Choosing the right sofa

Choosing the right sofa
  1. Types and models
  2. Styles
  3. Transformation mechanisms
  4. Dimensions (edit)
  5. Materials (edit)
  6. For filler
  7. Where to place and how to place?
  8. Criterias of choice
  9. Fashion ideas in the interior

The sofa can rightfully be called the most common and most versatile attribute of furniture for sleeping and relaxing. There is nothing surprising, because the bed is only suitable for relaxing in a horizontal position, and the sofa can be accommodated both sitting alone and in a noisy company. It is worth considering what types of such furniture exist, how they differ from each other, how to choose the right sofa.

Types and models

There are quite a few types of sofas, and this is good, since a wide variety implies the ability to choose a model that suits a particular interior.

So, it is worth understanding what popular models exist, as well as the categories into which they are divided.

By appointment

Sofas can be divided into several types - according to their functionality and purpose.

For example, not every sofa is suitable for sleeping for every day, since it must meet certain requirements:

  • have a comfortable sofa mattress suitable for sleeping;
  • fold out into a full-fledged berth;
  • have orthopedic properties.

The vast majority of sofas do not fit this description, so only anatomical models with high-quality spring mattresses are suitable for daily sleep.

Sofas designed solely for seating generally do not have folding mechanisms, so they cannot be used for other purposes. Such sofas are usually found in the lobbies of hotels and resort hotels, in the living rooms of country houses, as well as in offices.

If the length of the sofa allows it, it can be used as a small berth.

When watching your favorite movie, you want to feel comfortable and relax as much as possible, so choosing a sofa for these purposes is a rather difficult task. It is necessary to take into account all personal desires and rely on the feeling of comfort and coziness obtained when sitting on a particular piece of furniture.

The most suitable home theater option is a large leather sofa with a comfortable recline and a raised footrest. Some of these products are equipped with a backrest retraction system, thanks to which you can take the most comfortable body position.

There are several options for sofas for a suburban outdoor recreation. These are, for example, swing sofas, which are soft, rather dense pillows located on a metal frame. More budget models are designed exclusively for sitting rest.

More expensive sofas of this kind are made of other metal alloys, they are of higher quality and have mechanisms that allow you to bring the swing sofas to a lying position, while fixing the surface (for a safer rest).

In addition, there are quite a few nice wicker sofas for garden and country recreation, which, in addition to soft seats and pillows, will appeal to every connoisseur of comfort.

By form

In addition, sofas vary in shape. You will be surprised to learn how unusual shapes are sometimes found in the design attributes of furniture. Next, the most popular and most unusual of them will be considered:

  • Unusual sofa is not only a functional place to relax, but also an interesting design solution that can decorate or complement the interior of any room.
  • Radius sofas look beautiful, forming a kind of open circle. Such models are ideal for spacious rooms, as well as for large companies. Thanks to this shape of the sofa, people will always be able to maintain eye contact, they will not lose the thread of communication.
  • The sofa ottoman-grand piano looks unusual, which is an attribute of furniture, outwardly similar to a musical instrument. Such a piece of furniture is suitable for decorating the interior of music rooms, as well as for complementing repairs in this style.
  • Classic luxury presented in the form of a sofa, the shape of which resembles a throne. It's all about the very high back, decorated in a special way, quilted squares and decorative stones. On such a sofa, everyone will feel like a king sitting on a throne.
  • Sofas in the shape of lips look very extravagant (and at the same time somewhat vulgar). Such models are completely unsuitable for home interior decoration, they can only be used to complement any fashionable salons or showrooms.
  • Corner sofas can have other shapes. - in addition to standard right angles. For example, models for difficult angles are products equipped with several "steps", thanks to which you can integrate a piece of furniture even into a room with corner niches.
  • Newfangled development of designers - modular systems of transforming sofas. It is a piece of furniture consisting of several parts (not fastened to each other) that can be freely moved, giving the product a completely different appearance.
  • Soft round sofas are very popular, which are sometimes presented in an unusual form. For example, a yin-yang sofa designed for two, when connected, is a round piece of furniture that is divided into two oblong parts.
  • Of course, one cannot fail to mention the standard rectangular shape. sofas, which is the most practical in everyday life. A rectangular sofa is much easier to place indoors, it is the most compact and does not require interior refinements that match the design of the piece of furniture.

By construction and design

Design ideas are sometimes reflected in the entire design of the sofa, affecting and directly influencing the change in it. shape as a whole (or to change the shape of small, but play an important role of details):

  • Legged sofas most often they do not have a folding mechanism and are intended exclusively for sitting rest. In folding models, the legs may not be very practical, since their presence can make the structure of the sofa more fragile, which will greatly affect the life of the piece of furniture.
  • Stationary sofas, intended for use in apartments and houses, as a rule, have a fairly simple design, which is most suitable for any interior. Most often, such models are presented in a rectangular design and are quite simply decorated - a monochromatic surface or a combination of soft shades close in color palette.
  • Otamanka sofas are quite popular - an additional piece that is a functional part of the sofa. It can be simply attached (special place for the legs) or specially attached - in the case of corner sofas. Sofas with a chaise longue differ in a similar design principle.
  • High back sofas are good for decorating rooms, but they may not be very convenient. It all depends on the angle of inclination: a straight, high back can cause discomfort, since it will not allow the muscles of the back and neck to relax. A small angle of inclination of the back will be very useful, it is suitable for a pleasant stay.
  • It is very compact and quite convenient. sofa pouf. The model is a low padded pouf, suitable for relaxing in a sitting position. The sofa-pouf is ideal for small spaces, dressing rooms, hallways and balconies.
  • Many classic models have standard soft armrests, thanks to which the piece of furniture looks whole. But some furniture items (for example, a sofa) are equipped with wooden sides. Such models are similar to sofas in retro style.
  • Some rooms designed for large home theatersin, equipped with special types of sofas, consisting of elastic large pillows-modules. Most often, some part of the floor surface is covered with such pillows, and the backs of the sofa are also constructed - it turns out a comfortable and stylish place for watching movies.
  • Sofa beds have a definite advantage over other models - folding and folding mechanism. Models not equipped with these mechanisms are much less functional.
  • Power convertible sofas are very popular. The models are equipped with special mechanisms that allow you to control the position of the armrests, backrest and footrest using the remote control. These models are not suitable for sleeping, but they can be a great option for home entertainment and relaxation with friends and family.
  • In country houses, in rooms with low wide window sills, it is possible to build an unusualbut very stylish and comfortable product. Sill-sofa does not need to make any special structures, it is enough just to strengthen the surface and supplement it with soft pillows that will act as seats.
  • The main decor of sofas is quilted elements. Another design move is also interesting, which has certain similarities with the previous one. The couch-tie sofas look truly luxurious and fit perfectly into the framework of the classic style.

Additional elements

In addition to all the internal components that determine the purpose, functionality and appearance of the sofa, there are many additional elements, thanks to which the piece of furniture acquires new properties - a plus to the existing ones.

For example, a sofa with a built-in bar will be an excellent find for decorating the interior of a man's office or a spacious living room, in which a large number of guests always gather. A bar equipped in a sofa is most often located in the back and can be of two types:

  • Hidden bar - cover, decorated under the back of the piece of furniture itself, "hides" when closed.
  • Bar in seat - most often located in the corner of the corresponding sofas and has a wooden closing door.

Some corner models are equipped with special shelves located in the corner. Often, such a shelf is located at the level of the back of the sofa and acts as an addition to the built-in bar. But it also happens that the shelf is an independent part of the furniture product.

Some sofas have a special technology. It provides the most pleasant stay in a comfortable position. This is a recliner. This technology allows not only to adjust the angle of the backrest, but also to raise the lower part, providing rest for the legs.

Some sofas are equipped with special massage mechanisms and massage rollers. The electronic remote control allows you to customize massage modes, determining the intensity of movements that is right for your body.

These products are quite expensive, but they provide maximum relaxation for the whole body.

In addition, some models can be equipped with pull-out worktops, hidden storage areas, hidden safes and adjustable armrests.

Models with speakers will perfectly fit into an apartment or home for those who like to relax to music or become an integral part of a home theater.

The choice of a model with any additional equipment should be carried out, focusing on the atmosphere of the room in which the sofa will be located - a model with a minibar is hardly suitable for a bedroom, but a sofa massager will be quite appropriate.


The variety of children's models is much larger than the range of adult sofas. Yes, they are not always equipped with any special additional functions, however, they do not need such products, but they still have a number of certain requirements:

  • A children's sofa must have a streamlined shape.... It is very good if the model has soft upholstery over the entire surface. This decor will avoid injury to the baby.
  • Armrests are requiredwhich must be well secured. This detail will allow you to ensure a restful sleep without worrying about the baby falling off the couch - the armrests will help prevent this.
  • The presence of a drawer at the bottom of the sofa will be relevantto help your little one keep their room tidy and keep toys in a safe, easy-to-use storage area.
  • Since children prefer outdoor gameswhich sometimes involve climbing and jumping on the sofa, you need to make sure that the piece of furniture is more durable than the “adult” piece.
  • It is advisable to choose a model with the simplest transformation system., which will allow the baby to cope with the transfer of the piece of furniture to the sleeping place on his own.
  • The main condition is the hypoallergenicity of the upholstery material... Since the child's body is only getting stronger and is quite susceptible to all external factors, it is necessary to take care of the safety of the baby's health, preventing various harmful microelements from entering his body.
  • In addition, there are some anatomical and orthopedic requirements.... As a child's body develops, it is necessary to observe all the necessary conditions for its proper development, including the appropriate sleep conditions, which help to maintain the health of the spine.

As for the design of sofas, there are many options, because children love everything bright and unusual. In addition, modern technologies make it possible to produce sofas of various shapes and sizes, equipping them with details with images of your favorite characters from children's cartoons.

Among the models for boys, sofas in the form of airplanes, cars and spaceships have gained particular popularity, and for girls, pieces of furniture in the form of a princess throne, flowers, carriages or with images of the characters of the corresponding cartoons ("Barbie", "Masha and the Bear") are more relevant.

Older children prefer plain sofas in bright colors - red, pink, yellow, green, light blue, blue. They are complemented by stylish pillows and bedspreads.


An interior in a certain style needs appropriate pieces of furniture to complement it. It would be reasonable and logical to choose a piece of furniture that matches the style and fits into the interior concept:

  • For example, variations of the technical style, modern hi-tech look very good in the form of furniture attributes data. Such styles are characterized by the predominance of simple ornaments in the form of geometric shapes, and the color scheme does not go beyond the black, white, gray and metallic shades.
  • The so-called loft style is very popular. Still would! The modern interior, although it includes some elements of negligence (open brickwork or pipe structures), is still incredibly cozy. Sofas in this style have the same slightly sloppy appearance, combining metal elements and upholstery made from natural materials.
  • Recently, eco style is gaining popularity. It's all about the growing popularity of Vedic culture and environmental protection. For the manufacture of sofas in this style, materials of natural origin are used, and as for the colors, soft natural shades are popular.
  • Patchwork sofas look very bright, stylish and unusual, as it is characterized by a combination of elements of different shades (with a variety of prints). Sofas are made exclusively from fabrics, but this does not use a holistic fabric, but a lot of sewn together patches.
  • Timeless classics are always popular... As you already know, classic style always makes real luxury items out of ordinary furniture. Soft expensive fabrics, decoration with decorative stones, carriage brace and wooden elements with carved decor - sofas in a classic style look just incredible.
  • For Art Nouveau style some minimalism is characteristic - the simplest design, a minimum of decor and prints. Uniform shades of sofas are welcome, and materials that are as far as possible from nature are used in the manufacture - metal, plastic and artificial fabrics.
  • Some minimalism is also present in the Japanese style. Light colors and the most simple design are the basis of the interior in this style. Japanese-style sofas don't have to be pretentious and flashy. It is very good if the model is of a standard rectangular shape, without prominent elements.
  • Sofas also look nice with various oriental prints meeting in Turkish style and boho.

Transformation mechanisms

The functionality and life of the sofa largely depend on which sliding mechanism a particular piece of furniture is equipped with. There are quite a few of them, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It is worth considering the most popular sofa transformation mechanisms and their features:

  • Pantograph mechanism known for its simplicity and ease of use. The seat rises and moves forward, creating an empty space in its place. A part of the backrest, equipped with a soft spring mattress, is lowered to this place. This creates a fairly spacious sleeping place.
  • "Eurobook" differs in a similar principle of unfolding the berth. The sofa has a sliding mechanism: the seat slides out, and part of the back rests down into the resulting space. There is no need to raise the seat, just pull it out towards you.
  • Unfold sofa with dolphin mechanism quite simple - the process does not require much effort. As a rule, there is a retractable block under the seat, which can be straightened with a simple effort - just by pulling this part towards you using a special handle. After that, this part is fixed at the level of the sofa seat, forming a full-fledged sleeping place.

This mechanism is very convenient and reliable, so it can be said without a doubt: the sofa will serve for many years. The only significant disadvantages of such a mechanism can be attributed to the fact that simple straight models do not have a laundry box. In order for the sofa to be equipped with such an add-on, you should purchase a corner model.

  • Linen drawers that are part of exclusively corner models - not uncommon for sofas with the puma decomposition mechanism. The principle of operation of this mechanism is as follows: part of the seat is lifted and pushed forward, while the other part, located under it, is brought up and fixed at the level of the seat.
  • Conrad transformation mechanism very unusual, but very practical, because (despite the complexity of the whole design) in models with this mechanism there are linen boxes. The berth consists of three parts, which slide out one after the other and are fixed on special bases.
  • Today, there are not only retractable mechanisms. There are many convertible sofas, which are based on a special swivel mechanism. It is worthwhile to figure out what options for mechanisms working on this principle exist.

Sofas with folding bed transformation mechanisms are divided into several types, each of which has certain differences:

  • "French clamshell" is a classic among models with similar movements. This sofa is more practical if used solely as a seating position. For sleeping and resting, this forward-facing design is hardly suitable, since it is considered very uncomfortable. She cannot provide a good rest.
  • American clamshell model is a more durable and more comfortable construction. For the manufacture of parts, strong alloys are used, and the mattress itself may even have springs of quite good quality.
  • Italian version of the clamshell mechanism called a flip-flop, since the sofa unfolds when the back is moved forward and the entire structure is turned over. After turning, the berth is fixed on special supports. The sofa mattress is equipped with a fairly strong spring block, which makes it very comfortable for sleeping.

Dimensions (edit)

Sofas have different size characteristics, which directly depend on both the model and the mechanism. Using the most common models as an example, it is worth considering which sizes correspond to certain options for furniture products:

  • Corner sofas. As a rule, these models, equipped with a sliding mechanism that forms a berth, are quite impressive in size. But there are also small, very compact sofa models. In terms of height, all corner models are usually the same: with an armrest, the height is about 90 cm, without an armrest - lower. The width of the berth of such sofas can vary in the range of 120-200 cm (depending on the compactness of the model). Large sofas are perfect for spacious rooms, but a small piece is ideal for a studio apartment (or just fine as a single piece of furniture).
  • Straight sofas. Straight designs tend to be much more compact than corner sofas. They are much smaller, as some may be shorter while others will be shorter. However, it often happens that the sofa combines both qualities and has a very small size. Small straight sofas can have a width of about 140, 150, 180 cm. These sizes are quite suitable for one or two people. The average length of a straight sofa is about 2 m, but there are also more overall models, the length of which reaches 3 meters.

Materials (edit)

There is a great variety of materials used to make sofas. It is important to choose a model not only with high-quality upholstery, but also with a strong frame, elastic filler, corresponding to some anatomical properties.

There are various options for the filling, frame and upholstery of sofas, which are most suitable for long-term daily use.

For upholstery

Fabric upholstery is very pleasant to the touch, but not always practical, since not every material that looks attractive is characterized by increased wear resistance. You should be smart about choosing a sofa from a particular material, having previously familiarized yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of each option:

  • For example, soft and cozy velor has not only a beautiful and pleasant to the touch surface, but also has high strength, due to the fact that the material is made exclusively from natural fibers. A piece of furniture in such upholstery will become an interior decoration, as it looks incredibly beautiful.
  • Flock upholstered sofas not only look no less attractive, but are also pleasant to the touch, as they have a soft velvet-like surface. Although the material wears out quite quickly, it is still considered quite durable and holds well, even with daily heavy loads.
  • Quite a long time the most popular materialsuitable for the upholstery of sofas was considered tapestry... This material is not only very durable and luxurious, but also environmentally friendly. It is thanks to these three characteristics that it has a rather high cost.
  • Jacquard is no less attractive in appearance, which is also a fairly popular sofa upholstery option. The material is incredibly dense and durable, and all thanks to a special technology of weaving of fibers with a high degree of rigidity. The fabric has one significant drawback - it is not resistant to moisture, since getting wet can lead to a complete or partial loss of functionality.
  • Often, a material such as matting is used for upholstery of sofas - fabric of high density, having a soft, but uneven surface ("checkerboard"). Matting sofas look pretty nice, but they are not always considered durable, since the fabric gets tousled quite quickly.
  • Quite popular options for upholstery are leather and leatherette. Both materials have a similar surface, but have completely different properties. Leather sofas are much more practical and durable, while leatherette has a rather short lifespan.
  • For country houses, spacious balconies and garden areas, a wicker sofa would be the best solution. The product has a very durable surface, which is able to maintain its durability for many years. In addition, wicker furniture does not lend itself to moisture, making it quite practical to clean.

For frame

The frame of a furniture product is a very important (perhaps the main) component of it. It is impossible to make a practical product with a long service life without a high-quality frame. You need to figure out which materials are the most practical and best suited for making sofa frames.

The most common is the timber frame. Since it is made from solid wood, it is considered to be very strong and durable, and with proper wood processing, it can be attributed to wear-resistant materials with a very long service life.

In addition, not only the main frame of the sofa, but also its other parts are made from various types of wood. For example, for the construction of the walls and the lower part of the linen box, rather strong sheets of chipboard are used. If the model has wooden armrests, chipboard is used.

Bars of different sizes, plywood and different types of boards are also used.

In some cases, the metal frame is considered stronger and more durable. Indeed, high-quality metal does not lend itself to moisture, does not dry out from excessive dryness of the air and too high temperatures in the room.

However, the metal frame is very rarely used as an independent part of the sofa, since it is almost always complemented by strong wooden slats on which the filler and mattress are fixed.

For filler

Characteristics of various fillers:

Spring block Polyurethane foam Sintepon Holofiber Synthepukh
Description Quality steel springs housed in a special fabric cover. A material that resembles a sponge or polyurethane foam in texture. It is the result of mixing several synthetic components. Polyester fibers forming a single nonwoven fabric are of a fairly large volume. Polyester fibers converted into special balls, which are also treated with silicone. Siliconized fibers forming a fairly hollow material.
Specifications It is considered one of the most durable sofa fillers. It is considered the most popular sofa filler. Has a fairly low cost. It is quite high quality. It is considered the most budgetary and most suitable substitute for natural downy hair.
Application area It is used for the manufacture of seats and backs. It is used for the manufacture of almost all parts of the sofa. It is involved in the manufacture of almost all elements of the sofa. It is used exclusively for the manufacture of rollers and pillows. Suitable for making pillows, soft armrests and cushions.
Advantages Reliability, long service life, provides a flat surface of the sleeping area, high air permeability, meets anatomical requirements. Hypoallergenic material, not a source of dust accumulation, rather elastic, elastic, has different degrees of rigidity. The material is lightweight and resilient, resistant to high humidity, has a high degree of thermal insulation, and is resistant to the development of fungi and bacteria. Lightweight, soft, warm material with relatively low cost. It does not burn, does not absorb odors and does not rot when exposed to high humidity. Resistant to odors and heavy loads. Low cost, the material is lightweight, it is possible to use dry cleaning, it is moisture resistant and is able to maintain its original shape for a long time.
disadvantages Over time, it starts to creak, has a rather high cost, the variety of forms of sofas is limited, if you need to replace the spring blocks, repairs can be very expensive. For some, a sofa with such a filler may seem too tough, it quickly loses its shape and squeezes. It is not suitable for use in its pure form, over time it gets confused and crumpled. No significant shortcomings have been identified. The disadvantages include only synthetic origin. Since the material has hypoallergenic properties, its origin is not considered a serious disadvantage either.

You can find out more about the fillers for the sofa in the video below.

Where to place and how to place?

The choice of a high-quality and comfortable sofa is far from everything; you need to take care of its correct placement. For example, in the office, the sofa has a special location. Since the desk in the office should be located in the central part or in the area near the window, you should place the sofa on the left or right side of the table, close to the wall. It is very good if the sofa is located along the wall, opposite the window.

The correct positioning of the sofa in the kitchen is an important part of the interior decoration of the room. It is best to position the sofa in such a way that people are always facing or sideways to the kitchen unit. If we are talking about a corner model, it is best to put the sofa in the corner, by the window.

As a rule, in the living room, the sofa is placed against the wall - in front of the TV. But for a quality rest, it is necessary to take into account not only the model of the sofa, but also the distance at which it is located from the TV.

The standard distance at which the sofa should be from the TV (recommended by physicians) is about 250-300 cm. This distance is safe for watching TV (without consequences for eyesight).

Criterias of choice

For the correct choice of this piece of furniture, suitable for the type of a particular room, certain criteria must be taken into account:

  • Reliability. Not every person has the funds to replace furniture annually, so you should take care of the durability of this product. The reliability and durability of a piece of furniture is usually ensured through the use of materials of the highest category. Only a truly high-quality sofa is durable.
  • The next selection criterion is convenience. To relax in a cozy atmosphere, it is necessary to choose not only a high-quality, but also a comfortable piece of furniture that meets all the personal wishes of the buyer.
  • The sofa should be easy to use. Too complex designs and folding mechanisms can cause certain inconveniences, as well as dissatisfaction with a piece of furniture that should serve for rest and relaxation.
  • The piece of furniture must be very functional. The best option is a sliding one, which provides the room with an additional sleeping place.
  • External features. It is worth choosing the upholstery and color, focusing on your individual preferences.

Fashion ideas in the interior

Consumers are very attracted to the following interesting options:

  • Very stylish design of the recreation area - a blue corner sofa located in the corner by the window in a bright room. It will become its central decorative element. The interior is complemented by a small coffee table, bookshelves in the form of square cells, lamps and indoor plants.
  • An interesting idea of ​​distinguishing between sleeping space and recreation area. The bed, located by the window, is separated by a low partition, on the other side of which there is a small corner sofa. The interior is complemented by patterns, modular paintings and a bookshelf.
  • A large corner sofa in a light blue shade fits very well into the room with blue walls, decorated with elements of the hunting style. The sofa, located in the central part of the room, divides the room into two zones: for eating and resting.
  • The spacious gray corner sofa fits perfectly into the seating area... The bookcase behind it, as well as soft pillows and poufs for the legs, are conducive to a wonderful pastime in the company of a couple of interesting books.
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