Sofa with transformation mechanism "French folding bed"

Sofa with transformation mechanism French folding bed
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Sofas with a French folding bed mechanism are the most common. Such folding structures consist of a strong frame, in which there is a soft material and textile sheathing, as well as the main part for sleeping. Such sofas are transformable, so the sleeping place in them can be located in the inner part of the frame, and pillows are located on top.

Features and Benefits

Sofas with such designs can be folded and folded back very easily. Everyone can cope with this task.

It is worth noting the compactness of upholstered furniture with a French clamshell mechanism. A full-fledged sleeping place for two people, with the help of a couple of light movements, can turn into an ordinary sofa of medium or small sizes.

The "French clamshells" have a simple three-fold mechanism. It fits in a sofa that is no more than 70 cm deep.

As a rule, such products are inexpensive. You can pick up such pieces of furniture not only for every taste, but also for every wallet. Their advantage is convenience. The sofas are equipped with comfortable seating, complemented by soft cushions of different sizes and unchanged armrests.

Such designs are functional and can be supplemented with various details. For example, in models with a welded mesh base, an orthopedic mattress is provided.

Folding models are not recommended for daily use. They are more suitable for living rooms where guests can be accommodated at night. Regular operation can lead to rapid wear of the mechanism, which is very vulnerable and easily deteriorates.

Modern manufacturers offer a huge range of convertible sofas with a three-fold mechanism. Furniture can be made not only in a modern, but also in a classic style. With the help of such products, you can transform the interior and make it more functional.


There are several types of transforming sofas. They differ from each other in mechanisms and designs.

  • The classic "French clamshell" consists of three segments. When folded, this three-seater sofa is small and takes up little space. If you expand it, then it easily turns into a large and spacious three sleeping bed. This option is one of the most common and affordable today.
  • A sofa on a welded grate is ideal for everyday use.... Such clamshells are rightfully recognized as the most reliable and durable. They are more expensive, since their performance characteristics are in many ways superior to other types of folding models. Such furniture can be equipped with an orthopedic mattress, which makes it even more functional and comfortable. Also, these sofas allow you to use comfortable spring mattresses, the thickness of which does not exceed 15 cm. With such details, the load on the berth can reach 200 kg. As a rule, clamshells with such reliable designs last at least 5-7 years. Their service life can be extended by regularly lubricating the moving parts of the frame. Such simple maintenance will not only provide increased wear resistance of all parts, but will also allow you to get rid of an unpleasant squeak.
  • The economy class category includes simple folding beds with an awning or mesh. At the base of such pieces of furniture, metal frames are located. Polypropylene awnings or woven metal nets are attached to them using a sewn-in wire. Such designs are in many ways similar to Soviet folding beds or the iron beds equipped with a net, which were popular at that time. Today, the technology for the production of folding sofas has changed a lot, and materials for the manufacture of frames are used of higher quality and more durable.

It is worth considering the fact that after a while such a sleeping place will begin to sag and lose its attractive appearance. It will also not be very comfortable to sleep on.

  • A more reliable and durable option is an awning-lat clamshell. Such upholstered furniture contains special bent-glued and elastic parts called armor. It is these elements that take on the lion's share of the load from the weight of a sleeping person. The well thought-out construction, equipped with battens, does not sag or stretch. By pressing the birch or beech veneer, the lamellas are given a curved shape. After that, the seats become springy and take on an orthopedic effect. Modern manufacturers (both foreign and Russian) produce such clamshells with 4 armor, which are attached to the frame using durable plastic attachments. In another way, such parts are called lat-holders.
  • If a sofa contains a large amount of armor (up to 14), then it is orthopedic. Such models are convenient. In them, the battens are arranged in a transverse manner and are attached to the frame. At the same time, there is no awning in these structures.

Materials (edit)

Both natural and synthetic materials are used in the manufacture of popular "French folding beds".

Sofas may contain different fillers. Let's take a closer look at the most common options:

  • One of the most common fillers for upholstered furniture is furniture polyurethane foam. It is a foamed and sponge-like material. PPU is different. In the production of furniture, a soft variety of this raw material is often used. It is worth noting the elasticity, durability and wear resistance of polyurethane foam.
  • Another popular material for interior filling of sofas is synthetic winterizer. It is a non-woven fabric made from a special polyester fiber. Such material is resilient, bulky and elastic. It should be noted also its cheapness, due to which a folding sofa will be inexpensive.
  • High-tech is a synthetic material - holofiber. By its origin, it is similar to padding polyester, but nothing more. Holofiber contains siliconized polyester fiber balls. Such elements replace natural down and feathers.
  • Artificial filler is struttofiber. It is made from non-woven raw materials with a large volume. Structofiber is very durable. It easily takes on its original shape if crumpled or squeezed. A significant advantage of such a filler is its environmental friendliness. It does not cause allergic reactions or unpleasant skin reactions. Sleeping on such a canvas is not only very comfortable, but also absolutely safe. The Structofiber takes the form of a person sleeping on it. Under these conditions, sleep is more comfortable and restful.

A wide variety of materials are used for external cladding... The most popular and affordable are textiles. But such models will require special care from you. They will have to be cleaned from time to time with special means from accumulated dust and dirt, especially if they are sheathed with light-colored cloth.

A leather folding sofa will cost a little more. Most often, there are models made of high quality artificial leather.It is easy to clean from dust and dirt and does not require any special maintenance. It is worth using such pieces of furniture carefully so as not to damage the leatherette.

Products trimmed with genuine leather will cost the buyer a tidy sum, but their rich appearance is worth it!

Dimensions (edit)

  • As a rule, the size of a bed in a "French cot" is 140 or 150 cm.
  • In models from Italian manufacturers, there are 130 cm berths.
  • The length of such transforming sofas is standard and is 185 - 187 cm. Italian manufacturers produce products that do not exceed 160 cm in length.

Popular models

French folding beds "Mixotil" are very popular. They are equipped with a reliable tarpaulin-lacquered mechanism. Such models are intended for receiving guests. The basic set includes 4 lats, attached to a solid metal frame with special plastic holders. Under the battens in such structures there is a stretched polypropylene awning.

A functional folding sofa "Toulon" is ideal for placement in a small kitchen. Similar models are made from plywood, chipboard and fiberboard. These materials are durable and wear resistant. When folded, the Toulon sofas are very compact and attractive. In the unfolded state, their length reaches 213 cm.

Another popular and beautiful model is Louise. This name is not only a rectangular, but also a corner sofa. These models are ideal for placement in the living room and are distinguished by their excellent external design, graceful rounded shapes. These products contain very strong and reliable metal frames, which ensure the durability of the sofa bed.

Sofa transformation mechanism

Every person will be able to unfold and fold back the "French folding bed". Let's take a closer look at how this simple structure unfolds:

  • First, it is necessary to free the seat from pillows and other objects on it.
  • Then you need to remove the upper cushions and remove the armrests.
  • The next step is to pull up and up a special strap.
  • At this moment, the mechanism comes into action: all its links are straightened, and the back rests on supports.

In such a simple way, an ordinary sofa turns into a full-fledged sleeping place. It is not recommended to make sudden movements in the process of transforming furniture, as this can lead to serious deformations of the existing structure. Do not forget that the mechanisms in such folding products are very vulnerable and easily break.

What is the difference from the mechanisms "American clamshell" and "Spartacus"?

There are several popular folding sofa mechanisms today. Among them, it is worth highlighting the systems called "Spartak" and "Sedaflex". They differ in many respects from the "French clamshell". For example, in Sedaflex mechanisms there is a two-way mechanism. It is installed in upholstered furniture, the depth of which does not exceed 82 cm. The upper pillows in these sofas are not removable.

These designs are suitable for daily and regular use. The mechanism in them is very reliable, durable and wear-resistant. Such sofas are equipped with dense mattresses with a spring block.

French clamshells have a different design. They have a three-fold mechanism and are installed in sofas with a depth of 70 cm. Poufs and all upper parts in such a system are removable and are removed during the folding process.

They are hardly suitable for daily use, as their mechanisms are short-lived and prone to deformation. Such folding beds are primarily intended to accommodate guests, and therefore are called by the people "guest". There are no orthopedic mattresses in these designs. Instead, there is a simple mattress with a small thickness.

If the "French clamshell" requires replacement, then it will be very difficult to repair it with your own hands. Today, many firms offer their services for the repair, replacement and hauling of folding models.

There are many proposals for replacing mechanisms at home. Such services are much cheaper. But it is recommended to contact specialists who have good reviews and have been working for several years.


Consumers leave mixed reviews about the popular "French clamshells". Many were satisfied with such acquisitions, since they do not take up much space, but when unfolded they are very comfortable and spacious.

Many were upset by the fragility of such structures. After regular use, sofas often sagged, becoming very uncomfortable, and their mechanisms stopped working properly. As a result, the furniture was being repaired or completely replaced by another model.

Buyers recommend purchasing such designs in which it is possible to install an orthopedic mattress. People note that without such a detail, sleeping on a folding sofa is not very comfortable, and by the morning, the back begins to ache. But consumers are pleased with the low cost of such products.

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