of the structure, which allows it to be modified. Due to the variety of modules, the structure can be lengthened, additional elements can be installed, and the angle of placement can also be changed.

Modern upholstered furniture in a corner configuration is presented in two varieties:

  • The sectional version includes the presence of different blocks that are interconnected. It will take some effort to separate the sections or to swap them.
  • The transformable model is characterized by the absence of rigid fixation of the sofa elements. With the help of special fasteners, you can easily replace any module, change the angle or disassemble the upholstered furniture into parts. In this case, some models can be used as independent elements.

In order to choose the right sectional model for a particular interior, it is necessary to pay attention not only not to the upholstery of the product, but also to take into account the dimensions of the back and armrests, as well as the depth of the seat.

Sectional upholstered furniture is characterized by its versatility, since it allows you to create various configurations depending on the wishes of the owners.

A transformable sofa can be selected for small rooms, but you should be extremely careful so as not to overload the interior of the room with unnecessary details. These sofas are ideal for different modern styles such as minimalism, loft, modern or hi-tech.

Manufacturers and popular models

Many manufacturers offer stylish and beautiful modular corner sofas, which gives buyers freedom of choice. The most popular and demanded options include the following:

  • Montreal is a corner model that includes three modules: chair, corner and canapes with a spacious compartment for storing bedding. Each module can be used separately. This sofa is available in a variety of upholstery and textures. The corner piece is universal and can be positioned to the right or left. The model is presented in two colors, and attracts attention with combined fabrics.
  • Relax is a corner sofa, which, in comparison with the above-described model, has two additional armchairs. All elements can be put in a convenient order. The product is offered in many colors and textures. One module can withstand a load of up to 190 kg, since it is equipped with a reinforced and reliable structure. The proposed modifications can have canapes of different widths.
  • Cormac is a modern, minimalist sofa. Eco-leather is used for upholstery, which is characterized by increased wear resistance. The product is equipped with a convenient dolphin transformation mechanism, which allows you to quickly create a spacious sleeping place. This model is distinguished by the increased dimensions of the modules, so it is often chosen for a spacious living room. Thanks to the use of modern technologies, the seat of the sofa does not sag even after prolonged use.
  • Pharaoh is a luxurious corner sofa that stands out for its functionality. The model includes a small coffee table in the corner part, and another mobile type in the side section. The armrests are wide enough to accommodate shelves and a small pull-out bar. Pharaoh refers to expensive furniture, since it is made of wood (oak or beech), usually covered with fabric upholstery, and genuine leather is extremely rare.
  • Atlantis - this model is offered by a Russian factory for the production of upholstered furniture called "Sirius"... The sofa has two tabletops on both armrests. It is characterized by the presence of a spacious compartment for storing bedding. Thanks to the comfortable headrests on the back of the sofa, which are reminiscent of automobiles, you can have a great rest after a hard day at work. Due to its compact size, the model is ideal for small rooms. It has two sections, which are characterized by a strong connection.
  • Premier is a comfortable and large corner sofa. It attracts attention with its attractive appearance, equipped with a transformation mechanism, which makes it easy to create a comfortable double bed. It is often used to decorate bedrooms. This sofa can be used for a comfortable seating of a large number of guests due to the presence of a "pull-out seat". The model includes two compartments for storing clothes and bedding. The large size of the compartments is a good substitute for a small wardrobe.
  • Monica is a modular design characterized by a graceful and lightweight form. Additional comfort is provided by the soft side backrests, which are presented in the form of cushions. The canapé module is equipped with a spacious box for storing linen. Manufacturers offer luxury options in light and dark colors. Genuine leather or leatherette is used for upholstery. Usually the sofa is presented without a berth.

If we talk about manufacturers of modular corner sofas, then you should pay attention to Belarusian brands. Factories in Belarus offer models of excellent quality, which are characterized by an attractive appearance and are made from environmentally friendly materials. For example, the Premier model sofa was developed by the designers of the Borovichi factory.

The well-known Belarusian manufacturer "Laguna" offers a wide range of modular sofas. In their manufacture, different types of transformation are used (French, Belgian and American). Each option is user-friendly and durable. To unfold the sofa, you need to remove the pillows, and then take out the folding mechanism.

For an overview of the modular sofa, see the following video.

Selection Tips

The modular corner sofa is ideal for decorating interiors in different styles. But you should be careful when choosing a model so that it fits harmoniously into the interior of the room.

The main criteria for choosing a modular corner sofa:

  • the area of ​​the room and the size of the modules - large sections muffle the presence of decorative elements;
  • location - it is worth paying attention to the corner in which the sofa will be located, and also take into account which side will be elongated;
  • the quality and materials of the product - you should not purchase cheap analogs of modular sofas, since they will very quickly lose their original appearance, and the transforming elements may fail;
  • with limited financial resources, it is worth purchasing the basic modules, and eventually supplementing them with additional ones;
  • style purpose - models of upholstered furniture should harmoniously fit into the interior of the room.

Do not forget that the modular sofa can be used for sleeping thanks to the transformation mechanism. Unfolding should be quick and easy. The two-piece sofa section can be pulled out by pulling on the hinge.

It is worth paying attention to the internal filling of upholstered furniture. Many products include spring or springless units. Foam rubber, synthetic winterizer or synthetic fluff is used as a filler. Each material has advantages, but the main thing is an environmentally friendly filler.

When choosing a sofa, it is worth taking into account which room it will be located in. For example, for a living room, you can choose a model in a bright color that looks more elegant. A soft corner for a children's room or bedroom should easily turn into a sleeping place. For the kitchen, it is worth purchasing practical and roomy modules.

If you choose the right modular corner sofa, it will delight you with its ergonomics and functionality.

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