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Practicality and comfort - this distinguishes frameless sofas. These modern pieces of furniture come in various shapes and sizes, suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, balconies and other spaces. And the variety of designs allows you to select models for any interior.


Furniture, for the manufacture of which does not require a frame, appeared relatively recently. Well-known examples of such models are bean bags, which are located in cafes, libraries, in the country and in the apartment. The versatility of the products lies in the fact that they can be placed anywhere. One of the few exceptions is rooms furnished in classic styles: in this case, such furniture will look alien and inharmonious.

What are the advantages of frameless sofas?

The advantages of such models are as follows:

  • Compactness. Models take up little space. If necessary, they can be put into the closet and taken out when guests arrive.
  • Easy to transport. Due to its small dimensions, the product is easy to move from place to place, depending on where exactly the person wants to sit. Moreover, even a child can cope with this, since the bags weigh very little.
  • Unusual design. The shape of the frameless furniture changes depending on the posture of the person. This allows you to lie down or sit in any comfortable position.
  • Durability. The long service life of the products is ensured through the use of quality materials. The simplicity of the design minimizes the possibility of product damage or failure.
  • Health safety... Well-known brands prefer natural fabrics that do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere and have a beneficial effect on the back.

Models with a bright design will decorate the room, give it dynamism and set the general mood. Young men and women can opt for colorful sofas. For older people who want to decorate a room in a minimalist style, there is dark furniture that can be easily combined with other interior items. White bags will make the room brighter, symbolize purity and openness to the world.


Depending on the design features, purpose and size, frameless sofas are divided into types. Compact models are purchased for small rooms as an additional piece of furniture, large ones can be used as a permanent sleeping place:

  • Bag... The most famous and most common model of frameless sofas. It is a large bag filled with soft materials. The piece of furniture is designed for daytime relaxation, reading books, watching movies and allows you to sit down or recline.
  • Pouf sofa. A miniature model that takes up little space. It is used as a soft seat, footrest or interior decoration.
  • Rook... Laconic forms, rounded corners, ease of folding are the characteristic features of the model. Like a regular sofa, this piece of furniture has a back and armrests. It spreads forward, therefore it is suitable for use as a berth.
  • From soft blocks. Sofas are referred to as transformers. They are produced in the form of separate blocks, which are rearranged depending on the needs of the owner or the characteristics of the interior. A large model can be disassembled into separate chairs, use one of the blocks as a table.Sofas made of soft blocks are located in chill-out zones, in country houses.

Bag sofas separately subdivided into types depending on their form. The classic variety is "Pear", which resembles the designated fruit in shape. It is most often purchased for recreation areas. "Banana" is equipped with a movable back, the height and width of which is adjustable depending on the person's posture. In addition, there are "BigMat" and "Football ball", which have a more flattened shape.

Some of the most common frameless sofas are "Marrakesh" and "Modern", present at many manufacturers. The latest models, as the name suggests, are made in a modern style, they are suitable for loft interiors. The models have an angular shape and a pronounced back. "Marrakech" is made in the form of a bag and has a relatively large size: it can accommodate three people at the same time.

A separate group is allocated mattresses without springs, which are used as part of ordinary furniture. They are distinguished by their elasticity, rigidity and elasticity. The products are resistant to decay and mildew and guarantee continuous air circulation. These mattresses have an orthopedic effect, as they follow the curves of the spine and guarantee maximum comfort during rest. Sofas with them are widely used as a permanent bed, well suited for couples.

Dimensions (edit)

The versatility of frameless sofas is also associated with the fact that they have a wide range of sizes. Many factories provide an opportunity to order products with individual dimensions for specific premises. Large models are suitable for couples and those people who like to receive guests. Loners will have enough compact sofas. When determining the dimensions of products, a number of characteristics are taken into account, including:

  • back and seat height;
  • seat width;
  • filler volume.

Based on the listed criteria, sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL are distinguished, the numerical expression of which is individual for different models and manufacturers.

Materials (edit)

Sofas, devoid of a solid frame, are sheathed with both elite and quite budget materials. If the model is purchased for a summer residence, there is no point in expensive upholstery, but for living quarters with an original interior, on the contrary, they acquire better quality products. The raw materials used are safe for health, do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. And thanks to the hypoallergenic upholstery, the furniture is suitable for children's rooms.

Materials for the outer cover:

  • Jacquard.
  • Chenille.
  • Flock.
  • Natural and eco-leather.
  • Cotton.
  • Suede leather.

Textiles are taken directly for sewing sofas. Foam rubber is used as a filler. For stuffing compact models, foam balls are suitable, which fill 2/3 of the volume of the product - in this case, the shape will change depending on the person's posture.

Selection Tips

Before purchasing a frameless sofa, you need to clearly understand how it will be used. Bags are suitable for daytime rest, however, they cannot be used for sleeping. The potential location of the furniture also plays a role. A narrow bedroom, a large living room, an open terrace - furniture of different dimensions and design is suitable for each of the spaces.

Criteria for choosing a frameless sofa:

  • Dimensions. When buying, take into account how many people will regularly sit on the couch, as well as the area of ​​the room.
  • The form. In this case, her choice depends on subjective feelings. To determine which shape will be most comfortable on the couch, you should sit on several in the store. The rule also applies when furniture is ordered on the Internet: you can come to any store and look at similar models live, and then place an order based on your impressions.
  • Design. The variety of colors allows you to choose products for any room.Monochromatic models made in neutral colors are easier to combine with interior items. And sofas with rich colors will decorate a room decorated in a modern style.
  • Upholstery... The strength of the product depends on it. Dense materials guarantee a long service life of the product. In addition, tactile sensations are important: before buying, you can touch the sofa to see if the material of the upholstery is pleasant to the touch.
  • Filler. He is responsible for the comfort, service life of the product. Foam rubber keeps its shape, however, sags over time. Foam balls are environmentally friendly, do not absorb moisture, insects and harmful microorganisms do not start in them.
  • Case. They are internal and external. Designed to protect the model from external influences and dirt. The covers can be removed if necessary.

In addition, you should pay attention to the quality of the this will affect the life of the product. All edges must be finished, the presence of protruding threads is unacceptable for quality sofas. The strength of the thread is responsible for the lifespan of the furniture, so it is recommended to check the seams by touch before buying. Double or even triple seams ensure a secure connection.

Those who prioritize aesthetic characteristics should pay attention to decorative or contrasting stitching, which allows them to correctly place color accents. The presence of a handle on the cover should be of concern to those who plan to frequently move furniture from place to place. This part simplifies the transportation of the product. A zipper can also be located there, allowing you to quickly remove and put on the cover when you need to change or wash it.


The owners of frameless furniture note the high level of comfort and convenience of the models. Frameless sofas allow your back to rest, it is pleasant to relax on them after a working day. The light weight of the products makes them easy to transport, and the installation of sofas is effortless. The advantages include the fact that when ordering, you can independently choose the fabric you like and the shape of the future product.

The low price makes frameless sofas available to a wide range of consumers. The owners of such furniture note with regret that they are not represented in all stores. This is especially felt in small towns, where mainly only traditional sofas are put up for sale. The disadvantage is eliminated when contacting online stores.

See below for an overview of the original model of the frameless sofa "Atlantic".

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