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The "Formula Divana" factory together with German specialists creates comfortable and beautiful furniture. Every model is based on health care. Formula Divana is a factory that offered consumers affordable leather sofas and recliner armchairs.


"Formula Divan" is part of the MZ5 Group, therefore the furniture of such a factory is distinguished by German quality and unique, but practical design. Together with specialists from Italy and Germany, the company creates new high-tech projects that make this furniture factory one of the largest in Europe.

The company has the following distinctive features:

  • All materials and accessories are purchased in bulk or produced in-house. This allows you to keep prices at an acceptable level and debug large-scale production, while maintaining quality. In order to extend the life of its products, the factory is subject to strict control and selection of all materials involved in the creation of sofas. It produces its own transformation mechanisms.
  • The use of innovative technologies in the assembly of upholstered furniture brought the factory to a new level - all products comply with European standards for quality and comfort, but remain affordable.
  • As for the filling of upholstered furniture, then the buyer will be able to choose the most suitable stiffness option himself... The company offers three types - soft, balance, speaker.
  • So that the soft elements of sofas meet all the requirements, experts use a certain method of laying polyurethane foam and padding polyester. These materials are stacked in layers. In this way, different levels of softness can be achieved and premature deformation can be prevented.
  • The factory receives all facing materials from Brazil and Italy. After admission, all of them are certified and tested for safety and resistance to external influences.

To create a resilient seat base, two spring options are used:

  • "Snakes";
  • rubber-fabric belts.

The second option can provide significant convenience.

Frames are made only from natural wood. The basis is taken from coniferous timber, as well as birch plywood. This combination of materials gives the structure lightness, but at the same time - high strength. Most models are equipped with a box for storing bedding. It is made of laminated chipboard, which makes it very practical.

The following video will tell you more about the features and benefits of sofas from the "Formula Divana" factory.


"Formula Sofa" offers its customers several options for the execution of sofas. The main groups are angular and straight models. There is a classification by size:

  • Models are suitable for small spaces Polo Lux and Rhine Lux.
  • Of the large models, "Raymond" can be distinguished. It is a corner piece with a laconic design. It is ideal for modern interiors, minimalism.
  • For more luxurious interiors and large living rooms, the factory offers Bryggen and Dresden. The rounded shapes and the presence of pillows create an atmosphere of home comfort.
  • For sophisticated interiors, many choose the corner model "Capri". If necessary, you can choose a chair-bed in the same style for such a sofa.

Transformation mechanisms

The products used for these sofas are made of high strength steel and do not have sharp corners. The mechanisms are tested for durability. Manufacturers guarantee their service life for almost ten years.

The following popular options can be distinguished:

  • "Hesse". The service life of this mechanism is 15 years. This is the period determined by tests of 5000 folding and unfolding cycles. The mechanism is designed in such a way that during sleep it distributes the load, preserving the anatomical curves of the body.
  • "Superbook". This mechanism is the easiest to transform and one of the most convenient. When unfolding, an absolutely flat sleeping place is formed with an orthopedic effect, which is ensured thanks to the filler and correctly selected softness. "Superbook" will be an ideal option for small apartments and rooms.
  • "Eurobook" differs in ease of operation and flat berth, like the previous mechanism. In the same way, "Eurobook" is suitable for small apartments, transforming from a standard sofa into a large double bed. The main advantage of this mechanism is also the fact that it has a large box for storing bedding.
  • "Dolphin". The dolphin transformation mechanism provides a perfectly flat sleeping place. Thanks to springs and soft parts, an orthopedic effect is created, and the spine is supported.
  • Tick-tock is a new generation of Eurobook. The main difference is that when the sofa is transformed into a bed, the mechanism describes a semicircle.
  • Recliner. This is a new generation of armchairs that provide comfort and relaxation. The chair has several positions. Relax - a comfortable reclining position, which is adjusted with a special handle, a rocking chair and a 360-degree rotation. These two functions make the chair almost an attraction for young children. All positions of the mechanism are absolutely safe.
  • "Accordion Next". New version of the accordion mechanism. The main difference between the models is the design of the lock, which, on the new version of the mechanism, greatly simplifies the operation process. The berth slides out on its own, just pull on a special loop.

The product has a flat surface and a spacious box.


The variety of textures and colors makes the choice of furniture more difficult. The factory offers a wide range of materials for every taste:

  • Leather. Leather sofas are most often an office style, but many people opt for this material for apartments as well. This choice is justified by the indisputable advantages of this material - high strength, wear resistance, easy maintenance, solid appearance.
  • Artificial leather. Budget, but beautiful option. Artificial leather is easy to clean, does not require special care, and is hypoallergenic. The only drawback of leatherette and genuine leather will be the restriction in the choice for those who have pets.
  • Velours... The most whimsical and capricious material to care for. Velor very quickly loses its original appearance.
  • Flock... Nice to the touch, but more resistant to external influences fabric. Neither water, nor the sun, nor even pets can ruin the upholstery of the sofa. The only drawback of the flock is the fast absorption of all odors.
  • Jacquard. One of the most durable and easy to clean materials. It is resistant to external influences and tears.
  • Chenille. Durable material, resistant to pills and abrasions, various external influences.
  • Microfiber. The suede-like fabric retains its original appearance for a long time and is resistant to moisture.

Popular models

The most popular models are Bremen, Rumer, Arizona, Leipzig, Outlet.


The distinctive features of this model are comfort, rounded details. The model is presented in two types - angular and straight options.


A fairly solid and large model.It is presented in two versions - corner and straight sofas. The back is made in the form of cushions that complement the rounded armrests.

The sofa transforms into a large comfortable bed.


One of the most interesting and unusual models. Arizona has no armrests. The whole composition looks like a flower. After transformation, the sofa becomes a sleeping place. The model has a spacious box for bedding.


The first reviews that are found on the Internet when asking for the "Formula Divan" are extremely positive responses. Buyers appreciate not only the quality of sofas, but also the work of employees of stores, service centers, delivery service.

It should be noted that the company bears all costs of transportation and assembly. An added bonus is the sofa warranty.

For the quality of the mechanisms of transformation, assembly and convenience, buyers rate the sofas of the factory with the highest ratings. Many people note the rich selection of materials and colors.

Especially a lot of reviews are left in gratitude to the competently trained sales consultants of the stores, who reveal all the advantages of furniture and dispel the doubts of buyers, as well as support the service of the European level.

Of course, there are also negative reviews. Usually they are associated with some minor flaws or malfunctions, which are promptly corrected with the help of a service center.

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