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Sofas with folding mechanisms are in demand among modern consumers, as they are multifunctional and attractive in appearance. Many manufacturers are currently producing beautiful and original models that are very different from the old Soviet clamshells. Today we will talk about the popular sofas with the American clamshell mechanism.

Features and Benefits

It's no secret that many apartment owners are faced with the problem of lack of free space. For this reason, transforming furniture is so popular and in demand. When folded, such items do not take up much space, and when unfolded, they become more functional.

In many homes, you can find multi-purpose sofas that quickly and easily turn into full-fledged sleeping places thanks to various mechanisms. Some of the most popular are models of upholstered furniture equipped with "American folding beds". Geographically, another name for such products is more correct, and it sounds like "Belgian bed" or "Belgian folding bed".

Such furniture is equipped with the Sedaflex mechanism, which was developed by the Franco-Belgian concern Sedac-Meral.

Sofas with such designs can be folded out very easily and quickly. In most instances, it is possible to unfold the sofa without removing the upper cushions, since they are firmly fastened with belts.

In the process of transformation, these parts are simply wrapped under the mattress.

At first, the bases of such folding sofas were mesh. The cells in the lattices could be small or large. Over time, such parts sagged and fell into disrepair, so many manufacturers abandoned them. In more modern folding sofas with the Sedaflex mechanism, combined bases are used. The central and head areas are equipped with comfortable latin bases, and for the area where the legs are located, straps made of elastic materials are used.

Many consumers opt for such sofas, since they are small when folded. This allows them to be placed even in a room with a small area.

Such models are not afraid of heavy loads. Standard models can withstand a weight of up to 200 kg, but there are also more durable options equipped with reinforced armor, the maximum load for which is 250 kg.

The "American folding bed" can be placed on absolutely any floor covering. In the process of transformation, such pieces of furniture will not scratch the laminate. These structures will not harm the carpet. Simple roll-out sofas cannot boast of such properties, which leave ugly dents on carpets after regular use.

Today in stores there is a huge assortment of various sofas with a folding mechanism. You can choose the right product for an interior in any style, from classic to modern.


Practical sofas are most often found with the lacquered Sedaflex mechanism. Such designs allow you to quickly unfold furniture with a couple of simple movements. It is worth noting the unsurpassed quality of sofas with such a mechanism. They are characterized by increased wear resistance. Such models can withstand heavy loads, which will in no way affect their performance and basic functions.

The frames for these sofas are made of strong metal. Bent-glued orthopedic battens are securely attached to these bases.

Over time, "American clamshells" with the lats "Sedaflex" do not miss. Their visual appeal lasts for many years, even if the sofa is regularly exposed to heavy weight.

Recently widespread are multilayer options with a spring block located at the bottom. On the top of these mattresses there is a soft layer of filler. For such designs, only special mattress models are suitable, which are designed for repeated 180-degree folding.

A regular mattress for such upholstered furniture will not work or will quickly need to be replaced.

Most often, the set with the American folding bed sofa comes with lightweight and one-sided types of mattresses with a minimum number of pads. Sofas with similar mechanisms can be equipped with quality orthopedic mattresses. Such details are very useful if you are experiencing any kind of spinal problems.

Sleeping on orthopedic mattresses is not only very comfortable and pleasant, but also useful.

Furniture with lacquered structures can be used every day. Such models are distinguished by reliable and durable structures that are not subject to mechanical damage and rapid wear.

Cheaper mechanisms with a welded metal mesh are also present in folding sofas. They are found less often than lat ones, since not all manufacturers produce them. Such mechanisms are called "Sedaflex 12", and they are two-fold transforming structures, which are equipped with welded grilles and elastic belts.

Sofas with such "American folding beds" are not recommended to be used every day, as this can lead to a quick subsidence of the existing structure. It is for this reason that many companies that produce high-quality folding sofas have abandoned such systems.

Such models are popularly called guest models, since they are recommended to be used as a bed only for guests staying with you overnight. Do not use them daily.

As a rule, mattresses do not come with such sofas and they will have to be purchased separately. Orthopedic options are not suitable for all models, so you should turn to a non-standard mattress designed specifically for installation in the "American folding bed" design.

Transformation mechanism

Such models of folding sofas are transformed very simply. Typically, the convertible mechanism in American folding models consists of two elements that are located under the main seats.

You can see them in the process of unfolding the sofa.

From the outside, this process resembles the actions of unfolding a furniture structure. To unfold the "American clamshell", you will need to slightly lift the mechanism up using the special handle on the front and pull it towards you.

The structure unfolds in two stages and is placed on strong metal support legs.

Despite the strength and durability of such systems, it is not recommended to make sudden movements when unfolding furniture. This can damage metal functional parts. For more information on how to unfold the American folding sofa, see the following video.

Selection Tips

You must first decide on the purpose of the future acquisition. If you want to use the sofa as a sleeping place for friends and relatives who are visiting you, you can purchase a cheaper model with the Sedaflex 12 system.

If you plan to use a folding sofa as a sleeping place every day, then the most successful option would be a strong and durable option with lacquered structures.Such furniture costs a little more, but you will get a full-fledged sleeping place that will serve you for at least 7 years.

Measure the room in which you are going to put the furniture. The sofa should not interfere with the passage and take up too much free space.

Before buying, be sure to inspect the surface and seams on the upholstery of the folding sofa, and also make sure that all its mechanisms are in good working order. To do this, you need to contact a sales consultant who must demonstrate to you all the capabilities of the "American clamshell".

Such pieces of furniture should be in harmony with the interior in which they will be present.


Today sofas with "American cots" are available in many homes. They are popular because they are equipped with simple and practical mechanisms.

Buyers note the strength and durability of models with lacquered structures. Even after a few years, they do not lose their attractiveness and do not have dents on their surfaces.

Sleeping and relaxing on such furniture is a pleasure, especially if you equip it with a high-quality orthopedic mattress.

The consumers were also pleased with the fact that such pieces of furniture can easily fit even in very small rooms. Modern manufacturers offer models of a wide variety of modifications and sizes, so you can purchase the ideal option for absolutely any living space.

People who decided to save money and bought cheaper sofas with welded structures claim that they are not very comfortable to sleep on them all the time. As a rule, such models are reserved exclusively for guests staying overnight.

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