How to choose a sofa for a teenage girl?

  1. Features of teenage furniture
  2. Varieties
  3. Mechanisms
  4. Additional functions
  5. Selection rules
  6. Beautiful examples in the interior

Nowadays, the choice of teenage furniture is so great that it can be quite difficult to find the perfect model. So, a lot of sofas alone are on sale. There are both classic and avant-garde, and small, and very large options. It is worth considering in detail how to choose the right sofa for a teenage girl, and what requirements the ideal model should meet.

Features of teenage furniture

Currently, the choice of soft furniture for children and adolescents is unusually diverse. You can choose the ideal option for an interior of any stylistic direction. In addition, you can choose a sofa for a girl, even if the room is very small. Teenage furniture in our time is represented not only by strict classical pieces, but also by bold, original products that can transform the interior of a room. In furniture salons there are products of different colors, so we can safely say that it will be possible to find a suitable specimen for an environment made in any color.

One of the most important attributes that any teenage furniture must have is its safety. And it does not matter at all how old the girl is. For example, sofas with sides that can prevent falls are recommended for babies. As for teenage options, the sides are not mandatory for them, but the absence of sharp corners will be a big plus. In addition, such furniture should not have protruding metal parts on the frame - you can accidentally hurt yourself in a hurry about them.

Furniture for teenagers should be of high quality. Really reliable and durable models are made from safe and high quality materials. If you want to save money and buy a cheap sofa, then you should be prepared for the fact that very soon it will begin to deform and lose its attractive appearance. Another feature of teenage furniture is its convenience. Such products should be as comfortable as possible to use, otherwise it will be simply uncomfortable for the girl to rest on such a sofa. When equipping a nursery or a room for a teenager, many people prefer multifunctional models with various additional details, for example, drawers, wardrobes or cabinets - there are a lot of options. These types of teenage sofas are especially in demand, as they solve several problems at once and allow you to save free space in the house.


In most cases, children's rooms have a small area, so sofas have to be selected for them, keeping this feature in mind. Fortunately, the choice of various models of upholstered furniture for teenagers is simply huge, so it will be possible to choose the best piece regardless of the size of the available space. It is worth considering in detail what types of sofas for teenage girls are offered by modern manufacturers. Upholstered furniture options such as sofa beds can be used day and night. The functional and most comfortable sofa beds are best suited for this. Many consumers are turning to them today.

Such models are as follows:

  • single;
  • attic type;
  • transformers.

Single bed options are very similar to standard beds. They have an addition in the form of three backs. Thanks to such elements, in the daytime the bed turns into an ordinary sofa, especially if you complete such furniture with thick pillows near the longest back. Such products have the following advantages:

  • the presence of several additional sections, in which various sleeping accessories are usually folded;
  • reliability and durability of the structure, due to the fact that such furniture does not need to be regularly folded and unfolded in order to prepare a place for sleeping;
  • the current sofa beds are available in numerous options with different types of upholstery.

Most often, people buy multifunctional models that have roll-out or drawers. As for the loft-type sofa, which is popular today, it is a furniture structure consisting of two tiers. In them, the place to sleep is on top, and the sofa itself is on the bottom. Do not confuse such models with the classic two-level options, since the latter have two sleeping beds, and only one in the loft sofa. Most consumers prefer this model of a teenage sofa, since it has such advantages as:

  • it does not have to be constantly folded and unfolded, so the furniture will last longer, because mechanical parts will not wear out;
  • often, the side walls of loft sofas are equipped with additions such as sports sections or corners (it is permissible to install sections for storing things);
  • such models take up little free space in the room, combining several functional components in their design.

Practical and multifunctional transforming sofas are in enviable demand today. Such models of upholstered furniture are found in many homes. So, the most popular and demanded is the sofa, which seamlessly transforms into a comfortable bed. Such convertible sofas have such main advantages as:

  • a chic selection of various models with various shapes, colors and folding mechanisms;
  • some varieties of the transformer can be easily positioned against a narrow wall in the room;
  • when folded, such sofas take up very little space, but if you unfold them, they easily turn into full-fledged sleeping beds;
  • different fillers may be present in such products (experts advise giving preference to options with orthopedic blocks, independent springs or latex);
  • transformers are represented by models with different prices - there are both very expensive and budget copies that everyone can afford;
  • it is very convenient to use such furniture - it easily unfolds and folds (a teenage girl can easily cope with this, since no extra effort is needed).

There are also types of teenage sofas in which there is a lifting bed. To organize a bed in a similar model, you need to lower the bed, which is in an upright position behind the sofa. These types of upholstered furniture can also be safely purchased for a teenage girl. They have the following advantages:

  • look aesthetically pleasing and original;
  • the mechanisms in these models are very easy and simple to operate;
  • take up little free space in the children's room.


The functional and easy-to-use sofa beds are equipped with various mechanisms. They act in different ways. It is worth taking a closer look at the most popular existing sofa designs.

  • Roll-out. This mechanism is considered one of the strongest and most durable. In addition, it has excellent stability, as noted by many consumers.When folded, roll-out sofas take up very little space in a teenager's room, which is very important when it comes to a modest area. These models unfold very simply - you need to pull the sofa seat towards you, and the place to sleep will be ready. However, it should be borne in mind that upon completion of unfolding, such furniture loses in height - when folded, roll-out sofas are higher.
  • Accordion. This mechanism is small in size. Sofas with him are transformed very simply - a teenage girl can easily cope with this furniture. Sofas with accordion mechanism consist of 2 parts. If you pull on the special loop located at the bottom of the backrest, the product will easily take a horizontal position. At the same time, the place to sleep from the side will look like a comfortable and cute bed with armrests.
  • Click-gag. This popular sliding mechanism was developed in France. It closely resembles designs called books. The transformation of such a sofa usually takes place without too much noise. At the same time, he can take three main positions: sitting, lying and reclining. Pillows on the sides in this model can act as both armrests and headrests. It is recommended to install sofas with a click-gag mechanism in rooms where girls who are at least 8 years old live.
  • Dolphin. This is another common mechanism that is installed in many options for corner sofas. To organize a sleeping place in such furniture, you will need to slightly pull on the strap located at the bottom of the sofa. With the help of the hinge, the block hidden under the seat will first move forward. This version of upholstered furniture is suitable for a teenage girl who lives in a fairly spacious room.

Additional functions

The choice of the ideal sofa for a teenage girl is often influenced by the presence of such additional functional components as:

  • convenient internal drawers or additional sections, in which various things and bedding are usually stored;
  • sports corners and side walls of two-level options;
  • in models called attics, sleeping and living areas are often combined;
  • attics are also often complemented by small staircases that lead to the second tier, where the sleeping place is.

Selection rules

When choosing the right sofas for a teenage girl's room, there are several important criteria to consider.

  • Manufacturing material... Experts recommend giving preference to natural wood products. Yes, they are usually expensive, but they are environmentally friendly and last a very long time. Models made of MDF or chipboard will cost less, but they look simpler, and their service life is much shorter than that of wooden specimens (chipboard is a completely toxic material, which contains formaldehyde resins). Metal products can also be used, but they are usually very heavy and may not be very convenient for a teenage girl to use.
  • Upholstery. Experts advise to give preference to such types of textiles as microfiber, flock, jacquard, velor, chenille or cotton. The color of the fabric should match the interior as a whole.
  • Filler. It is worth choosing sofas in which there is a high-quality and environmentally friendly filler. Of course, a model with foam rubber will cost cheaply, but it will not last so long and will quickly lose its visual appeal. It is advisable to choose more expensive options with a high quality orthopedic mattress.
  • Design and functionality. Before going to the store for a suitable sofa model, you should decide in advance what functions you want to see in it.
  • Build quality. Before buying furniture, you should definitely examine it carefully - there should be no damage, abrasions or protruding sharp parts of the internal structure on the sofa. In addition, you need to check the operation of the mechanism - it should not emit extraneous noise, squeaks or rattles. A sales assistant should assist in the verification process. If the model is damaged or the mechanism is malfunctioning, then it is better to refuse the purchase.
  • Manufacturer. Purchase only branded sofas. They are usually expensive, especially if it is a large foreign manufacturer. It is better not to chase too cheap products, since they often do not last long and quickly lose their attractive appearance.

Beautiful examples in the interior

A properly selected sofa for a nursery or a teenager's room will provide not only a comfortable rest for its owner, but will also become a harmonious addition to the existing interior. Moreover, the furnishings can be made in almost any style - thanks to a wide selection of upholstered furniture, choosing the right option will not be difficult. It is worth considering several harmonious interiors of children's rooms, where sofas of different modifications and colors are present:

  • In a room with cream walls and light parquet flooring, a stationary beige wood sofa with orange seat and back upholstery will look great. On the wall behind the furniture, you can hang a picture with summer landscapes, lay a green carpet on the floor and reinforce it with green translucent curtains on the windows.
  • A charming hot pink sofa with a velvet carriage headband will be a wonderful addition to a room with monochrome wallpaper adorned with large pink flowers. A light cream laminate should be laid on the floor.
  • A snow-white transforming sofa with wooden bumpers will look spectacular in a children's room with pale pink walls, brown floor, lined with parquet. You can complete this ensemble with purple and pink pillows, a large ceiling chandelier with white round shades and drawings or paintings on the wall above the sofa.

For information on how to choose a sofa for a teenage girl, see the next video.

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