Sofas with transformation mechanism "Dolphin"

Dolphin transformable sofas
  1. Features and benefits of the mechanism
  2. Varieties
  3. Types of structures
  4. Popular models and brands
  5. Dimensions (edit)
  6. Material
  7. Filler
  8. Upholstery material
  9. How to assemble and disassemble with your own hands?
  10. How do I care for the system?
  11. Reviews
  12. Interior ideas

Upholstered furniture is an irreplaceable attribute of a modern interior. It is impossible to imagine a home without it, it often decorates the design of the office, under certain conditions it is part of the design of the loggia, not to mention the arrangement of the summer cottage. Among the large selection of models, sofas with the Dolphin mechanism are in great demand among buyers.

Features and benefits of the mechanism

The design of the "Dolphin" mechanism refers to the retractable, some manufacturers have a second name "Kangaroo". Such a transformation mechanism was originally invented for corner models, but due to high demand, brands began to produce linear (straight) versions with rollers.

The transformation of the mechanism takes place by pulling out the lower block, hidden inside (using a hidden loop located under the seat). To unfold the sofa, you need to pull on the loop, push the block out all the way: then it will rise up to the desired height and take the correct position. At the same time, the seat and back (if not equipped with special cushions-blocks) remain in place and do not move. In fact, an additional block is added to the sofa, which increases the surface of the sleeping bed.

The block is hidden in a box, has rollers, rolls out easily. It takes a few seconds to turn the sofa into a bed. The design is quite simple and comfortable - this explains the popularity of such sofas. Folding is the reverse procedure: the block is first lifted by grasping the loop, then lowered down and rolled into the lower basket under the seat.

A design feature is the large load on the sofa body, which is created by the transformation mechanism. This means that you need to choose a model exclusively on a metal frame with wood, otherwise the sofa will not last even for several years.

Such products are included in the line of the most popular models of folding sofas.... It is easy to assemble and transform, does not require lifting the back, as in the "book" system or turning the blocks, as in the "accordion". This mechanism is the main component of the sofa design, it is he who affects the convenience of transformation.

The sofa with the dolphin mechanism has many advantages:

  • this model is convenient, it can easily fit into any, even a small room, does not require a large space for unfolding;
  • the sofa fits into the interior of any room, whether it be a bedroom, living room, kitchen or even a hall (a universal version of the interior of an apartment, cottage, studio apartment);
  • the blocks are made of the same material, which implies a full and even sleeping bed of two or more parts;
  • models with the "dolphin" system are varied (from laconic, in the style of minimalism, to pretentious and luxurious, with additional pillows);
  • such a sofa transformation system is reliable and suitable as a replacement for a bed (most models have an optimally rigid base, which contributes to the most comfortable sleep and correct body position).

With all its advantages, this folding sofa has one small drawback. If there is carpet on the floor, it can make it difficult for the rollers to move.Ideally, there should be nothing on the floor, then the mechanism will work properly, without additional stress on the frame.


There are three types of sofas with a dolphin mechanism:

  • straight;
  • corner;
  • modular.

Each of them has its own differences, but they are all universal and not capricious when choosing a location: you can put any of them both against the wall and in the corner, and even in the center of the room, thereby delimiting the room into zones (for example, a playroom, a living room , dining room).

Straight models with the dolphin system do not have built-in compartments for clothes, which usually store pastel items. Instead, in the box itself is a sleeping block.

These sofas are considered classics, they come in both compact and large sizes. A feature of straight sofas of this type is the presence of additional functions and the ability to add armrests to the design.

The corner type of the retractable model is relevant for rooms in which literally every centimeter of usable area is important... These sofas use space very effectively, making the most of the corner of the room. Often, manufacturers provide for a change in angle, which simplifies the rearrangement and allows a systematic transformation of the model at its expense. In this design, there is a linen box, which is located at the bottom of the attached corner.

Modules are an unusual version of a sofa with a dolphin system. With their help, you can create a version of upholstered furniture with different functionality, depending on the number of components. In this case, different combinations are allowed, but the principle of the mechanism remains the same.

All models are reliable, so one of the selection rules will be the purpose of the sofa, taking into account its characteristics and the available space. In this case, you need to take into account the model itself and the requirements for it (with a box for linen, without armrests or with them, with an ottoman, a soft or orthopedic sofa).

Types of structures

Sofas with a dolphin mechanism are produced in two types: with springs and a springless unit. At the same time, folding structures in unfolded form are not inferior to a full-fledged bed with a large berth.

It is the mats that are responsible for the rigidity of the sofa. Depending on the choice of filler, the sofa can be:

  • soft (not intended for children and people with a large weight);
  • medium hardness (the optimal choice of the majority of buyers, calculated for the average weight of two people);
  • tough (a special type of mat, made according to the principle of a combination of layers, suitable for people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system).

Each type of block is made of different materials, therefore it is designed for a certain weight, differs in elasticity and degree of durability.

In the production of soft back and seat mats, soft filling is used. Products with a rigid spring block are distinguished by a more complex design, which ensures the correct position of the spine both in a sitting position and in a lying position (regardless of the number of people sitting on the sofa).

Popular models and brands

Before buying the right dolphin model, it is important to have an idea of ​​its design, characteristics, dimensions and style. To facilitate the choice, you can take a closer look at the products of companies that are marked by a lot of positive reviews from buyers:

  • Berlin - sofas on a metal frame and solid pine. A spring snake and dense polyurethane foam are used as a basis in the structures. The models are distinguished by an easy transformation mechanism that facilitates quick assembly and disassembly of the sofa. Some sofas are equipped with linen drawers and throw pillows;
  • Atlanta - universal corner models with a linen niche, an ottoman, combining the functions of a sofa and a bed, as well as a coffee table. They differ in a rather spacious berth and stylish laconic design.The design is based on mats made of independent springs and highly elastic polyurethane foam;
  • Philadelphia - options for universal sizes with molded polyurethane foam, made with leatherette, textile and eco-leather upholstery. They have cushions and armrests, the frame of the structure is formed of coniferous wood. The model has a convenient linen box for storing bedding;
  • Moon - sofas that successfully replace the bed, designed for daily use and transformation. Their mechanism is designed for regular loads and heavy weight. The models are distinguished by an impeccably flat and comfortable sleeping place that provides good rest during sleep;
  • Venice - first-class models designed by creative designers. The construction with elastic polyurethane foam allows long-term operation of the mat without sagging and rolling. The models are characterized by an elegant look and a pleasant curved shape of the armrests;
  • Chesterfield - a wide range of straight and corner models with and without armrests, with PU foam filling and a block with an orthopedic effect. They differ in the shape of armrests, sometimes resembling coffee tables, as well as backrests (can be rigid with additional modular pillows or low and soft);
  • Products of the 8 March factory - stylish and comfortable upholstered furniture of a domestic manufacturer, designed for spacious types of premises. The models are large enough, look stylish and expensive and fit into any interior, as they have luxurious elegant upholstery and a unique design.

Dimensions (edit)

The dimensions of sofas with the "dolphin" system are somewhat different for each company. Each manufacturer sets its own standards. In general, the dimensions depend on the type of model (straight, angular) and shape. The sofa can be small or even mini, medium-sized or large (double and spacious).

The most demanded design is a model with bed dimensions 160x200 cm and 180x200 cm... This space is convenient for one or two people. These are mid-size models and are often purchased as a guest option. Their depth is 105 cm, the height is about 85 - 90 cm, the width of the armrests is about 60 cm, and the height of the sleeping bed is 44 cm. When assembled, they do not take up much space and do not seem massive.

Large, double models are somewhat more spacious: their parameters are 190x200 cm.Small options are close to the indicators of a berth of 90x150 cm.Such sofas are not intended for two, but they are an excellent alternative to a spacious bed for one place.


In the production of sofas with the "dolphin" system, metal and wood are used for the frame, filler for mats and upholstery to give a beautiful appearance.

The metal structure contributes to a long service life, wooden battens (lamellas that make up the lattice base) add elasticity to the base and prevent the mat from sinking during loading. The production of sofas is not complete without filler, which gives the mats volume, makes the furniture upholstered and, together with other components, is responsible for the life of the sofa.


There are several types of sofa filler. It can be of natural or synthetic origin. In addition, the structure of the block is also different: it can be of the spring and non-spring type.

As fillers for sofas with the Dolphin system, manufacturers often use two types of foam rubber and a spring block. In addition, depending on the model, a layer of felt, coir (coconut fibers), synthetic winterizer and, less often (for additional soft pillows) synthetic fluff and holofiber, can be added to the design.

Springless unit

This type of construction is convenient, has a relatively moderate price and comes in two varieties: using foam rubber of the standard T type and PPU HR.The first option is less practical and not intended for daily use, the second is an alternative to the spring block.


The spring block is more reliable, it is strong, resilient and is made using dependent and independent springs. They can be positioned horizontally and vertically, resembling a metal base or a full-fledged mesh with vertical springs.

The independent type of springs differs in that each of them works by itself and does not connect with nearby ones. The block consists of springs packed in textile covers, connected to each other.

Upholstery material

In the production of sofas with a dolphin mechanism, the same materials are used as for the entire line of upholstered furniture. Genuine leather stands out from luxurious materials... Furniture with such upholstery is very expensive, although more practical (it is easy to clean it from dirt, dust and moisture).

In addition to leather upholstery, manufacturers use eco-leather and leatherette. Such furniture is beautiful, but less practical and more prone to abrasion.

The main line is made using textiles... This series includes furniture tapestry, flock, jacquard fabric. Textile upholstery is very colorful and allows you to diversify any style of the room. However, it also has disadvantages: it is more prone to abrasion, short-lived and impractical. Therefore, when buying a sofa with textile upholstery, you cannot do without protective covers or capes.

How to assemble and disassemble with your own hands?

Sofas with the Dolphin system are also convenient because they can be repaired. As soon as a malfunction of the mechanism is noticed, the cover needs to be replaced or several springs have become unusable, the model needs to be reanimated. You can do this yourself, at home. Moreover, if you do not neglect the breakdown, it will turn out to save the sofa from major repairs or buying a new one.

Disassembly instructions are simple and do not require complex manipulations, because the mechanism itself is quite simple. First, the pillows (if any) and covers are removed, then the furniture is pushed to the middle of the room, the seat is raised. Then the side elements are removed, the parts are separated, the degree of breakage is determined.

If it is only a matter of replacing the block, this is done like this:

  • remove the staples that fix the upholstery material;
  • remove the protective cover of the unit;
  • change the block if it cannot be repaired (cut out a new one or order a ready-made one according to the necessary measurements);
  • if the problem is in the springs, they are carefully unscrewed with pliers, then new ones bought in a specialized store are put in their place;
  • a cover is put on the block, then assembled in the reverse order of disassembly.

If the problem is with the rollers, they are replaced with new ones. The broken mechanism needs a complete replacement. To do this, you can contact a specialist or replace it yourself. It won't take long if you take care of the required system in advance by purchasing it in the store.

Repairs are made as follows:

  • unscrew the old broken mechanism connecting the seat and the back of the sofa;
  • a new one is inserted in its place, fixing the structure in the same holes.

It is necessary to try that the back and the seat lie in the same plane, otherwise the surface of the berth will not be even.

In order not to be mistaken with the correct position of the mechanism, it is worth using the phone's camera, filming the position of the system before disassembling. This will help eliminate errors and assemble the structure correctly. In order not to look for small parts, it is worth preparing a container for them in advance.

You can learn how to change the guide roller in the following video:

How do I care for the system?

No matter how neat and careful the operation of the furniture is, it is important to understand that you cannot do without maintenance. This is not only cleaning the upholstery, removing dirt, dust and moisture from it. It is necessary to take care of the very mechanism of the sofa, otherwise the service life may be reduced, the system will become loose or jam faster.

To prevent this from happening, it is worth considering a few simple recommendations:

  • the mechanism needs to be cleaned from dirt and moisture in order to exclude the formation of rust and obstacles to the operation of the transformation mechanism;
  • running parts should be lubricated from time to timeotherwise they can act on each other, deforming the entire system;
  • there should be no foreign objects under the sofa - they can disrupt the operation of the transformation mechanism;
  • if suddenly the system began to malfunction, you cannot put pressure on it, making every effort - this will lead to a breakdown of the mechanism. It is better to push the sofa back and try to unfold it again;
  • if there is a carpet on the floor, it is worth regularly cleaning the nap from the rollers, otherwise they will quickly become unusable, which will lead to the need to repair the mechanism.

In addition, you can get stylish capes that will preserve the upholstery and bring fresh colors to the interior style. In this case, it is also important not to forget about the transformation system: when assembling and unfolding the sofa, they will need to be removed so that the material does not get into the parts of the system and does not disrupt their work.


Dolphin sofas are quite popular. This is evidenced by the numerous reviews left on the Internet. Buyers choose such models because of their reliability, practicality and comfort. The comments say that these sofas are comfortable to sit on, sitting in front of the TV screen, they help out when guests suddenly arrive and often replace double beds.

Buyers note the excellent quality and relatively low cost of the models, good assembly of sofas, beautiful design, ease of transformation, as well as spacious linen drawers in which you can fold pastel accessories. Buyers also like strong sidewalls that do not loosen over time and do not creak.

Some commentators note that, despite the standard sizes, the model must be selected taking into account the height of the buyer, otherwise the length of the sleeping bed may not be enough and this will somewhat complicate comfortable rest and sleep.

Interior ideas

We bring to your attention several interesting options for placing sofas with the Dolphin mechanism:

  • The straight sofa with narrow armrests maintains the beige tone of the room. To liven up the interior, you need to choose a model with a plant print and complement it with a sofa cushion. A metal stand with a lamp, a painting with a marine theme, several books and a carpet in a contrasting color will help to complete the interior;
  • The corner model of the combined color of white and dark chocolate looks very elegant and luxurious in a bright living room. As a basis, you can take a sofa with a dark brown bottom, soft armrests, a small back and a light top, consisting of modules;
  • To fill the room with air and create a sense of space, in the corner of the furniture, a minimum of interior items is enough: an abstract painting and a flower with palm leaves. So that the style does not seem completely simple, you need to decorate the sofa with contrasting pillows of different textures and colors;
  • Lovers of Asian style cannot do without a dark and even black straight-shaped sofa with curly armrests and a laconic rectangular back. The model made of leather with imitation of large stitches looks expensive and beautiful, it will perfectly complete the style of a beige room, which already has a light carpet, a couple of small paintings and green plants. So that the sofa does not violate the harmony of the room, you can add a pouf of the same color to the interior or repeat the shade in the color of the paintings.
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