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Askona sofas
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Choosing a sofa can be a daunting task, as it can be easy to get lost and confused amid the abundance of offers. Many advertising tabloids advise paying attention to Askona sofas. Let's take a closer look at the history of the brand, existing sofa models, their advantages and disadvantages.

A little about the brand

The Askona brand is a multi-million dollar corporation whose activities are aimed at developing diversified products that ensure quality relaxation and human sleep.

The company is of Swedish origin and is part of one of the largest corporations in the country, which indicates a high degree of professionalism in the production of goods. The Hilding Anders concern itself, of which the brand is a part, is considered the largest manufacturer of mattresses and beds in European and Asian territories.

Despite its Swedish roots and belonging to a foreign corporation, Ascona is still considered a purely Russian manufacturer of furniture for sleeping and relaxation. The founder of the company is Vladimir Mikhailovich Sedov, and the appearance of the brand dates back to 1990.

Askona has a licensing agreement to manufacture mattresses from American brands such as King Koil and Serta. In addition, the products of the Ascona company are presented in the Auchan chain of stores under the brand name "Mountain of Mattresses".

Askona also manufactures comfortable, high quality sofas, which will be discussed below.

Features, pros and cons

As you know, sofas are not only a good addition to a stylish interior, but also a very functional part of it. This characteristic can also be attributed to Ascona sofas, which are not only a comfortable piece of furniture, but also a very beautiful element for arranging a cozy home.

The features of the sofas of this brand include the fact that special orthopedic mattresses with independent spring blocks are used in their manufacture. Such products are of particular anatomical significance, since they provide a comfortable rest throughout the entire period of sleep.

The indisputable advantage of Ascona sofas are strong frames and reliable fastening and transformation mechanisms. With daily use, you can not be afraid that the sofa will fail at the most inopportune moment, especially since transforming sofas are prone to quick breakdowns.

Among the obvious disadvantages can be noted the overpriced sofas, which are not designed for the mass consumer. Not every person with an average income can easily afford to purchase this piece of furniture.


There are not so many varieties of sofas of this brand. The products are united in collections, the differences of which are in the design character, rather than the functional ones, which are most taken into account when choosing.

After all, it is the functional features of a particular product that really play a role, and not how it looks. For example, not every model represented by this brand has orthopedic anatomical sofa mattresses.

But, nevertheless, this quality, for sure, will become the main selection criterion for people suffering from back and leg pain. Since it is such a sofa that will suit them for daily sleep, providing a comfortable and complete rest.

Absolutely all sofas are transformers, since they have a folding function, thanks to which they turn into a full double bed. The width of the bed will depend on the type of sofa:

  • straight sofa it is more compact and does not have a very large berth;
  • corner sofa more spacious, its berth is correspondingly larger.

Dimensions and mechanisms

Sofas differ both in size and in the mechanisms for unfolding the berth. Let us consider, using a comparative table as an example, the existing transformation mechanisms, their advantages and disadvantages, as well as their characteristic sizes.

Mechanism names

Operating principle



Dimensions (edit)


It is necessary to pull the lower part of the seat up, bring the backrest to a horizontal position, and after clicking, give the seat a horizontal position.

  • financial availability;
  • ease of use;
  • compact dimensions;
  • the presence of a spacious linen box.
  • it is necessary to put the sofa at some distance from the wall;
  • when unfolded, the width of the berth is small;
  • a certain force must be applied to unfold.

130 - 140 wide, 200 - 220 long.


The folding principle is the same as that of the "book" mechanism, but with some improvements - you can adjust the angle between the back and the seat.

  • the ability to change position;
  • ease of operation and reliability of the mechanism;
  • the presence of a linen box;
  • small size.

This model should be at some distance from the walls.

130 - 140 wide, 200 - 220 long.

Eurobook (Eurosophus)

The seat rolls out forward, and the backrest simply lowers to the vacant seat.

  • suitable for daily use;
  • ease of use and design reliability;
  • the presence of a spacious box for linen;
  • looks beautiful both against the wall and in the middle of the room.

Among the disadvantages is the gradual loosening of the hooks that fix the extended seat.

140 - 150 wide, 210 - 250 long.

Tick ​​tock

This mechanism has similar features to the previous one. The difference lies in the fact that the seat does not roll forward, but rises and extends, after which it is fixed on special supports. The back is lowered in the same way.

  • the presence of a box for linen;
  • does not harm the flooring;
  • versatile in terms of placement;
  • easy to use.

130 - 150 wide, 230 long.


This mechanism unfolds by pulling on a special loop on the seat. The main part pulls others along with it, so there is no need to put additional effort.

  • suitable for daily use;
  • ease of transformation;
  • Compact dimensions and a fairly spacious berth.

When unfolding, the berth can be quite low.

120 - 140 wide, 225 long.


This transformation mechanism is typical for corner sofas and is carried out as follows: from under the main part of the seat, an additional berth is pulled out, which is pulled forward by a special loop and is fixed on the supports.

  • ease of use;
  • the presence of a comfortable roomy box for linen;
  • suitable for daily use;
  • has a solid frame.

Some consider it a disadvantage that large cushions are used instead of the standard backrest.

The standard size of this sofa is 160x210 cm.

Other options are 140 - 170 wide, up to 260 in length.

Material and fabrics

It is noteworthy that in the assortment of the Ascona furniture brand, not only the sofas themselves are subdivided into collections, but also the material used to cover them. Let's consider in more detail the features and names of each subspecies.


Leather sofas look very pretty, but they may not always be practical.Although dense leather is used for their manufacture, it is still not natural, since its use in the manufacture of furniture would entail a very high cost of the product.

The artificial leather used for the manufacture of Askona sofas is divided into several varieties:

  • Fashion - this collection contains varieties of artificial leather of rather bold and unusual shades. Such models are used to complement the most unusual and daring interiors;
  • Elite - artificial leather refers to luxury materials, since the surface and some functional characteristics completely coincide with the properties and appearance of high-quality natural leather;
  • Vogue - high quality artificial leather is presented in soft, elegant shades such as tea rose and muted sea wave.


Fabric sofas are often much more practical, because in the event of holes and cuts, it is enough to carefully sew up the upholstery.

Consider the most popular collections of fabrics used to make sofas:

  • Palladio - the collection of chenille fabrics has a huge color palette, as well as decor in the form of a drawing in the style of the Renaissance;
  • Flora - a collection of chenille furniture materials, presented in soft natural shades with sophisticated floral designs and embossing;
  • Medichi - a collection of upholstery jacquard fabrics inspired by the Florentine tapestry materials of the family after which the material was named;
  • Edinburg - Scottish plaid adorns this collection of fabrics from furniture matting, which has a soft dense texture and a clear geometric pattern;
  • Ludovik - furniture jacquard, presented in this collection of fabrics, has a bright unusual pattern, for the creation of which completely contrasting shades are used;
  • Toskana - a collection of fabrics, the creation of which was inspired by the Tuscan provinces and architectural masterpieces of the Renaissance, presented in the form of furniture matting in noble soft shades;
  • Amely - another collection of fabrics from textured furniture matting, presented in the Provence style and decorated in appropriate ways - soft shades and delicate floral ornaments;
  • Bernini - a collection of fabrics in the Baroque style, the era of ancient Rome, presented in the form of jacquard furniture material with a pattern, the ornament of which was inspired by the Roman Cathedral of St. Peter;
  • Enrich - furniture velor, presented in this collection of fabrics, looks simply amazing, has a soft texture, similar to high-quality, dense velvet;
  • Tiffany - the next collection of furniture jacquard fabric is presented in the form of muted shades and a pattern that imitates sharp geometric shapes, similar to the details of jewelry.


The range of sofas is quite diverse and each of them has certain characteristic features. Let's consider in more detail how the existing models differ from each other.


The perfect sofa is suitable both for daytime rest when folded and for nighttime when unfolded. The model exists both in a double straight version and in an angular one. The straight model is perfect for small rooms, and the corner version will take its place in a large, spacious room.

The basis of the mattress is a special elastic foam material, which deforms, fully adapting to the curves of the human body, and then takes on its original appearance. To extend the life of the sofa, an additional layer of fairly durable material is used.

The basis of the sofa is a metal frame, and other parts are made of high quality birch raw materials. The straight model, as well as the corner model, unfolds according to the “multicomfort” mechanism, which is based on the “accordion”.

It is worth noting that the sofa can be folded out only for the lower part, since other options can lead to breakage.

The narrow armrests are laminated in wood, which allows them to serve as a small support for small items.


Quite a cozy sofa with a deep seating position, when folded, will allow the inhabitants of the apartment to sit comfortably, and when unfolded it will be an excellent option for a comfortable sleeping place.

It is worth noting that the sofa mattress is ideal for sleeping, as it has the properties of supporting the spine.

The straight model of this sofa unfolds according to the "click-and-gag" principle, while emitting the appropriate sounds. Such a mechanism is ideal for daily use, is robust and durable.

The mattress consists of seven zones of special independent springs, connected in blocks of eight centimeters. In addition, a dense foam material with high shock-absorbing properties is used, and the surface of the sofa is decorated with a dense cotton material.

It has a metal frame and an external cover that can be easily removed and washed.


A compact-looking sofa has a rather comfortable deep seating position, which allows you to rest comfortably not only at night and during the day. The model unfolds according to the principle of the "accordion" mechanism, you just have to pull the lower part of the product.

The mattress has a cotton covering around the entire perimeter, elastic foam material made using the curly cutting technique, in combination with special springs from the "nano package" series. In addition, the mattress is equipped with a special cotton cover with a zipper.

A distinctive feature is that in the unfolded state, the part of the sofa mattress, located at the headboard, is in a free state and does not have special supports from below. Therefore, in order to avoid breakage of the sofa, you should not sit on this edge.

The model has straight armrests, a metal frame and additional parts in the form of laminated chipboard and fiberboard plywood.


The compact, stylish design makes this sofa ideal for complementing modern interiors. The model exists in several shades and varieties: straight and angular. The corner sofa, of course, takes up more space, but also provides a little more sleeping space.

The model, like the others, is equipped with a seven-zone full-fledged mattress, where the springs from the "nano-package" are combined with figured cut foam. In addition, the sofa mattress has a removable cover, but you need special equipment to remove and put it on.

The model has hidden narrow armrests, which save space in the room, but are not any functional detail. Another thing is the plastic supports located on the legs of the sofa and protecting the floor from scratches.

Since this model of the sofa has a soft headboard, it is better not to sit on this edge, but use it only during sleep, placing pillows there.


The manufacturer characterizes this sofa model as a very comfortable sleeping place, as well as a comfortable seating position. In addition, the rounded, streamlined shape and the absence of sharp corners make this sofa suitable even for a child's room.

A distinctive feature of this model is the presence of built-in shelves located in the area of ​​the armrests. Additional space can be used to store magazines, books, TV remote control or water bottles.

In addition, the armrests are quite wide and equipped with a Teflon coating. In this case, onions can serve as a very functional part, acting as a small table top.


The model is somewhat different from the others, but it is no less functional and convenient. The model is equipped with a seven-zone mattress, which includes springs divided into independent blocks, as well as elastic foam material.

The sofa folds out according to the Eurosof principle, and in the area under the seat there is a special, highly functional drawer in which you can store bedding. For convenience in the open position, there is a special holder for the seat, which allows you to easily take things out of the drawer.

The model, although it does not have armrests in the classic version, is equipped with one functional addition - a mobile armrest mounted on roller supports. The surface of this part is decorated with veneer material, which makes it suitable for use as a table top.

In addition, the model is equipped with a special zippered cover that can be easily removed and can be used as a warm blanket. The set includes three 60x60 decorative pillows, which can be used for sleeping.


Like the previous model, this sofa folds out according to the Eurosofa principle and has a box for various sleeping accessories. In addition, the model has a comfortable deep fit and is equipped with a comfortable mattress, the surface of which is decorated with cotton felt.

There is one more functional addition - wide armrests with opening covers. The free space in them is very extensive, making it great for storing various things.

The model comes with a removable cover-bedspread and three small decorative pillows.


This model is a folding sofa with a sofa mechanism. The set includes decorative pillows that also serve as planting depth adjusters. There is also a box for linen and rather massive fabric armrests.


There are hardly any analogues of Ascona sofas, since not every manufacturer uses materials that meet anatomical requirements. But there are several conscientious manufacturers whose sofas have quite an attractive appearance, and also provide a comfortable sleep:

  • AFM furniture - practical quality sofas at low prices;
  • Hoff - sofas are of good quality and quite affordable price;
  • Sofa formula - the cost of sofas is above average, but the models are of fairly good quality and stylish design;
  • Ikea - sofas with average cost and quite good quality, in the best Swedish traditions.

How to assemble?

It is necessary to assemble sofas in accordance with the instructions attached to the product. Even the slightest deviation from the instructions can compromise the strength of the structure and significantly affect the life of the sofa.

In more detail and visually familiarize yourself with the assembly process and all the necessary instructions in this regard, you can in this video.


Based on the reviews on the Askona brand sofas available on the Internet, it is very difficult to draw adequate conclusions about their quality and functionality. The thing is that on many sites with reviews and on numerous forums, the overwhelming majority of buyers' opinions are negative and it is not always aimed only at really overpriced furniture items.

For example, many users are unhappy with the fact that after a couple of months of daily use of sofas as a sleeping place, the products begin to creak and become much tougher. Some even noticed that the sofas do not correspond to the declared characteristics - there is only parolon in the mattress, but there are no springs at all. The linen drawer seems inconvenient and the fact that when assembling and disassembling the sofa you have to apply considerable force.

But not everything is so bad, since there are many reviews of satisfied customers who are completely bewildered by the negativity, since they are completely satisfied with their purchase. They consider Askona sofas not just a stylish piece of furniture, but also a comfortable resting place.

To personally understand everything, you should familiarize yourself with the products of this brand by visiting one of the branded furniture showrooms.

How do they look in the interior?

  • A small beige straight-shaped sofa will perfectly fit into a cozy interior. The brown floor and gray-blue walls are in good harmony with each other, so the shade of the sofa will only slightly dilute the interior. And turquoise bookshelves go well with small pillows.
  • Stylish sofa of incredible chocolate shade will be a great addition to the interior in the same warm calm colors. A dark floor, light walls, a brown fluffy carpet, a light brown coffee table, as well as curtains and a beige blanket will help perfectly complement the interior.
  • Modern stylish interior, consisting of massive dark furniture and unusual large paintings, complemented by a stylish sofa patterned with English-style details and a small, elegant rug representing the British flag.
  • Incredibly sleek interior in dark and light chocolate shades needs an appropriate addition, so a soft beige straight-shaped sofa will come in handy. A dark brown bedspread and small crimson pillows will perfectly fit into the interior and add a little color.
  • The light interior will look great, complemented by a comfortable sofa in a light gray-brown shade. In this case, a model with shelves in the armrest was selected, on which you can put various interior items. Green pillows and a blanket, in combination with light-colored pillows, will be an excellent addition to both the sofa and the entire interior as a whole.
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