Chester sofas

Chester sofas
  1. Description and history of the model
  2. Varieties
  3. Materials (edit)
  4. Color solutions
  5. Dimensions (edit)
  6. How to assemble with your own hands?
  7. How to make an analogue of the Chester sofa yourself?
  8. Accommodation options in the interior
  9. Reviews

Modern sofas are made from different materials, surprising with a variety of colors and a wide range of models. But many designers will confirm that Chester sofas are always out of competition. They are among the oldest and most luxurious options for upholstered furniture.

Description and history of the model

For the first time, the majestic Chester sofa appeared in the house of the fourth Earl of Chesterfield - Philip Domer Stanhope back in the 70s of the 18th century.

According to legend, the aristocrat himself invented the design of this piece of furniture and gave it a name. The sophisticated model with an original design and attractive natural leather was very much liked by the English nobility.

Amazing comfort was provided by the unique configuration of the back of the product.

Chester sofas began to be purchased to emphasize the luxury of a home. They could be found in the homes of wealthy nobility, in secular salons and English clubs. Strong and reliable products are distinguished by their durability, passed down from generation to generation.

The peculiarity of the products lies in the structure and exquisite design of this amazing, soft and practical product. The quilted upholstery and the use of genuine leather attract the attention of the elite. The rounded handles and backrest give the furniture comfort, and is also a well-loved tradition.

Elegance at an affordable price is an indisputable advantage of unique upholstered furniture. Contemporary designers take inspiration from Chesterfield sofas to create original and stylish soft furnishings.

Chester sofas are a long history that has already become a tradition. They are still preferred by the elite, as well as those with good taste.

Main characteristics:

  • Diamond stitch. Initially, the first models had horsehair as fillers, for a reliable fixation of which the sofa was quilted, and the resulting grooves were covered with decorative buttons. Today this technique is called "carriage coupler".
  • The armrests merge smoothly into the backrest and are made at the same height.
  • The armrests are presented in the form of rolled scrolls, which also adorn the back of the product.
  • Neat legs that are almost invisible.


Chester sofa is in great demand for the embodiment of a variety of styles, so many manufacturers create a separate line of luxurious and original models.

Initially, the seat of the classic model was quilted, but later many models began to decorate smooth seats in the form of comfortable and soft cushions. The height of the armrests can be lower than the backrest, and the legs of the product are slightly higher than before.

Innovation is also felt in the decor of upholstered furniture. Designers use a variety of shapes for the back and armrests. But the armrests in the form of a scroll and carriage stitch remain unchanged.

Chester sofas can be of the following types

Straight sofas

The direct option is usually double or triple.

Corner sofas

Among the modern variations, you can also find corner models. Compactness and convenience are among their advantages. They are also characterized by their simplicity of design.

Sleeper sofas

Options with a berth began to appear.Convenient transformation mechanisms allow you to easily unfold the sofa for a comfortable night's rest.

Such models are very popular today.

Quadruple sofas

For a large family, a four-seater sofa is the ideal choice. It reaches a width of almost three meters, is characterized by convenience and allows everyone to get a comfortable place to rest.

Ottoman sofas

Modular models with an ottoman are characterized by a comfortable and well thought-out design. They can even be installed in small rooms. The luxurious Chester sofa with an ottoman can be used to visually delimit a spacious room into zones, and will also become a favorite place for the whole family to relax.

This model can be placed in the center of the room or at a short distance from the window.

Domestic furniture factory "Ladya" offers beautiful models of Chester sofas with an ottoman. They are upholstered in natural leather and are available in different colors.

Convenient transformation mechanism allows you to create a cozy double bed.

Sofa "Lux" is one of the most demanded models. It is also called the Botticelli Suite. Its striking design makes it recognizable among the many options for upholstered furniture. Such a sofa will bring aristocracy to the interior. It is crafted from durable wood, fitted with quality fittings and luxurious upholstery. Stylish design and majestic appearance will not leave anyone indifferent.

Materials (edit)

Chester sofas are elite upholstered furniture, so they are made from excellent quality materials. The frame is made of natural wood, as it belongs to environmentally friendly, durable and reliable materials.

When choosing upholstered furniture, great attention is drawn to its upholstery. She is responsible for the appearance, gives it uniqueness, originality or sophistication.


Contemporary Chester sofas are often upholstered in natural leather.

Such models look elegant, impressive and respectable.

Eco leather

Faux leather is also often used for the upholstery of Chester sofas. It has many benefits:

  • The texture perfectly conveys the texture of natural leather.
  • A wide range of colors.
  • Good air permeability, which increases the hygienic properties of this material.
  • Increased wear resistance compared to materials of both natural and artificial origin.
  • Elasticity and softness.
  • The material is environmentally friendly, as it is made on the basis of cotton, natural leather and covered with polyurethane, which does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Simplicity and convenience during cleaning.


Often there are sofas for which velor is used. The velvety fabric looks prestigious, cozy and "warm". The voluminous texture and luxurious shine of velvet are perfectly combined in beautiful models. A fabric sofa with a vintage effect will adorn a stylish interior.

This model looks luxurious and rich.


Some models have plush upholstery, which is characterized by the presence of a long pile. This material is durable and dense. It is presented both in monochromatic solutions and in colored colors. The sofa with plush upholstery is pleasant to the touch, looks elegant and cozy, is characterized by increased wear resistance and durability.

Color solutions

When choosing a sofa, special attention should be paid not only to its design, materials, but also to the color scheme. For light rooms of a small area, it is better to select upholstered furniture to match. A white or beige sofa will help to visually enlarge the room, it will be beautifully combined with light walls and flooring.

For spacious rooms where you want to visually emphasize the seating area, you should give preference to sofas made in a contrasting color relative to the overall color performance of the room.

If it is necessary to visually highlight the seating area in a large room, then give preference to the sofa, the upholstery of which contrasts sharply with the main color of the room design. A good choice would be red upholstered furniture. It will become the highlight of the luxurious interior design.

The traditional color scheme for elegant Chester sofas is brown-red with varying intensities. Their variety includes more than 40 shades, which will allow you to choose the perfect option for your taste, from brown to avant-garde silver.

If you want to use a luxurious sofa as the main element of the interior, then you should pay attention to the purple, green or blue option. Each color scheme will look bright against a background of light shades.

The chocolate sofa looks attractive and restrained. This color blends harmoniously with many shades to create delightful ensembles.

And, of course, the black Chester sofa is considered a classic, attracting attention with its elegance and mystery.

Dimensions (edit)

Modern upholstered furniture manufacturers offer Chester sofas in different widths. You can find a large option for a comfortable pastime with the whole family, as well as pick up a small sofa that fits perfectly into the interior of a small room.

Large sofas can be 2240 and 2080 mm wide. Medium width models are 1840, 1640 and 1440 mm. The compact versions are designed for one person and have a width of 1100 mm.

How to assemble with your own hands?

If you wish, you can independently make a comfortable and practical sofa in the Chester style. You should select high-quality materials, and strictly follow the instructions for assembling the product.

The Chester sofa belongs to the classic models, its highlight lies in its attractive appearance. The upholstery of the product is finished with round buttons, which add originality and increase durability.

How to make an analogue of the Chester sofa yourself?

First you need to choose the right materials:

  • Wooden boards of different widths. The choice of wood species depends on personal preference. It is better to make the frame of the sofa from first-class materials, since visual imperfections will then hide under the upholstery. The most durable tree species are beech, ash and oak.
  • The corsage tape is an insert of increased rigidity, which is very often used in the manufacture of upholstered furniture. It can be purchased at stores that sell furniture fittings.
  • Natural or artificial leather for upholstery.
  • Foam rubber for internal filling.
  • Buttons and hardware.

After purchasing all the necessary materials, it is worth taking care of the tool. For work, you will need a construction stapler, jigsaw or saw, tape measure and a sander. Before starting work, you should carefully study the diagrams and drawings.

Standard sofas are available in widths of 1190, 1770 or 2200 mm. The height of the products is 40 cm, and with the backrest 76 cm. The depth of the sofa is 90 cm. Chester sofas differ in the way they are upholstered, otherwise they are made as standard sofa models.

If you want to make a folding sofa, then you can use any folding system.

Main steps:

  • Make a wireframe. According to the drawing, prepare boards of different sizes, sand them well and fasten them together, forming a strong and reliable frame.
  • Next, you should use a corsage tape, which acts as a shock absorber, and is also used to fasten buttons. Depending on where you plan to make the grooves for the buttons, this is where you need to attach the bodice tape.
  • Make stuffing. Usually, one or two layers of foam rubber are used on the back and armrests, on top of which a synthetic winterizer is applied. The markings for buttons should be done on a padding polyester.
  • Cover the product, while you need to create tightening. On one side, the canvas is fixed, and then buttons are inserted along the rows.
  • Fastening the base under the seat. Some craftsmen use a corsage tape, while others use a spring block.
  • Make a seat using thick foam rubber, which is covered with the same upholstery as the product frame.
  • Covers are often put on over the sofa. They protect the upholstery from wear and tear and can be easily washed.

A more detailed process of making a Chester sofa can be seen in the following video:

Accommodation options in the interior

The luxurious Chester sofa fits perfectly into many interiors. It harmoniously combines femininity and brutality. A beautiful piece, covered in brown leather, will decorate a library or study.

But if you cover it with a fur cape and put it in a bright living room, then it will radically transform and perfectly fit into the created interior of the room.

The versatility of the Chester sofa allows it to be used in both classic and modern interiors. Upholstered furniture does not need to be placed near the wall - it can become a spectacular decoration if you place it in the center.

All leather products look even better over time, because antiquity gives them respectability. The style never goes out of style and sofas are often passed down from generation to generation.

For a strictly cabinet or library, the classic Chester is the perfect choice. Usually, models are purchased in dark colors that look harmoniously in an ensemble with leather accessories, luxurious furniture and wood paneling.

For the living room, it is better to purchase a sofa in a light or bright color. This furniture is used as the main focus in creating an attractive interior design.

A good addition to the sofa will be armchairs made to match.

Chester sofas are often used to embody modern, colonial, classic or glamorous styles. For the classics, it is worth buying a fabric or leather model in a neutral shade.

Sofas look beautiful in tandem with armchairs decorated with floral prints or in a cage.

Velvet sofas are often used for glamorous interiors. Designers offer models in white, black, purple and even red. Silver and gold sofas look spectacular and bright.

Armchairs made in the Baroque style will help to complement such a bright element in the interior.

For the embodiment of interiors in a colonial style, sofas in natural tones are ideal. It is possible to purchase furniture in sandy or brown shades, which make a magnificent ensemble in combination with wooden or wicker furniture. For modern style trends, you can use upholstered furniture of different shades, including bright and achromatic colors.

The Chester sofa will not be superfluous in the style of constructivism, minimalism or hi-tech.


When choosing upholstered furniture, many buyers prefer the elegant and respectable Chester sofas. They look great in different styles and often become a bright accent or highlight of the interior.

The classic shape is liked by many users, as it allows you to beautifully decorate the living room in a traditional style. Luxurious design, soft upholstery, beautiful decorative elements help to create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort.

The Chester sofa is available in a variety of models that can be used for relaxation together or as a sleeping place for a night's sleep. The sofas are equipped with comfortable and easy-to-use transformation mechanisms.

Many users note the excellent quality of the materials. The timber frame is strong and durable, while the upholstery fabrics have a rich and chic appearance. They retain their original appearance even after prolonged use. Chester sofas can be inherited by their descendants, as time gives them only beauty and splendor.

The decor of the Chester sofas deserves special attention. Luxurious armrests look elegant, beautiful pillows add charm and comfort.

Today, a huge assortment of color solutions is presented, among which each buyer can choose the perfect option. For a bright room, sofas in beige tones are usually bought. The red model looks beautiful for distributing a spacious room into zones. In the study, sofas are usually purchased in brown, chocolate or black.

Excellent quality, unique design, comfortable and durable mechanisms, variety of sizes and colors, affordable price are perfectly combined in luxurious and unforgettable Chester sofas.

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