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Rollaway beds have enjoyed well-deserved fame for more than a decade. Only now today's clamshell has little resemblance to the one that almost every family had 40-50 years ago - a narrow and not very comfortable strip of fabric stretched over metal tubes. Sleeping on today's folding beds is no less pleasant and comfortable than on ordinary sofas and beds. Among them there are even double options - for young families who have not yet had time to acquire other furniture, and for those who appreciate the combination of compactness and comfort.

Compact comfort accessible to everyone

Today's clamshells are modernized old acquaintances, the main advantages of which are:

  • A light weight, allowing even one person to lay out the bed independently.
  • Mobility - the ability to rearrange and use products in any convenient place.
  • Compactness - when folded, they can be pushed into a small corner or behind a closet, or simply lean against the wall, where they become almost invisible and do not clutter up the room.
  • Affordable price, making this type of bed the most budgetary option.

Modern clamshells differ from their predecessors in that they:

  • More comfortable and may well replace a full bed, even for a long time.
  • More durable. Modern materials are capable of withstanding significant loads without stretching or tearing.
  • Longer lasting. A high-quality clamshell, even with intensive use, will last more than a dozen years.

At the same time, a double folding bed is a structure resembling a double folding bed, consisting of two frames fastened on the side. She has all the advantages of single "colleagues", doubled.


Clamshells are distinguished by:

  • Frame materialwhich can be aluminum or steel. The former is much lighter in weight, but it cannot support too much weight. The latter is much more durable, and therefore products on a steel frame are able to withstand heavy loads, they are more durable.
  • Base material, which can be fabric, in the form of a shell mesh, or made of wooden plates or lamellas. Fabric clamshells are the lightest, but also the most short-lived. But the models on wooden plates are considered the most durable. It is also the toughest and smoothest surface of all. It has orthopedic properties, but requires special attention during operation.

Due to the design features, you cannot stand on such a product with your feet - individual plates may not withstand and crack. As a result, the entire structure will become unusable.

Depending on the materials from which the component parts are made, the folding sleeping place can withstand various weight loads - from 100 to 250 kg. As for the length of the clamshell, it varies in a wide range. Here everyone chooses according to their preferences and the place where the product will be placed. The width of a double folding bed is usually 100-120 cm.

Mattress options

Modern models of folding beds have design features and other differences - many of them are equipped with orthopedic mattresses, which differ in the type of padding. The latter are most often used:

  • Holcon - non-woven synthetic filler consisting of spiral-shaped polyester fibers.The raw material for it is holofiber, which has undergone a thermal bonding procedure.
  • Regenerated fiber - recycled waste from the production of cotton wool and wool. It can be natural or synthetic.
  • Sintepon - a synthetic material that is lightweight and resilient.
  • Foam rubber - polyurethane foam, mostly composed of air, which makes it particularly soft.

When folding the folding bed, it is not at all necessary to remove the mattress from it - it folds perfectly together with the bed. At the same time, mattresses with sintepon and foam padding are thinner, but less comfortable. They are more suitable for rollaway beds that are not used regularly (for example, if they are unfolded only for the arrival of guests).

It is not comfortable to sleep on such mattresses all the time, so for regular use it is better to choose products with mattresses made of holcon and regenerated fiber.

Selection rules

All the advantages of a modern double bed can be manifested only if the product is of high quality. The choice of a folding bed should be approached with no less responsibility than the choice of any other furniture.

It is necessary to evaluate:

  • The strength of the product base. The body should be solid, without chipping, with a special powder coating that protects the frame from rust and prolongs its service life. At the same time, when assembling and disassembling the clamshell, no creaking should be heard, all parts should move smoothly, without much effort.
  • Loadthat a fold-out bed can support. You need to correlate it with the weight of those who will sleep on it.
  • Convenience and quality of the mattress. To do this, you should make sure that the filler is evenly distributed and try the mattress for firmness. In addition, you need to pay attention to the materials of the mattress covers - whether they are environmentally friendly enough and whether they are well ventilated.

Important! The materials from which the frame and mattress are made should not emit any unpleasant odors. To check how comfortable it will be to sleep on a particular folding bed, you need to lie down on it. And this should be done in a store or salon.

An overview of a double folding bed is in the video.

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